The Alpha's Second Chance

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Alpha Siddharth had lost his mate years ago in a deadly car crash. He believed there were no second chances for werewolves and lovers-until he meets eighteen year old Krishna. Believing that the Moon Goddess has given him a second chance, Siddharth does everything he can to protect his young mate. But when a ghost from his past comes back to haunt him, can Siddharth choose between human and wolf? Man and woman? And most importantly, present and past? Eighteen and recently dumped, Krishna wanders the streets of the tired town of Eyeless, rumored for it's feral wolves and secret lovemaking in the woods. Krishna chooses not to believe any of these rumors, until she meets Siddharth, an Alpha, and her mate. Between Siddharth's protective nature and Krishna's longing for love, the two quickly fall in love, their souls inseparable. But when a man from Siddharth's past appears with the intent of stealing Siddharth away from her, will Krishna once again be the runt of the litter?

Romance / Fantasy
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

A cool breeze blew briskly into the beautiful evening sky. The trees swayed and danced with the song of the wind and the music of the birds voices encouraged the grass to join their mystical dance. It was almost summer, the calendar picking it’s pace up as it neared December. The trees began to sprout beautiful cherry blossoms and green plates.

Krishna walked silently through the quiet park. Her hair rose and fell gently in the wind, eager to dance. Her black and magenta ombre pleaded to be set free, to dance, but Krishna knew that they never would be able to. Her dark brown skin was red, evidence from her fight before. She wore a cut sweatshirt and a pair of grey khaki’s, a green skirt strapped over her hips. She walked with a hunch, her eyes rimmed with tears.

“Why is it always me?” She hiccuped. She sniffled, then dragged herself to a rusty bench by the calm, sparkling river. “Why does everyone hate me so much? Why am I so useless?” Dominic’s harsh, berating voice repeated in harmony over and over in her mind, crushing her.

“Weak, stupid little brat!” He had yelled. “Why did I ever date you!” The voice shook in Krishna’s brain and she clutched her head, pulling her dark, short strands.

“Stop!” She wailed quietly. “Stop please!” She slouched on the bench, the voice retreating into the back of her mind. Her head pounded, as well as her heart. Her eyes welled with tears again, and she pinched them shut.

“Stop.” She whispered. “Stop, please, I don’t want to cry anymore.” She roughly wiped her eyes and threw her head back on the bench. She wished the brought her hoodie; she could’ve hidden her face underneath it. While there was barely anybody in the park, Krishna knew what would happen if someone caught her crying again. She’d be sent to an asylum, trained, then set free again. She had hoped coming to Eyeless County would change things, but clearly they didn’t.

Krishna straightened to stand, but soon changed her mind and dropped onto the bench again. Her clothes were still at Dominic’s place, as well as her other personal belongings. All she had on her was her phone and wallet, which would do little to help her.

A howl arose from the woods and Krishna flinched, hastening to calm her racing heart. When Dominic had brought her to Eyeless County with him, he’d once mentioned that the place was mysterious. Feral wolf fights and remains of lovemaking found deep in the forest grounds, Krishna only hoped he was making it up.

She shook her head, berating herself for even thinking of Dominic. He’d embarrassed her in front of a large group of people, breaking-up with her right as they’d taken their phones out. Her cheeks burned, not only with embarrassment, but with anger too.

“I’m useless.” She murmured. “Dominic was right...”

“Are you alright sweetheart?” Krishna looked up, and a young couple gazed back down at her. The lady was short, maybe only a few inches taller that she was. She had brown hair and kind grey eyes, with unsettling golden, cat-like irises. The man had light skin, in contrast to his companion’s brown skin tone. He had grey eyes and the same golden irises as the woman did. Krishna swallowed.

“I-I’m fine ma’am.” She mumbled. The lady frowned. She looked at the man, who nodded. They each took a seat on the empty sides of Krishna, much to her irritation.

“I’m fine! Really! You don’t have to worry about me!” She repeated, trying to sound stern. Her voice trembled, however, and her eyes began to water again. The lady took a tissue out of her purse and handed it to Krishna. She graciously took it.

“Thank you.” She murmured, blowing her nose.

“I suppose we should begin with introductions.” The lady said. The man remained quiet, probably a silent nudge to his companion to begin.

“My name is Shirley. That’s my husband, Akhil. What’s your name?” Krishna sniffled.

“Krishna.” She said quietly. Shirley smiled.

“You have a lovely name, Krishna.” She said. Krishna smiled sadly.

“Thank you. My mother picked it.” Shirley nodded, still smiling. Akhil only stared at her, as if she had entranced him in some way. Krishna frowned, but only let that frown rest on her face for a moment before Shirley began talking again.

“Is everything alright Krishna? We heard you weeping a mile away!” Krishna flushed.

“Was I really that loud?” She asked, mostly to herself. Shirley shrugged, a mysterious smile on her face.

“’s nothing. Really.” Krishna added. Shirley’s eyebrow rose.

“Nothing? Nothing made you cry?” Krishna slouched.

“Okay, you’re right. boyfriend broke up with me in public, with everybody around us watching.” Shirley gasped, and from close by, Krishna heard a sharp growl. Swallowing, she ignored it.

“What? That’s horrible! I’m so sorry!” She exclaimed. Krishna laughed weakly.

“It’s alright. I’m really just trying to take it all in right now. It’s why I came to the park; it’s so peaceful and quiet here, apart from the occasional howls.” Akhil grunted and Shirley’s eyes flickered. For a moment, they almost looked golden. But that was silly, considering that golden wasn’t even an eye color.

“I’m so sorry for pushing you sweetie. That was wrong of me.” Shirley apologized. Krishna’s head shot up.

“You don’t have to be sorry ma’am! It’s okay...I feel better talking about it.” Shirley scoffed.

“Ma’am makes me sound old. Call me Shirley.” Krishna nodded.

“Okay...Shirley.” Shirley grinned.

“I have a feeling I’m gonna like you kid. Can I see your phone?” Raising an eyebrow, Krishna skeptically handed Shirley her phone, watching what she did carefully. Once she got it back, Krishna noticed that there was a new number in her contact. She looked up at Shirley, who was rising from her seat. Akhil looked lost for a second, his eyes glazed, but soon realized what his wife was doing and quickly stood with her. His blue hair reminded Krishna of the day sky, something she hadn’t seen in months thanks to Dominic.

“I’ll see ya around kid!” Shirley said. Akhil only nodded at her, looked glazed for only a split second more before he followed Shirley out of the park. Krishna watched them leave, releasing a breath she didn’t know she’d been holding.

“Thank god.” She sighed. “She’s nice and all, but...geesh! She talks a lot!” Krishna looked around, standing up and dusting her pants off.

“I guess I’ll begin to head...home...Grab my things.” With a heavy heart, Krishna began to make her way to the gates, but a deep, rough voice stopped her.

“Did you drop something?” Krishna’s heart spiked and she turned slowly. Behind her stood a young man, maybe in his early to middle twenties. He wore a dark black coat and grey button up shirt, his muscle line exposed. He had dark black hair with a blonde fade and ripped grey jeans. A hood covered his head, but it was his eyes that attracted Krishna the most. Beautiful grayish-blue eyes with golden irises, just like Akhil and Shirley. Krishna’s breath caught in her throat, and it took a moment for her to realize that the man was holding her phone out.

“Uh...thank you.” She finally breathed. The man’s pupil’s widened, and he nodded shakily, his eyes still wide. Krishna reached her hand out and as she snatched the phone, a trail of sparks leapt onto her body and she gasped, her head instinctively shooting up. She met the man’s captivating eyes, and a surging wave crashed in her. Suddenly, she had a strong desire to kiss the man right in front of her.

It seemed the man had the same idea. He growled, and instead of fearing him, Krishna felt a warm feeling pool inside of her, something she hadn’t felt before, not even with Dominic. The man ripped her hands away from each other and gripped her hips, pressing them against his. Krishna gasped, but made no move to stop him. Taking her easiness as permission, the man leaned in slowly and pressed his lips to hers, as if the urgency was unbearable. Krishna’s eyes widened, but she wrapped her arms around the man and pulled him closer to her own body. She felt her legs being lifted from the ground and she squeaked. Another growl rumbled from the man’s throat, yet Krishna remained fearless. If Dominic was telling the truth-that werewolves did walk this Earth, then Krishna would die happily knowing that she’d kissed one.

They broke apart hastily, their eyes hazy and half-lidded. The man gazed at her, his eyes damp in awe, and the fluttering feeling returned in Krishna’s body. She bit her lip.

“W-Who are you?” She murmured. The man laughed, a deep, echoing laugh that once again made Krishna warm inside. He set her gently on her feet, his hood sliding tantalizingly off his head. He kept his hands on her waist as he led her to a new bench, just outside the park.

“Do I know you from somewhere?” Krishna asked. Again, the man laughed.

“No, no.” He said in that same, deep voice. “I live in the woods, an I have never met a woman as beautiful as you.” Krishna’s heart fluttered.

“What’s your name?” She repeated.

“My name is Siddharth. Yours?” Siddharth asked. Looking at him now, Krishna realized that it made sense. He looked exactly like the actor Siddharth, minus the hair and eyes.

“My name is Krishna.” She replied softly. Siddharth smiled, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear.

“Krishna...that’s a beautiful name.” He said. Krishna blushed.

“Thank you...” She murmured. Siddharth sighed.

“Oh! Uh...I’m really sorry about the whole...meeting style.” Krishna apologized. The man frowned, cupping the side of her mouth.

“Don’t apologize...please. I don’t want you to take it back.” At this point, he had leaned closer again, and while Krishna did have this urging desire to kiss him again, she fought against it. As she gazed into his eyes, however, she noticed that they were flickering, just as Shirley’s had. Unlike Shirley’s, his were turning a dark blue color, a royal blue.

“Y-Your eyes.” Krishna’s voice quivered, and Siddharth sighed again.

“Can I tell you something?” He asked, his voice hushed. It sounded urgent, and despite Krishna’s inner conscious begging her to say no, she nodded her head.

“Do you know the tale of werewolves in Eyeless?” He asked. Again, Krishna nodded. Siddharth didn’t say anything after that, instead he only looked at her. At first, this irritated Krishna, but as she got a better look at him, she noticed how blue his eyes were turning, and something in her clicked.

“Y-You’re a werewolf?!” She exclaimed. Siddharth winked.

“Yes, I most certainly am.” He said. Krishna’s heart raced, and surprisingly, instead of being scared, she smiled.

“That’s so cool!” She said. Siddharth chuckled.

“I’m glad you didn’t scream, or anything like that.” He said. “I won’t hurt you. I can’t...even if I wanted to.” Krishna frowned.

“Why?” She asked. Siddharth smiled, gently, softly.

“Because you’re my mate, my second chance.” He said. Krishna blushed, but still frowned.

“Second chance?” Siddharth shook his head, turning away.

“It’s nothing important right now.” He said. His voice shook, so Krishna decided to drop the question, for now.

“ a mate like...what?” Siddharth kissed the corner of her mouth.

“A mate is a soulmate, half of a whole. You, Krishna, are my mate. My wife. My Luna...if you want to be.” Krishna’s heart raced.

“Are you serious?” She asked. Siddharth raised his eyebrow, his irises flickering.

“Yes...? Why? you not like that idea?”

“No! No! I...I love it!” Krishna recovered quickly. It pained her, surprisingly, to see Siddharth looking hurt. Immediately, he smiled.

“So, do you accept me?” He asked. That made Krishna hesitate. She’d just been broken-up, and most advise to stay single after an abusive relationship, but something about Siddharth just made her feel safe, warm, and home. Nothing like with Dominic.

“Yes, I do.” She said. Siddharth smiled, and a glowing light flashed over their bodies.

“What was that?” Krishna asked, astonished.

“It was the Moon Goddess’ blessing. She accepted our pairing.” Siddharth explained. He squeezed her hand. “You’re mine now Krishna.” She looked into his eyes. They had darkened considerably, and with lust.

“I’d like that.” Krishna said. She leaned closer to Siddharth. “I don’t know a thing about werewolves, but I hope you can teach me.” Siddharth, getting her hint, smirked.

“Believe me Krishna, there’s no better teacher than me.” He said. He leaned closer to her, with the intent to kiss her, but a voice interrupted them.

“Krishna! Wait!” Krishna froze, and Siddharth growled.

For the person who had called out to her-

-was Dominic!

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