I'll Love you to the Moon and Back

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Chapter 2

Vega struggled to sit up. A blinding, searing light hit her eyes. Her legs hurt and her back ached like hell. She rubbed her head, sitting up slowly and testing her limbs, making sure they didn’t break. Once she was positive she was fine, she looked at her surroundings.

“This definitely isn’t Earth” she murmured. Hover trains roared above her, their tracks weaving in and out of floating buildings. Kids flew by on hover boards and adults chattered aimlessly as they walked on metal bridges connecting one floating building to another. Underneath the bridges were smaller cities and houses, which Vega assumed people lived in.

“Am I delusional? Any moment now I bet I’d be going to the ER” Vega mumbled to herself. A woman in a spandex jumpsuit and knee-length netted skirt walked past her, nodding at Vega as she did so. Vega blinked, then looked down at her own clothing. She gasped.

Her black dress was traded for a black spandex jumpsuit with golden rims. Her skirt was black netted with gold trim. It resembled her dress, just...different. On her hand was the black ring that had brought her here, shining as if it was winking at her.

“First things first. Let’s find out where I am” Vega said. She brushed her new clothes, her hand skimming a blue and red gun on her waist.

“Well, at least I have protection” she said. She looked around, taking in the murky black sky and tense atmosphere. She shivered.

“Better find a person to ask for help...and hopefully a jacket”. She wandered the planet, past buildings and armed men. Finally, she was able to flag down one woman. She wore a black Admiral uniform with grey lining and a sailor’s cap. She had a scar tracing her left eye and a sinister grin.

“May I help you darling”? She asked, her voice as smooth as a babies skin. It sent shivers up Vega’s spine.

“Ah, yes. What-What planet am I on”? She asked. The lady frowned.

“Why Eris, of course. Planet of Discord. Are you lost”? She asked. Vega giggled awkwardly.

“Kinda. See, I’m not from here. I’m from Earth. My ring got caught in the moonlight and I somehow woke up here” she said. The lady eyed her ring, her green eyes gleaming dangerously.

“Oh you poor thing” she cooed. “May I see the ring”?

“Sure, but I can’t take it off” Vega said. The lady nodded and Vega laid her hand gently on her palm. The lady inspected the ring carefully, her mouth creasing into a grin.

“This is perfect. We’ve finally found you” She murmured.

“Pardon”? Vega asked. The lady blinked.

“Excuse me dear. Ah-I believe I know how to get you home” she said. Vega’s eyes lit up.

“Really?! How”? She asked. The lady smirked.

“Let me introduce myself first. My name is Admiral Callista Orion. I lead a military base on the Black Union” she said.

“The Black Union”? Vega asked.

“Right now, we are in the middle of a galactic war with the evil Red Sky” Callista explained. “Come with me. I shall help you get home safely”. Vega thought for a moment, taking in Callista’s uniform and greedy eyes, before nodding.

“Okay” she said. Callista’s eyes gleamed.

“Excellent” she said. She led Vega to a large black ship resting in a junky space port. Inside, Vega was met with hostile nods from other Black Union officers. Callista led her down a cold hallway with doors on either side, before stopping at the last door.

“This will be your room until we reach Quasar” she said. She pushed Vega gently into the room, then with a final glance, shut the door. Vega blinked.

“Thank-you? I guess”? She flopped on the red bed, propping her head up to gaze out the window. The ship rose up with a violent jolt, then sped through space, passing by many asteroids and stars.

“Well, might as well explore a bit” Vega said “Callista never said I couldn’t”. She tiptoed around her room, finding a small bathroom behind a raggedy curtain. The shower probably couldn’t even fit her. She’d have to crouch.

“So much for hospitality” Vega muttered to herself. She clicked a small red button by her door and the grey walls slid open, revealing an empty corridor. She snuck around the halls, past guards and to a large room. It looked kind of like a deck on a bridge. Most of it was just an assortment of weapons. Each gleaming and lining the walls. Vega turned her attention from the large closed doors to a wide screen with many computers. Callista was standing in front of one, her back facing Vega. On the screen, was a pale handsome man with icy blue eyes and silvery hair. He wore a blue and red visor, hiding his emotions behind a dark mask. He stood a few feet away from the screen, his mouth creased into a frown.

“Admiral Orion. What is the meaning of your call”? He snarled, his voice crisp and cold, eyes glaring at Callista. Callista smirked.

“You shouldn’t use that tone with me Captain. I am higher than you in ranks aren’t I”? Callista laughed coldly and Vega bit her lip, wondering if trusting Callista was the right choice.

“What do you want”? The man repeated.

“I found your bloodmate” Callista said, her voice full of indifference. Vega watched as the man’s face changed. One to anger and horror.

“What have you done with her? I swear if you hurt her Callista-“! Callista held her hand up, cutting the man up from his threat.

“If you want her so badly, then you’ll tell me where the Moonstone is”! She growled. Vega flinched from her hiding spot. The man smirked.

“I told you, I have no idea” he said innocently. Callista snarled.

“Yeah right you don’t” she said. Suddenly, she smiled. It wasn’t a gentle smile, however. It was humorless and cold.

“Listen up Captain Scorpio” she said “If you don’t tell me where the Moonstone is by tomorrow, I’ll make sure to drop your precious bloodmate into Quasar”. Captain Scorpio went pale, which was impressive, considering how pale he already was.

“You wouldn’t” he growled, hand reaching for his...whatever it was by his waist.

“Watch me”. On that note, Callista cut the com off, walking towards Vega’s hiding spot. Vega gasped, then began running to her room, jumping over open boxes and skidding past confused guards.

When she reached her room, she slumped on her bed. The man from the call seemed so familiar, Vega knew she’d seen him before. Where had she seen those icy eyes. Eyes like...the oceans.

Vega whipped her head side to side. Of course she’s never met the guy before. She didn’t even know how she got here. Into the future. With weird technology and crazy space creatures. Speaking of crazy, she had to find a way out of here. Now she knew Callista wasn’t somebody she could trust. Maybe if she could contact Captain Scorpio again...

No. He probably wouldn’t bat an eye at her. Besides, there was another girl. Vega sighed. She kicked her metallic sneakers off and slipped into bed. The matress was hard and the blankets were rough, but it was better than nothing.


“Who invented cold showers”? Vega grumbled. She peeled the sticky suit off her body and stepped into the cramped shower. Callista had woken her up early the next day, which was odd, since it was hard to say when it was day and when it was night, since they were in space. She sat on the brown floor, unsure if the brown stains were dirt, patterns, or-blood. The cold marble against Vega’s skin sent tingles up her spine, the odd sensation tickling her to the core. She took a grey bucket zapping with electricity. She poured the water over her skin. She expected cold water, but instead she got refreshing hot water. She gasped.

“Wow! They definitely don’t have this at home” she said. Quickly, she finished her shower and slipped the jumpsuit on again. It turned out that the skirt had been attached to the suit the whole time, making life much easier for Vega. She bent her head back and stretched her arms behind her back, fumbling with the zipper.

“Whoever made this, I’m gonna murder them” Vega scowled under her breath. She managed to grasp the tip of the zipper, but it slipped from her fingers as she zipped it up.

“Damn it”! Vega cursed. She stretched back and angrily zipped the zipper up.

“I’m gonna have words with Callista about these clothes” She said. “Speaking of Callista, I should ask her who that guy was. He seemed pretty upset at her yesterday”. Vega blushed despite herself “He was cute though”.

She shook her head. “Don’t think about that stuff Vega” she scolded “You’re gonna go to Quasar and find out exactly how to get home! You can’t keep worrying about every cute guy you see...but he looked familiar”. Vega quietly slipped out of her room. She wandered the hallway until she bumped into Callista, who looked like she was heading to Vega’s room.

“Oh”! Callista stepped back, smoothing her uniform. Her blue hair was pulled up in a bun and her reptilian green eyes burned with vicious energy. “Vega, I trust you slept well”. Vega nodded, frowning. How did Callista know her name? She’d never introduced herself.

“Excellent” Callista’s eyes gleamed hungrily, eyeing Vega’s ring. “I believe we will be having a special guest soon. Head on to the lounge. I’ll come for you shortly”. Vega tried to oppose, saying she had some questions about the man on the coms, but Callista brushed her aside, sending her to the lounge. Grumpily, Vega agreed to her request, walking around the large grey ship until she stumbled across the lounge. It was a bland grey with a bar and a couple of seats.

“Looks like people don’t come here often” Vega mumbled aloud. She settled on a couch by the window, gazing out in the space.

“Wonder what it’s like to be living in space” she wondered, playing with her ring. Suddenly, she noticed a ball of light headed straight for the ship! She jumped to her feet. As much as she didn’t trust Callista, she needed to warn her of the fireball!

Vega ran through the ship, having memorized every wrong route by now. She caught Callista on the dark bridge from the night before. She was cackling at a screen, which showed the fireball headed straight for them.

“Ha! Gamma must think I’m stupid if he thinks he can take Vega away. I got her first, and with her in my grasp, Gamma’ll do whatever I want to ensure her safety”. Vega resisted the urge to gasp. So Callista was using her! The man from the screen-was he trying to save her? Gamma. Was that his name? Vega turned to run back to the lounge, but a hard, sturdy chest stopped her. Heart beating fast and eyes squeezed shut, she looked up and her mouth dropped.

It wasn’t a Black Union soldier who she’d bumped into. A burly man in red and blue armor stood above her. He had shaggy brown hair with reddish tips and warm grey eyes. He extended a hand to Vega and put a hand over his lips.

“My name is Perseus Jupiter” he said “I’m here to help you”.

“What do you mean? Why are you here”? Vega asked. Perseus smiled at her.

“Captain Scorpio insists we hurry. I’m sure he’ll be able to explain everything to you. He’s missed you so much” he said, his voice full of emotion. Vega blushed.

“The man from the coms”? She asked. Perseus nodded.

“It’s not my place to say why he wants you, but Callista’s dangerous. You need to come with me” he whispered. Vega frowned.

“But she promised to take me to Quasar. She said I’d be able to go home there” Vega said. Perseus slapped his forehead.

“Silly girl! Quasar is a black hole. She intends to use you as bait”! He said. Vega froze. She glanced at Perseus’ outstretched hand, then behind her to a brooding Callista. She placed her hand in Perseus’.

“Let’s go” she said. Perseus smiled and nodded.

“I promise Captain Scorpio will keep you safe” he said. He led Vega behind a wall so Black Union soldiers wouldn’t see them.

“Where is he”? Vega asked. Perseus smiled.

“Anxious to see him”? He teased. Vega flushed. “It’s alright. He’s right-“. There was a loud crunching sound and the doors to the bridge flew open. Uniformed men and one woman in blue and red stormed into Callista’s bridge. A man in dark armor and a blue cape walked to the front. He wore a visor, hiding his expressionless eyes behind his cold mask. He brandished an electrical sword at Callista, mouth twisted in a scowl.

“-there” Perseus said cheekily, noticing Vega’s staring. He could tell how captivated Vega was by Gamma. He was handsome. And it only made it worse that she was bound to him. He could feel her heart pump faster at the sight of his leader. Perseus straightened with pride as Gamma took a step forward.

“Captain Scorpio. We meet again” Callista said. She attempted to look calm, but there was no denying the shakiness in her voice. Her legs trembled beneath her feet, begging to give out, to kneel. Captain Scorpio smirked coldly.

“I believe you have something of mine” he said, his voice hiding no fury. Vega flushed at the mention of being called his. Perseus tapped her shoulder.

“This way” he said. He led Vega behind a pillar and through a plethora of blue and red soldiers before stopping right behind Captain Scorpio himself. Vega barely managed hiding a squeak. The scent of fresh soap and grimy dust washed over her, calming her nerves.

“Do I? I believe you have something of mine, as well” Callista said, craning her neck away from Gamma’s electric sword. Gamma smirked.

“Are you afraid Callista? That’s not like you” he taunted, pushing his sword further and taking another step. Black Union guards flooded in, standing behind Callista, but not making any move to fight. The blue and red soldiers readied their guns, the sound of clicks filling the tense air. Callista shakily laughed.

“After all we’ve done, you’re really going to kill me now”? She asked. Gamma narrowed his eyes and smiled humorlessly.

“Without a doubt” he spat, his voice hissing like poison was spilled on his tongue. Vega gripped Perseus’ armor in an attempt to get him to look at her.

“He won’t kill her, will he”? She asked. Perseus shrugged.

“The Captain and Callista have a...brutal history, I suppose. To protect you, the Captain will do anything” he said. Vega squeaked softly.

“Stop making me blush”! She grumbled. Perseus laughed quietly and ruffled her silver hair.

“I am only speaking the truth” he said.

“I told you Gamma. Give me the stone, and I’ll give you Vega” Callista said again, her voice slowly gaining confidence. Gamma smirked.

“Like hell I’m gonna agree to that” he said. Callista growled, but suddenly smirked.

“You’re coming all this way to save some girl who just happened to appear on Eris, with no clue of what she was doing or where she was, and you believe me in an instant when I say ‘I have your mate, Vega’. How do you know I’m not lying”? Callista smirked “How do you know Captain”?

Gamma stood still for a moment. He glared at Callista, though it was hard to see through his visor. His eyes turned sharp and feral, but his mouth tipped into a sinister smirk.

“Are you sure”? He asked. Callista’s smirk faltered and Gamma’s laughter. “You underestimate me Cali. I thought you knew me better”. He glared at her “I guess I was wrong”. He stepped aside, and gently pulled Vega from behind him. Callista’s mouth dropped and she snarled.

“How did you-“?

“Like I said, you underestimated me”. Gamma stroked Vega’s hair gently, then moved down to her wrist. Vega blushed as he stroked her fingers, rubbing his thumb on her ring.

“Here” Gamma held Vega’s hand up, the gold and black ring glinting in his swords light. Callista gasped and took a step back.

“I-I can’t-“.

“Proof enough? My symbol on her ring”. Gamma pushed Vega behind his back again and thrust his visor into his pocket. His blue eyes glowed angrily. “And you never-and I mean ever-will touch anything that belongs to me again! Understand”! Callista glared at him, but didn’t say anything. Black Union soldiers shifted on their feet, looking uncomfortable.

“Okay. You asked for it” Gamma said, shrugging. “Red Sky! Attack”!

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