He Stole from the World, She Stole his Heart

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A Night to Remember

Mature! 13+!!!!!!!!

Also, Meera doesn’t know who Krish is yet...for those who read the whole story already and might get confused.


The night was dark and rainy. Clouds covered the beautiful New Delhi moonlight that Meera had grown so accustomed to dripping through her window. She shifted uncomfortably on her bed. Krish was supposed to be finishing up his midnight round right about now, unless he had gotten himself into trouble...again.

It wouldn’t have been the first time Krish had gotten in a trifle with a gang before. Meera remembered exactly the day Krish had stumbled into her room, bloodied and clutching the wound seeping through his clothes on the side of his stomach. She had been repulsed, and had felt her food climb up, but she swallowed her feelings instead and patched him up, even if it was hard.

She still remembered the thick outline of his muscles that gleamed in said moon as she worked. They were pulled taunt, covered in a thin layer of sweat. He had curved his spine while sitting, panting heavily and closing his eyes as the needle pricked his skin. Meera remembered exactly how he sounded, that husky, heavy sound of Krish’s breathing.

Meera would have been lying if she said she hadn’t thought of what it would feel like to make love with Krish. She hadn’t done it before, but after developing feelings for the black clad criminal, she found herself thinking more than once what would happen if she could just get her hands on his tantalizing zipper.

“Busy Sundar?” Krish’s teasing voice spooked Meera from her lucid thoughts and she jumped, her face bright red as Krish morphed into a nonchalant pose on her bed, his green eyes watching her mirthfully. She scoffed, trying desperately to think of anything sad. Girish was with his friends for the night, and Anika and Rajkumar were busy with their families in Mumbai for the week. Abhimanyu probably had a movie to shoot, so she had nobody to bother her.


“Sundar?” Krish waved a clawed hand over Meera’s glazed face. Had she really been busy when he’d come? Should he leave? Was she still busy?

“Yes?! Oh, sorry! I was...daydreaming.” Meera said bashfully. Krish laughed.

“You’re always daydreaming Sundar.” He took her chin between his claws, his darkening green eyes boring into her brown ones. “May I take a wild guess and pray those dreams are about me?”

“Ha! You wish,” Meera scoffed, even if she knew she was lying inside. Most of her dreams had been of Krish, and of the things he’d do to her. He looked over her for a moment, then shrugged, his hand quavering as he let go of her.

He’d been thinking a great deal before visiting Meera, part of the reason he’d been so late. They’d kissed already, affirmed feelings for each other. All they had to do was consummate.

Easier said than done.

Krish looked uneasily at Meera, who had left her bed on the pretext brushing her teeth. Her dips and curves had attracted him from the beginning, long before he knew the spitfire personality of Meera. Her long curls of black hair and her large brown eyes. Her soft, delicious jaw and plump lips. Ever since he’d kissed her, Krish had thought only of what it would’ve felt like to kiss her all over, to place his lips on every sensitive area and have her begging his name.

Well, the name she knew.

When Meera returned from the bathroom, her teeth brushed for the second time that night, she found Krish looking a bit nervous. He shuffled on his seat on her bed, and his eyes had become hazy. Thunder clashed around the house and the wind howled, rain knocking the doors and windows, but Meera didn’t care.

She felt safe with Krish.

As she was sitting on the bed, ready to take a book, Krish spoke softly, so softly Meera almost didn’t hear him.


“Do you love me Meera?” Krish murmured, staring blankly at Meera’s white duvet.

“Yes? Of course I do Krish! Where did that come from?” Meera asked, appalled. It wasn’t that she minded telling him she loved him, but the fact that it sounded like he didn’t believe her.

“Then will you still love me after I do this?” Krish asked, leaning closer. The atmosphere around them grew heavy, and Meera’s eyelids fluttered, her heart beating fast.

“After what?” Krish looked at her for a moment, gazing at her beauty in the rain, the thunder, the lightning. The beauty that was all his.

He kissed her. Kissed her harder than he’d ever kissed her before. Meera’s eyes widened briefly, before she tried to kiss back with vigor, desperately trying to match his speed. He pushed her back onto the bed, her head hitting the pillow behind her. Anticipation made her kiss Krish harder, her hips thrusting up. A low growl echoed from his throat and Krish pushed her hips back down, clearly wanting to be in control. He removed his mouth from hers and began to trail kisses down her neck, biting and sucking any bare flesh available to him.

“Are you ready for this Meera?” He panted. “We can stop if you want...” Meera gripped his hair, already loosening the ponytail he always had. She threaded her hands through his long strands, keeping his body on top of hers.

“I am ready Krish! This is what I’ve been wanting for days!” She cried, her voice growing louder as he sucked on the same spot he bit. Krish hummed, his teeth on the strap of her nightgown.

“Is Girish home?” Krish questioned, his hands moving under Meera’s dress, gripping her thighs and stomach. Meera’s eyes widened and she moaned, shaking her head.

“No!” She gasped. “H-He’s with friends!” Krish smirked darkly. He reached over to Meera’s bedside lamp, switching the flip. The room was dunked in darkness, the only light coming from the lightning outside.

“Good. I have you all to myself.” Krish chuckled. “Final chance; Are you sure?” Meera sighed, sexually frustrated. She leaned up on her elbows, grabbed the back of Krish’s neck, and smashed her lips onto his. He immediately took control, thrusting her hands down.

“Is that good enough?” She asked breathlessly. Krish hummed, his mouth returning to her strap.

“Wonderful.” He murmured. He pulled the dress over her head and gazed at her, sitting on his knees. Meera blushed.

“Stop looking!” She scolded gently. Krish smiled, tipping her head up. He knew she couldn’t see him, but he could see her.

“You’re beautiful. Always remember that.” He said. Meera smiled, and Krish kissed her again, this time gently and with love. Her hands fiddled with the zipper on his suit, and soon, she succeeded in ridding Krish of his shirt. He sucked on her bottom lip as she ran her fingers over his muscles, making him shiver.

“Meera...” He moaned. She gripped his scarred, muscled arms and gasped as she felt the cold air hit her chest. Her bra lay on the floor next to Krish’s shirt, his eyes glued solely to hers as he fondled with her chest, making her squirm underneath him.

“Krish!” Meera gasped. Krish chuckled, a dark, sinister sound next to the boom of thunder. He kissed down her stomach, dragging a long wet stripe down to her naval. He reached up and kissed her again, this time licking her lips. She squealed, yet opened her mouth, feeling his tongue touch hers. Gasping, she fought to touch his, to be in control, but Krish easily won. His tongue claimed her entire mouth, their saliva dripping sloppily form their mouths. Meera wrapped her legs around Krish’s torso, feeling his hardness press against her abdomen.

“You’re eager today Krish,” She teased. Krish smirked at her, slipping to of his fingers under her underwear. She gasped, feeling his finger rub against her sensitive area.

“Who’s teasing now?” Krish retorted. Meera made another weak sound, and Krish ripped her underwear away with ease. Meera reached up to peel his gloves off, and now the only barrier between them was Krish’s pants.

Standing from the bed, Krish stripped away the last of his clothing, Meera watching in awe. He slipped the protection Black Hood had given him on and climbed back on top of her. Meera giggled as if she was a schoolgirl making out in the hallway or janitor’s closet. Krish grinned, kissing by her legs.

“What’s so funny?” He asked. Meera giggled, shrugging.

“Just the fact that I’ve...never done this before. I’m...nervous.” She ran her hands down Krish’s stomach, tracing the dips and contours to his muscles. Krish grasped one of her hands, kissing and nipping each finger.

“You have nothing to be afraid of,” He said as thunder boomed outside. “You’re lovely.” Meera blushed, and Krish bent his head to her crotch, looking up at her once for conformation before placing a slow lick over her. Meera spasmed on the bed, jerking. Krish growled, holding her hips firmly as he feasted, making Meera a moaning mess underneath him. Her hands traveled all over his body, gripping his arms, firm shoulders, hair. Krish kept up his ministrations, teasing her over and over with his tongue and fingers until she was on edge, ready to come at any moment, and Krish knew it. He removed his mouth from her and sized up to her once more. To her anguished face and the tears on her cheeks from her release being so close. Krish smiled, kissing her tears, then leaving a long kiss on her lips. His tongue intertwined with hers, and his hands gripped her body, his fingers tracing along her legs. He looked down at her from his mask, her eyes lovingly looking up at him.

“Are you ready?” He breathed. Meera nodded.

“I’ve never been more ready for anything.” She said. “Don’t hold back, please?” Krish groaned, a simple sentence leaving him hot in one second. He held her chin in one hand, the other grabbing a fist full of the sheets by her head as he slowly entered her. Meera cried out, her head thrust back. Krish moved slowly, kissing her face and neck, her lips. Whispering sweet nonsense into her ear. Once he felt her body relax, he began to thrust harder, bringing her on edge again.

“Please!” Meera whimpered. “Please Krish!” Krish snarled, his hips thrusting violently into her.

“Please what?” He growled, his voice deep. Meera moaned, bucking her hips up.

“Please! Harder! Make me come!” She begged. Krish grabbed the back of her head, a fistful of her hair, and crushed his lips onto hers.

“Good girl.” He murmured. “I love it when you beg for me.” Meera whimpered, and with one final thrust, they both came with a cry in the night, memories now flooding out of the minds, creating space for the night they had joined together. Lovers in the rainy night.

Removing the protection and throwing it into the garbage, Krish wrapped Meera in his arms and pulled the blanket above them. Meera nuzzled into his chest, her finger absent-mindedly tracing his muscles again. Krish blew some hair off of his face, brushing his hand over Meera’s cheek. Their legs were tangled together, content to remain that way.

“Let’s clean the bed up first.” Krish murmured. Tiredly, Meera hummed and Krish chuckled. He laid her gently onto a small pile of pillows on the ground as he fixed the bed. Once he was done, he picked Meera back up and laid with her, stroking her hair, her face.

“Was that okay? Was it...good?” Meera asked hesitantly, her eyes drooping. Krish smiled, his own fatigue catching up to him.

“Yes Sundar. That was perfect...” The rain tapped gently on the house as the two of them cuddled with each other.

“I didn’t think a criminal like you would be so gentle Krish,” Meera suddenly teased. Krish grinned at her, nipping her ear.

“Next time, I’ll be sure to teach you a lesson,” He growled playfully. Meera squealed, her mind ecstatic that Krish wanted to do it again. She had enjoyed it, and from the look on his face, he had too.

“I love you Krish,” She mumbled. Krish smiled, wrapping his arms around Meera and kissing her forehead.

“I love you too Meera,” He replied, his eyes closing as he did so. The rain continued to cheer them on, the thunder and lighting making an appearance now and then.

It really was a night to remember.

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