He Stole from the World, She Stole his Heart

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Chapter 10

The hazy feeling of the night warmed Krish’s heart as he relaxed on a rooftop. It was midnight, perhaps past midnight, and Krish had decided that instead of going home after his visit with Meera, he’d rest on a roof.

The people were smart. Maybe he’d underestimated them the slightest bit. Ever since his reveal, people had been on high alert of him. Meera had every right to be worried, though she had acted a bit out of character when she’d yelled at him about it. Not that it was a bad thing, but he thought she was in love with that actor... what’s his name? Abhimanyu Chittor? He thought that was it.

Lately, from what he’d seen, Meera hadn’t mentioned the handsome actor. When they first began talking, all Krish heard was “Abhi this” or “Abhi that”. He didn’t mind it, but what she didn’t know, or didn’t realize, was that he had developed feelings for her as well. He had ever since he’d saved her from Rishi.

Speaking of Rishi, Krish turned his head at the sound of padded feet stalking from behind him. Snickering to himself, he spun behind, catching Rishi sneaking up behind him. The latter froze, his black eyes wide and his leg up, as if to take another step. His arms are angled in a funny position.

Krish laughed.

“Hey Rishi! What were you trying to do? Sneak up on the best criminal”? Krish asked. Sure, he had just bashed Rishi’s head maybe a few weeks ago, but criminal’s like himself get over that. Even criminals have to watch their backs for their own kind. Who knows when one will double-cross the other.

“Nice to see you still have a large ego Krish” Rishi grumbled, taking a seat next to the gleeful criminal. He was still sour over the head-bashing incident and wanted to get back at the noir criminal.

Rishi had known Krish ever since the boy turned to crime. He was handy, but also had a very hot temper. Krish was dangerous, both to civilians and to the regular criminal. His moods changed, depending on who he felt like murdering. But, Rishi was still bent on getting revenge. And his ticket? Krish’s soft spot.

Over time, Rishi had taken to Krish’s liking of a certain slum girl. Meena? Meera? He couldn’t remember her name, nor did he actually care... at first. He still remembered the first night he met the blackette. He was hungry, and so were his “friends”. Of course, he was also in the mood for murder, and the girl just happened to be walking in his trap. And he would’ve gotten away with it, if Krish didn’t have to stick his nose into his business. And what was worse? His friends ditched him when Krish protected the girl.

Then, there was his revenge night. Again, he would’ve gotten away with it, if Krish didn’t interfere again. It was at that point that Rishi began to suspect something. Krish had never saved anybody, to his knowledge. So, why save her? A poor girl with nothing?

Rishi decided to investigate this himself. He began spying on Krish, discovering that he visited the girl every night, which was surprising, because Krish was never good at commitment. He’d even seen, much to his dismay, the kiss the two shared. He’d seen Krishs’ green eyes darken with love and lust when he looked at the girl. And that was Rishi’s revenge.

Now, he couldn’t just simply hurt the girl outright or kill her. No. Krish would murder him for that. Murder him and kick his body for good measures. He couldn’t rob her either, because he only worked at night, which was when Krish was with her.

But, he did have some type of good brain. He knew that the girl was a Mehra, as he had heard her friend yell her full name. A certain crime of the past reloaded in Rishi’s brain. It was the murder mystery of Gulshan Mehra and his wife. It was an odd case, before Krish had came to be. Rishi remembered it perfectly well. The girl, she was quite younger. She was holding a young boy during the funeral. He was too young to be her boyfriend. Perhaps brother? Or cousin? Again, Rishi didn’t care. What he did care was, who killed them?

Everyone suspected Krish all because of the scratch marks on the couples’ backs. Rishi had resisted the urge to laugh at their stupidity. Anyone could’ve done it with a knife. It was very simple. Rishi, deep down, had a feeling Krish knew who murdered them. He cast a glance at the young criminal, who was gazing towards the slums, no doubt to the girl he loved house. Rishi didn’t get why Krish liked her so much. She was poor, for starters. She wasn’t that beautiful, not like some other girls he’d made acquaintances with. But he guessed there was something about her that made Krish so dreamy. He’d even began reciting poetry. Poetry! Krish scorned poetry and now he was writing it. Rishi took this night as an opportunity to interrogate the menacing criminal.

“So Krish” Rishi started, rocking on his knee. “What have you been up to these days my friend? I don’t hear much about your crimes anymore”? Krish glanced at him. Rishi was up to something. He could feel it. But nevertheless, he explained.

“I was busy with a friend” He said shortly. Rishi grit his teeth. He needed more than that.

“Oh. How nice. What’s their name”? He asked.

“Huh? Why would you like to know”? Krish asked, his green eyes narrowing into annoyed slits. Rishi may not have been that good at stealing, but he was excellent at manipulating people.

“No reason really. Just wondering” Rishi said, smirking. Krish, apparently seeing no harm in Rishi’s actions, said “Her name is Meera”.

“A her?! Taken fancy to a girl”? Rishi asked. Krish blushed underneath his mask.

“Yes” he said, the hazy wind blowing his dark black hair. Rishi scowled. Krish was most likely a heartthrob, so why pick her?

“Oh. That’s nice. Fine time you settle down and start a family” he said instead, turning to see Krish’s reaction. Again, he blushed.

“No. You see, she doesn’t know that I like her” he said, his voice laced with longing.

“Why? You didn’t tell her”? Rishi asked.

“No. She likes someone else” Krish said, though part of him wondered why the rants on Abhimanyu had stopped. Maybe she had moved on... to him? The idea of that coming true seemed all too imaginary to Krish.

“Who? Has she been talking about him recently”? Rishi asked, partly concerned on Krish’s behalf. He may have wanted a decent revenge, but that didn’t mean that he wouldn’t have the back of his friend.

“No, actually. It’s quite weird. When I first met her, he was all she talked about. Now, I barely hear about him” Krish said. Rishi whistled softly.

“She’s falling for you” he said. Krish stared at him, eyes wide.

“What! What-the-how”? Krish asked. Rishi shrugged.

“I may not be a love specialist or anything, but if she doesn’t talk about him anymore, then she’d moved on. She blushing around you”? He asked. Krish nodded, the puzzle pieces slowly connecting.

“Wait-Meera likes me”? Krish asked. Rishi nodded, watching Krish whoop quietly with joy.

“How wonderful” Rishi muttered. “What’s her name boy”?

“I already told you, Meera” Krish said, his excitement dying down.

“Meera what”? Rishi asked impatiently. Now he was getting annoyed.

“Meera Mehra. Why”? Krish asked, suddenly suspicious again. Rishi gulped. He knew he was crossing the line a bit, but he needed this information for his revenge. However, even he knew, like every other criminal, not to mess with Krish. Especially when he was mad.

“Just asking. She reminds me of The Gulshan Mehra murder mystery, so I was wondering if they were related. You know” Rishi said, trying to brush it aside. Krish was still suspicious, but said, “Yeah. She’s their daughter. I have a feeling Akshay and Sushant, the police officers, murdered them. They’ve despised Gulshan, so I’ve heard.

“Hm” Rishi hummed, thinking. Akshay and Sushant. He’d have to have a nice little chat with them... after stealing some cash. He’d met the two officers a few times. They were just as malicious as he himself was, and very greedy.

“What”? Krish asked.

“Nothing. Just, will you marry her”? Rishi asked mildly. Krish jumped like and electrified cat.

“What! I-I don’t really know Rishi. That’s planning a bit ahead for a girl who never said she loved me” Krish said, slowly regaining his composure.

“True. But have you asked”? Rishi asked. Krish opened his mouth to respond, then quickly shut it. Rishi chuckled.

“I thought so” he said.

“Do you think I should”? Krish asked. Rishi shrugged.

“It’s your choice boy, not mine. If you want a girl, a true Kshatriya would take her” he said.

“Are you saying i’m not”? Krish asked, his voice a deadly hiss. Rishi shuddered, but spoke.

“No. I’m just saying that a true warrior would say his feelings for a girl. It’s not that hard” he said.

“Yeah, but who are you to give love advice? You’re the biggest womanizer in all of Crime Club, and everyone knows that” Krish said, standing up.

“Eh. Just advice for a friend” Rishi said, spitting the last word out. So he had a reputation for leaving women. Was it his fault he got bored with them after a week?

“Later Rishi. I’ve got some early plans tomorrow”. Krish said, leaping gracefully onto roofs. To this day, Rishi still wondered how he could do that. Maybe he was a ballerina? But, Krish seemed to manly for that.

As soon as Krish had left, Rishi scrambled off the roof and to police headquarters. But first, he’d robbed a bank, knowing he’d need the money. There, he caught Sushant and Akshay locking up for the night, a large bag probably full of money they’d stolen slung over their shoulders.

“Akshay! Sushant”! Rishi barked. Sushant jumped and put his hands up, while Akshay merely turned slowly, his eyes half-lidded.

“Rishi! What are you doing? Thought you had another robbery tonight”? Akshay asked, gesturing to the bank he’d locked up. Sushant glanced at the window Rishi had broken to get inside. He gulped.

“What? Can’t visit a few good partners in crime”? Rishi asked. Akshay smirked, his crooked teeth flashing in the moonlight. True, Akshay was a criminal. He’d covered it up by being a police officer, along with some help from his estranged brother, Sushant. When Rishi had once caught them robbing a bank, they’d agreed not to tell on each other, but help each other at the same time. It was the reason why there were so many criminals in India.

“Okay okay. I’ll say it” Rishi said, plopping himself on the ground. Akshay followed quickly, with Sushant hesitating for a moment, before following his brother.

“So what is it”? He asked, his voice close to a whimper. Sushant had never really liked being a criminal with his brother. But nobody had the guts to walk up to Akshay and defy him. It never ended well.

“Well, I bumped into a girl a few nights ago” Akshay groaned, but Rishi continued. “And Krish has taken quite a fancy to her”. Akshay perked up.

“He has eh”? He asked. Rishi nodded.

“Yes. But the girl is unfortunately one that I wanted to kill. Krish saved her and beat me up instead-”

“And now you want revenge”? Akshay guessed. Rishi nodded. Akshay smirked, glancing at Sushant for a moment, before rolling his eyes and turning back to Rishi.

“So? What does this have to do with me”? Akshay asked.

“You killed Gulshan Mehra, didn’t you”? Rishi asked. Akshay paled.

“How did you find out”? He asked, his voice barely above a whisper.

“I didn’t. Krish did” Rishi said, savoring the fear swimming in Akshay and Sushant’s eyes. All criminals, big and small, paled visibly at Krish’s name.

“And”? He asked. Rishi smirked. His plan was going perfectly.

“And i’ll strike you a deal. You help me kill the girl and I keep your secret” Rishi said. Akshay glanced at the money bag.

“And I get to keep this” Rishi added, patting the blue duffel bag. Akshay sighed and nodded.

“Fine. We’ll help you Rishi. But if this goes according to plan, then Sushant and I get half of that money stash”! Akshay said. Rishi nodded.

“Fair enough” he said, shaking Akshays hand.

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