I'll Love you to the Moon and Back

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Chapter 4

“So you’re the Captain’s mate” Katrina hummed. Granted, she’d been startled to discover that Captain Scorpio actually had a mate. He was always brooding and cold. A workaholic, if you could put it like that. The actual discovery that he had a beloved waiting for him had shocked not only herself, but the entire crew of the Empire. Nobody had a clue that Captain Scorpio was a superhuman. He mostly keeps to himself. So seeing Admiral Orion call saying she’d had his mate-Katrina had never seen Captain Scorpio so furious in her life!

“Yeah...I guess” Vega said. She was still trying to stamp the burning heat inside her. Katrina grinned.

“What’s it like”? She asked.

“What’s what like”? Vega asked.

“Being the Captain’s mate? Must be awesome, isn’t it”? Katrina asked. Vega blushed.

“It is. I’ve-I’ve missed him for so long. Being reunited with him feels so...so”,

“Exciting. Hot. Spectacular”? Katrina offered. Vega smiled.

“Yeah. That” she said.

“You guys getting married anytime soon”? Katrina asked. Vega blanched.

“Married? We just met and you’re talking about weddings”? Vega asked. Katrina raised her eyebrow.

“Well yeah. I mean, I’m human, so I don’t know what it’s like to be superhuman, but you guys are bound to each other. He’s not gonna let you go anywhere” she said.

“Maybe...we’ll see. I wouldn’t mind getting married to Gamma” Vega said. Katrina nodded, then her eyes widened.

“That’s his name? Gamma? Seriously”? Vega nodded slowly.


“All this time I’ve been calling him Captain Scorpio, and now I find out Gamma’s his real name”? Katrina exclaimed. She threw her hands up in expatriation and Vega giggled. She could already tell she’d be liking this girl.

“Yeah. I mean, I can’t keep calling him Captain Scorpio. That would sound weird coming from his bloodmate. Besides, he won’t let me” she said.

“Really”? Katrina asked.

“Yeah. To me, he’s just Gamma” Vega said.

“Until you’re married” Katrina persisted. Vega snorted.

“Now that’s a different story” she said, then paused “you know, you remind me so much of my best friend Camryn”.

“Is she human? Cause I’ve seen one too many aliens” Katrina pleaded. Vega chuckled.

“Yes she’s human. I’m from Earth, remember”? She asked. Katrina nodded.

“Ah, right. So...are you staying with us? It’s nice to have another girl on the ship”.

“Yeah...speaking of which. How come there aren’t many girls”? Vega asked. Katrina shrugged.

“I was just employed a few months ago, so I can’t really tell. I think they’ve finally realized the importance of women” she said proudly, her chest puffing.

“Yeah. So I guess I’ll stay. I mean, I feel much more at home here than I did on Earth and-” Vega blushed.

“-and you’ll miss Captain Scorpio? Won’t you”? Katrina finished. She smirked at Vega, who deflated slightly.

“Yeah. I’ve just met him, but I already miss him. Is that normal”? She asked. Katrina hummed thoughtfully, sipping on her juice.

“I can’t be certain. Like I said; Aries, Axel, Perseus and I are the only humans on the Empire. If you want answers about anything non-human, then I’d suggest you talk to Perseus or the Captain himself” she said.

“Are Aries and Axel twins? They look alike” Vega noted. Katrina nodded.

“Yeah they’re twins. Orphans”.

“Oh. And Perseus”?

“He’s a human. From...Io, I think? I don’t really talk to him”. Katrina blushed.

“Do you like him”? Vega prodded. Katrina scoffed.

“Me? Like a guy like Perseus? No way! Besides-I’m only nineteen! He’s forty! And married”! She tried denying it, but with her heightened senses, Vega could feel sudden desire radiating off of Katrina. She decided not to mention it yet.

“So...the war”? She asked instead. Katrina clicked her tongue.

“Ah yes, the dreaded Galaxy war. See, the Black Union wants to make our galaxy a one government place...sort of like the British, if you would. We, the Red Sky, are the rebels. We want our own freedom and independence. You just happen to me bloodmates with the fiercest and smartest fighter in our troops” she said, which made Vega puff with pride. Already she was feeling proud of Gamma, and they had just met! Maybe Katrina was right about the bond.

“Hey Katrina”?


“Without the bond, do you think Gamma would love me”?

“...Yes. I think so. It’s not just the bond that brings us together Vega. Our bond is created because we develop feelings for the other person. It’s how superhumans become mates. Which means that Captain Scorpio must have feelings for you, or else he would’ve formed a bond with someone else. And you reciprocate them because it you didn’t, his bond would’ve faded from you” Katrina explained.

“How do you know”? Vega asked. Katrina flushed.

“I may have read one too many books on your kind. You guys are interesting, what can I say”? She asked. Vega cracked a small smile.


“So... what’s the Moonstone? Both Callista and Gamma have mentioned it before, but nobody’s really told me what it is” Vega asked. Katrina leaned back in her seat, glass held up to her lips in thought.

“Well, from what I’ve heard, they say the Moonstone can create this mega powerful anti-matter bomb that can destroy any planet the size of the sun! Captain Scorpio and other Red Sky officials want to use the bomb to destroy this special army surplus the Black Union has on the planet Jupiter. Do you know that swirling hurricane that’s red on Jupiter”? Katrina asked. Vega nodded.

“Yeah. In my galaxy it’s been on the news. They say it’s getting stronger” she said. Katrina frowned.

“That means the Black Union must be feeding it more titanium” she mumbled.


“The storm, The Great Red Spot, feeds on broken bits of titanium found in special asteroids. The Captain did warn us of recent rock activity in the Milky Way, but I didn’t think it’d be this serious” Katrina explained. Vega nodded, humming contemplatively.

“So what do we do about it”? She asked.

“Well, first we have to meet with other Red Sky officials. The ones at the meeting will probably be higher in the ranks that the Captain, however as a renowned fighter he has the deciding vote in most matters” Katrina explained.

“I wonder how to access the map” Vega wondered. She toyed with the heavy metal ring on her finger, inspecting it as Katrina was inspecting her gun earlier.

“There’s probably a hidden compartment in that, knowing the Captain” Katrina said. She sipped from her glass again and Vega raised an eyebrow.

“Aren’t you a bit young to be drinking”? She asked. Katrina gave a gurgled laugh.

“I’m nineteen, so I’m legally old enough to drink-in your galaxy. Here, you have to be twenty”. She offered Vega a sheepish grin. “Don’t tell”?

“I won’t. I’ve already dealt with this crap at home” Vega said. She heaved a heavy sigh and rested her head in her palms. There was another long slurp from Katrina, then the soft patter of footsteps and a few mumbled words. Vega felt a large hand set on her shoulder. She looked up and noticed Perseus standing above her, a pack of folded clothes under his arm. He’d changed into a red shirt and dark black pants. His metal boots clinked softly against the floor and he walked with a more relaxed posture that when they were on Callista’s ship.

“Are you alright Vega”? He asked.

“Yeah. I’m...fine”. She glanced at the parcel underneath his arm. “What’s that”?

“Oh”! Perseus pulled the plastic bag out and handed it gently to her. “Capt’ figured you’d be staying, so he sent me with some Red Sky clothes”.

“Really? They look so... extraordinary. At least from what we wear on Earth”. Vega traced her fingers over the delicate patterns on the uniform. It was a dark red onesie with two blue spaghetti straps and a clear blue skirt with two red rings on either side of her hip. The metal shoes slipped perfectly against her small feet. She wiggled her toes.

“Do they fit properly”? Perseus asked.

“Definitely. How did Gamma know my size”? She asked. Perseus smiled.

“The Captain knows much about you Vega. Don’t underestimate his love” he warned kindly. His eyes stared into Vega’s and she found herself blushing.

“I love him too. I know it’s weird, since we just met, but I already feel a large connection to him. Like my body always wants to be with him” she said. Perseus nodded understandingly.

“From what I have heard-” he put a hand on his stubbed chin and turned around to give Vega some privacy as she changed “-is that Superhumans have a special bond with their mates. Like the pull you are describing to me. Perhaps it is natural? I am not too sure. I am not superhuman”.

“Oh. Katrina mentioned that” Vega said. She twirled in her new outfit, marveling at how perfectly it clung to her.

“She did”? Vega could hear the startled surprise in Perseus’ voice. She tapped him and nodded.

“Yeah. She...she talks about you a lot”. Perseus, for all his dignity, blushed.

“What did she say, if I am not prying”? He asked.

“Nothing much. Just how you’re a good soldier and take your job seriously. She also mentioned you have a family”? Vega said. Perseus nodded, sighing wistfully.

“I have a teenage daughter at home. Marhley. And my wife...Eurynome”. Perseus wrinkled his nose slightly at the soft mention of his wife. Vega frowned, but decided not to pry. It was his private business anyway.

“It sounds like you miss your daughter very much” she said instead.

“Very much. She and I were very close. Much closer that her and Eurynome” he said. The sliding doors to the lounge hissed open and Gamma walked in.

“Evening Officer Jupiter” he mumbled. He walked with a tablet in his hands, swiping and frowning at the text before him.

“Ahem”. Perseus coughed quietly and Gamma’s head snapped up. He looked bewilderingly at Perseus, who jerked his head in Vega’s direction. Gamma slowly turned his eyes to his mate. The purple tablet in his hands dropped to the ground with a loud clang.

“Vega...” Gamma murmured. He prowled around his mate, inspecting the suit that clung around her body. Perseus nodded shortly and slipped noiselessly out the door, muttering some excuse about checking the ships asteroid radar. Gamma acknowledged him with a small nod, his eyes trailing over Vega’s clothes.

“Gamma...“? Vega whispered. She turned to follow his gaze, twisting her body and head. Gamma’s hands shot out and grasped her hips, holding her firm as he continued his inspection. Vega bit her lip. She wasn’t sure if she should be excited or nervous. Restless tingles shot through her body with every ghostly touch of Gamma’s fingertips.

Finally, her exhaled heavily and leaned away, the warmth of his hands leaving her sides.

“Well”? Vega asked. Gamma gave her a soft smile. He gently took her hand and pressed a small kiss to her knuckles.

“You look ravishing my...jewel” he said, his eyes never leaving hers.


“Your eyes and hair. They remind me of precious rocks found on Olyberious. However, you glow much brighter than any jewel found on that-or any other planet” Gamma explained. Vega hid her blush in Gamma’s shoulder, who in return pressed a kiss to her head. She sighed contentedly.

“Can we stay like this”? She asked. Gamma laughed softly.

“If only my dear. However, we’ll be reaching Olympus 8 soon. I came to get you” he said. He traced his padded thumb over her lips. “But you...distracted me”.

“I did not”! Vega protested.

“Did” Gamma said. He leaned closer to her, his breath fanning her lips. His eyes searched hers for permission.

“May I...“? He asked. Vega’s heart thumped loudly in her chest. That had escalated quickly. She didn’t expect him to ask to kiss her already. Maybe...in a month or so. But she was ready. She wanted to feel his lips on hers.

“Yes” she said, a bit too breathlessly for her liking. Gamma smirked.

“One thing you should know” he said, leaning impossibly closer “I’m always in control”.

Warmth covered her lips and Vega automatically closed her eyes. Harsh, needing lips pounded against her mouth. Wetness leaked into their kiss, but neither cared how sloppy they were being. Gamma held Vega snugly to his chest. Her hands gripped the golden clips that held his cape to his armor. They would’ve moved to the next step, had Perseus’ voice not come over the intercom. Gamma sighed and reluctantly pulled away. He snapped the com open and glared at Perseus’ grinning face.

“What”? He snapped. Vega giggled, wondering just how stupid Perseus thought he looked through the coms. His hair was frizzled and a bit messy and his lips were a dark red color.

“Am I...interrupting”? Perseus asked, smirking.

“Leave them alone Perseus”! Katrina’s shrill voice called from somewhere behind him. Perseus ignored her.

“We’ve just got notice that we’ll be landing on Olympus 8 soon Captain” he said. Gamma nodded.

“We’ll be there” he said. He snapped the com shut and looked at Vega, stroking her cheek lovingly.

“Are you ready to meet Red Sky officials”? He asked. Vega nodded.

“To find my parents, I’m ready”.

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