I'll Love you to the Moon and Back

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Chapter 3

There was silence. Pure, simple silence. Gamma’s words rang out over the ship and bounced endlessly through the walls. The Red Sky soldiers clicked their guns, but they waited for their Captain to attack. Black Union soldiers slowly began moving back. Callista growled, her furious eyes scanning the sea of reds and blues until she spotted Vega. The poor girl huddled behind Gamma. Callista bared her teeth.

“This is all your fault you traitor”! She screamed, her words making no sense at all in her fury. Vega flinched and Gamma noticed it. He snarled and raised his sword-

And ran.

He and Callista met head on, a loud clash sending hard vibrations throughout the ship. Vega stumbled and gripped the nearest thing-or person.

“Oh! Sorry”! She said. The girl who she fell on grabbed her wrist and ducked into a corner. Lasers and bullets rained throughout the bridge, forming a circle with Gamma and Callista fighting in the middle.

“Who are you”? Vega yelled. The girl had orange hair and green eyes, much like Camryn.

“I’m Katrina. I’m the only girl under Captain Scorpio, but I’m glad I won’t be for long” Katrina chriped. She smiled warmly at Vega. “It’s nice to meet you”.

“Uh...you to”? Vega asked. She flinched at the loud bangs.

“C-Can we go now”? She asked. Katrina looked her over for any bruises, and nodded.

“Yeah. C’mon. The Captain instructed me to get you to the ship safely after he called for a battle” she said. She took Vega’s hand and led her to a small hole in the ship.

“So that’s how Perseus got here” Vega mumbled, missing Katrina’s blush.

“Yeah. Hurry up! We can’t let anyone spot us” Katrina said. As she pushed Vega through the hatch, she threw a small ball by the wall separating the bridge and the soldier rooms. She tapped a bracelet on her wrist and a holographic screen popped up.

“Cool” Vega murmured. Katrina slid in after her, typing a few things on the holo-keyboard. The girls landed with a thump on a new bridge floor. This bridge, unlike Callista’s, had much more color. Reds and Blues decorated the walls. Apart from that, the ship had the exact same design as Callista’s, save the assortment of weapons and protection.

“Is this...“?

“Captain Scorpio’s ship? Yes. And your new home” Katrina said, plopping into a small chair. She fiddled with her gun, inspecting it over and over again.

“Are we just gonna stay here and watch them fight”? Vega asked.

“Captain should be here soon” Katrina said “Don’t worry. Captain’s the best fighter in the Red Sky”.

“The what”? Vega asked. Katrina giggled.

“The Red Sky. We’re in a galactic war right now, and one side is called the Red Sky. The awful side is the Black Union” Katrina said. Vega blinked at her.

“But Callista said the Red Sky was the evil one” she said. Katrina shrugged.

“I guess it depends from your perspective. Also, if you’re biased to one side, which Admiral Orion is. The Black Union is trying to force everyone to follow their rules, and The Red Sky are the rebels, I guess” she said. Vega nodded.

“So...you’re trying to free the galaxy”? She asked. Katrina nodded.


“So what does this have to do with me”?


“Katrina”! Two identical boys ran from the back room. Both looked maybe twenty, with shaggy blonde hair and excited violet eyes. The only way you could tell them apart was that one had a scar and the other didn’t. Vega shivered, remembering Callista’s sinister look with her scar.

“Aries! Axel! Careful”! Katrina said, hugging each of the boys while a large boom sounded from above them.

“Are we above the other ship”? Vega asked. Axel acknowledged her.

“Who are you? Are you another Black Union girl”? He asked. Vega reddened and Katrina slapped his shoulder slightly.

“Be nice or the Captain will have your head! She’s his bloodmate” she said. Axel stared slack jawed at her.

“The Captain has a mate? Who knew”? Aries said.

“Speaking of the Cap. where is he”? Axel asked. Vega guessed he and Aries were twins, since they looked and sounded the same.

“Fighting with Callista-again” Katrina said, as if it’d been a regular occurrence.

“And we’re here”? Aries asked.

“We should be helping him”! Axel said.

“No need” A rough voice said. Vega whipped around. Red Sky soldiers filed in, with Gamma behind them. Nobody had gotten out unscathed. Even Gamma, who had a purple bruise on his cheek.

“Aries. Set out for Olympus 8. We’ll dock there to stock up on supplies” Gamma ordered gruffly. Aries nodded, setting about his task.

“Why don’t we take from Eris? It’s closer” Axel asked.

“Callista with probably think the same thing and go back to Eris, leading to another battle” Katrina explained. Gamma nodded, impressed.

“Correct Katrina. Axel, can you and Katrina help Perseus with the wounds of the other soldiers”? Gamma asked, though it sounded more like a silent order. Katrina straightened and nodded, grabbing Axel by the back of his collar and tugging him to the wounded. Gamma, satisfied, turned to look Vega up and down.

“Vega” he finally breathed. Vega’s body heated up in an instant, her name on his lips sounding so warm and passionate at the same time.

“Y-You need to explain” she managed to stutter. As hot as Gamma made her feel, she was still confused about why Callista wanted her and what the Moonstone was. Gamme smiled and took her hand in his, rubbing circles on Vega’s palm that left her brain melting into mush.

“Come. Let us go to the lounge. I’ll give you something to soothe your nerves and explain everything Callista neglected to tell you” he said.

“But Captain! Your wound”! Katrina protested. Gamma brushed it gently, wincing.

“It’s nothing” he said briskly, eager to know his lady love. His mate. The girl he’d spend eternity with.

Vega frowned.

“No it isn’t. You’re getting a nice gash over there”. Gingerly, she touched his cheek, the action sending literal sparks up both their bodies. Their nerves trembled with excitement, eager to feel skin on skin.

“Give me some alcohol and a wrap. I can treat him” Vega said.

“You know medicine”? Katrina asked eagerly. Vega nodded.

“Yeah. Nursing was my major, behind technology and science, that is” she said. Katrina nodded, fishing out some gauze and alcohol.

“Here. This should be enough for a gash like that” she said. Vega nodded.

“Come on. I think you’ll find that the Red Sky is much different from the Black Union” Gamma said. And this time, Vega found herself believing him.


When they reached the lounge, Vega was surprised to find it a bright blue color. Splashes of red lined the bottom of the walls, but the whole atmosphere of the Red Sky ship was so lively and fun, Vega found herself almost forgetting the bland and creepy Black Union.


She and Gamma sat a few feet away from each other on the couches, the only block a table between them.

Up close, Gamma was even more handsome that he looked like on the coms. Straight silvery hair tumbled down right below his earlobe. His bangs hung above his visor, giving Vega a dark access to his icy eyes, which thawed with every glance at her. He was well built no doubt, Muscles pulled tight on his uniform. A blue shirt with red strapped shoulder and elbow guards. He wore red pants with blue knee guards and golden metal boots. On his finger was a dark ring with a gold ocean, similar to her ring.

Gamma admired the sliver haired beauty in front of him. Wavy silver hair tumbling to her smooth shoulders. Golden, innocent eyes driving him on edge. She was slim. A lean, muscular stomach and a cute round face. Red cheeks and long lashes. Lips red and inviting. It took all of Gamma’s willpower not to claim her then and there. The way she nervously looked at him under her dark lashes. Her lip pulled between her teeth. Her hands squeezed together on her lap...God she was going to drive him mad! Mad!

“So...uh” Vega mumbled. Gamma sipped slowly from his glass.

“You don’t know how much I’ve missed you Vega” he murmured.

“Missed me? You didn’t even help me when I needed it! Did you care when I was bullied”? Vega snapped. Gamma stared at her, icy eyes hardening.

“Bullied? By who”? He asked. Vega shrugged,

“Haven McAllister. But you wouldn’t know her. Why am I here, uh-” she blushed and Gamma smirked.

“I’m Gamma Scorpio, Captain of the Empire" Gamma said.

“Well, you already seem to know me, but I’m Vega Cortez” Vega said. Gamma nodded.

“I do. And I assume you want answers”? He asked. Vega nodded.

“Yeah. First of all, how do you know me”? She asked. Gamma set the wine cup down and rounded the table to Vega’s side. He slipped his arms around her legs and waist and hoisted her up into his lap. She squeaked, face reddening.

“Do you remember this”? Gamma asked, rocking her gently as he would a baby, showing her the hair clip she’d given him years ago. Vega gasped.

“My-My clip” she said. She reached for it, but then looked to Gamma for permission. He nodded, carefully clipping the accessory to her hair.

“Beautiful” he murmured.

“So this ring...“? Vega asked, gesturing to the ring on her finger. Gamma nodded.

“Yes. I gave it to you. So I’d recognize you when I found you” he said, saying when with such passion it made Vega’s stomach flip.

“You were the boy who saved me” she murmured, her memories coming back to her in heated flashes. Pictures of her pressed to a young boy. Blurry images of her mother and father, holding her close.

“Did you save them”? She asked. Gamma tucked a strand of hair behind her ear.

“Save who, my love”? He asked. Vega blushed.

“My-My parents”? She asked. Gamma looked down.

“I’m sorry Vega. I-We don’t know where they went” Vega looked down “-but they’re not dead. Lost, but not dead”.

“Do you think I can find them”? Vega asked. Gamma smiled at her.

“We will” he said confidently.

“So...why do I have green blood? Am I an alien? Is it your blood they keep finding in my system? Can I go home? What is the Black Union? What’s happening”? Gamma laughed, cutting Vega off.

“Easy my love. I will answer all your questions” Gamma looked at Vega lovingly “I will do whatever you want me to. No matter what it is”. Vega blushed. She’d never had a man proclaim something so promising to her.

“So...if I asked you to jump off Mt. Everest”?

“Then I’d jump without hesitation. Though...there is no more Mt. Everest” Gamma said.

“Why? What happened”? Vega asked. Gamma played with her fingers.

“Vega, when you were five, the Black Union attacked your home planet, Eris” he began. Vega frowned.

“I was on Eris just yesterday. That’s where I met Callista” she said. Gamma nodded.

“Yes. It is a Black Union base now. They took it over after I sent you to Earth” Gamma said.

“But that was only eighteen years ago”! Vega exclaimed. Gamma chuckled.

“Time flies quicker in different galaxies. Not different dimensions, which you thought you were in. We’re in the Lunar Galaxy, sister to the Milky Way. I sent you there to protect you from Callista. You were young when you met her” he said.

“Was she...the girl who’d spotted my family”? Vega asked. Gamma nodded.

“Yes. She was” he said.

“So...why do I have green blood? And some other guy’s blood in mine, for the matter”? Vega asked. Gamma smiled. He reached for his belt and unsheathed a sharp electric knife.

“Gamma”! But it was too late. Gamma had slashed his palm, green blood oozing from the wound.

“Gamma”! Vega reached for the forgotten medical kit, but Gamma took her hand.

“Do you trust me Vega”? He asked. Vega glanced between his bleeding palm and his sincere eyes. She took a deep breath.

“Y-Yeah. I do” she said. Gamma smiled and pricked her finger, small drops of green blood dripping onto his open wound. As the blood mixed, Vega watched in awe as their wounds healed, a scar not even visible.

“W-What”? She asked.

“We’re superhuman love” he said. “Immortal beings of space”.

“I-I remember. When we were hiding from Callista, you told me you’d become immortal at twenty-eight” Vega said, excited at regaining a few of her memories. “How am I remembering all this now? When I was Earth, all I could remember were...your eyes”.

“Same reason as before. Different galaxies, different memories. I must’ve been important for you to remember me” Gamma said. Vega blushed.

“You were very important to me. I-I missed you ever day” she said. Gamma stroked her cheek.

“I’m here now. I’m not leaving you love” he said.

“But what about me? Shouldn’t I be going home”? Vega asked. Gamma sighed.

“Do you want to”? He asked.

“I-I don’t know. I want to stay with you...but-“.

“I’ll make it happen if you do. I have a meeting with other officers of the Red Sky later. I can make you Chief here” Gamma said. His eyes pleaded with her. His visor had long been removed, showing the more vulnerable side to Captain Scorpio.

“I want to stay Gamma. But I don’t even know why Callista was so insistent on having me” Vega said.

“First tell me if you’ll stay with me” Gamma said. His fingers dug into her hips, dragging her impossibly closer to him. Vega turned so she straddled him, giving them both a more comfortable position.

“I’m staying...Captain” she said. She didn’t know how, but somehow her brain told her that’d turn Gamma on. Turns out, it was right. Gamma’s eyes darkened and he licked his lips. Vega felt her body pulse stronger, blood rushing through her body.

“Don’t tease me Vega” he growled. Vega smirked at him. Where the new gain of confidence came from, she had no idea, but she felt very comfortable around Gamma.

“So, what about Callista”? She asked. Gamma sighed.

“You’ve always kept the ring, I see” he said. Vega frowned.

“Yes but that doesn’t answer my question” she said. Gamma laughed.

“It does. See, the late Commodore Stirling trusted me with a map to the Moonstone. I hid it in a small compartment in my ring. Back then, before Callista-before something happened-she knew I kept the map in my ring. So when she found out I had given my ring to you, she searched desperately for you, in hopes to get the Moonstone for the Black Union. As bloodmates, I’d give my life to protect you. She knew that, which is why she took you” he explained. Vega nodded thoughtfully.

“So that’s why she kept looking at my-er-your ring” she said.

“It’s your ring love. Though, I can give you a much better ring later” Gamma said. Vega blushed at what he was implying.

“Later” she mumbled, burying herself into Gamma’s shoulder. Gamma laughed.

“Come. I believe I have answered all your questions”? Vega nodded “Good. Katrina has been getting impatient”.

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