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The Angel Prophecies. Opal Sky

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Abigail was 13 when her parents were killed, but she was fortunate enough to have loving grandparents to take her in. She lived a pretty normal life, until circumstances changed everything and she finds herself starting grade 12 at a new school. She thought the toughest part would be making new friends. Little did she know, that would be the easy part. She soon starts to dream of her deceased father, who tells her that she's not an ordinary teen, but part of a prophecy, which causes her to question everything she thought was real. Including her sanity. She soon finds herself thrust into the world of the supernatural, which she tries to ignore and rationalize. She keeps these things to herself, out of fear. How could she explain to her family, or new friends, that she sees dead people, without sounding crazy? Then there's Seth, the most amazing guy she's ever met. The attraction to him is instant, and unlike anything she's ever experienced. She certainly can't tell him she has visions of them in the past, that never happened. Destiny has plans for Abigail though, and soon, she discovers she isn't crazy after all, and monsters do exist. *Cover artwork is used with permission from my amazingly talented cousin Rochelle Haisley, a.k.a Green Olive Mama, who is both the photographer and model.

Romance / Fantasy
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Author's note

When you're young, anything seems possible. I remember being about seven, eating watermelon on my neighbor Daniel's back step. I swallowed a seed and we imagined a watermelon plant growing through my head, bearing fruit for us to eat the following summer.

I remember during my cousin's summer visits, climbing down the cliffs, into a small cove, pretending we were stranded on a deserted island. We could almost feel a real sense of urgency, waiting for a ship to happen by and rescue us.

The imagination of youth is filled with endless possibilities, and nothing seems impossible. Youth also brings nightmares that make us too scared to run to our parent's bedroom, for fear of what might lurk under our beds, waiting to grab our heals. Eventually we grow up and realize there's no such things as the monsters of our dreams... or is there?

It is said that we all have a sixth sense at birth, which gives us, among other things, the ability to communicate with the departed. Most of us suppress these abilities as we age, because we're taught it's not real. Perhaps it's because we'd rather convince ourselves there's nothing supernatural to fear, since acknowledging it means there IS something to fear.

We stop believing in things like watermelon plants growing out of our heads because science teaches us it's not possible, but it's never proven there's no life after death, angels, demons or things that go bump in the night... So why are some of us so quick to dismiss the possibility? Could it be we just lose the kind of imagination that can make you feel like you're actually on a deserted island when in fact you're down the cliffs in your backyard?

This story comes from my vivid imagination, of a world where monsters do exist.

It is in no way meant to disrespect anyone's religious beliefs. It is simply a story of my creation. I hope you enjoy it.

This is a new concept for me, and there may be grammar errors, so let me know if you find any. I welcome all feedback. My goal is to hone and improve my writing.

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