Anyone But Him 2: Maddox

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Piece of the puzzle

Saturday morning I awoke to Willow cussing. I groaned throwing my hand over my eyes. "Damnit woman lay back down."

She shook her head, "It's 8:30 Maddox. What am I going to say?"

I sat up frowning watching her pull her clothes on, "what are you like 5? Your Aunt will be ok."

Willow shook her head, "I can't just go missing. She's going to ask questions."

Shaking my head I rolled my eyes, "call her and tell her you're with me." I laughed at the expression on her face, "ok don't tell her you're with me or she would definitely be worried."

Willow smiled shaking her head as she looked over at me. "ok so what if your dad pops up or..."

Smiling I rolled to my side, "he's already downstairs. Don't you hear him."

I laughed seeing Willow's face pale. "OMG if he finds out I'm here..."

Cutting her off I tugged her closer to me, "he won't say shit. I've already told you it's the other women in my life you have to worry about." I shoved her as she frowned looking at me like I had lost my mind. "You have met my mother and my two sisters right. Trust me I've tried to shake them but they won't leave me the fuck alone."

Willow relaxed leaning back so that her back was propped up by my body. "You are always complaining about them but I can tell it's all show." She looked up at me, "tell me something about them."

I arched my brow, "like what?"

She shrugged, "just a random fact. Add yourself too. I'm curious about your life."

I snorted, "Jesus you don't need to know any facts about my life." I ran my hand over her hair smoothing it down. She rolled her eyes at me so I sighed, "fine."

"Let's see," I looked up at the ceiling, "Presley is my twin sister, she is annoying as fuck. Her favorite colors are pink and grey but they have to be together and it's a bonus if you throw rose gold in the mix." I looked down is that good enough for her?

Willow nodded smiling up at me. "Perfect, keep going."

"Harper is the baby of the family and you can so tell, " I said shaking my head. "She is super spoiled but she's the sweetest out of all of us. She used to dance ballet but stopped out of nowhere, I don't know why but she was really good."

Willow looked up at me, "do you think something happend?"

I shrugged, "she says she just got tired of all the rules."

"So let's see mom," I laughed not about to tell her the most interesting thing about her. "Mom is actually my dad's second wife."

Willows head jerked up, "seriously?"

I nodded, "yeah, his first wife was toxic. She however claims she tamed my dad." I rolled my eyes, "she's a hopeless romantic but at the same time, she always thinks the worst first."

Willow grabbed my hand, "well I like her."

I leaned up looking down at her, "so you keep telling me." As she smiled I laid back down. "So might as well tell you about dad too."

"Why to avoid talking about yourself."

I ignored her, "dad is 8 years older than my mom. He is still real big on working out so we actually have a gym at the house."

"So how did your parents meet?"

I shook my head, "girl you said one random fact, that's all you get today."

She pouted at me, "ok so tell me about you Maddox."

"Well," I said "I kinda want to fuck this cute little redhead laying in my bed before I take her home but she wants to chitchat."

She laughed, "Maddox be serious."

I smirked at her, " where's the fun in that." Willows's hand came to swat me but I dodged it. "Ok damn. I don't know. I have no favorite color, not big on movies, I listen to whatever. Ok so random fact I can play the guitar and the piano."

Willow raised up, "your lying."

I shook my head, "no my Aunt Maggie, she's....she's like a grandma to me. She taught me to play when I was little. I had to beg for guitar classes though."

"Are you close to your grandparents."

I looked down. "My dad's mom died when I was still too little to remember her but my Gramps died when I was 16. My mom has no one but her aunt who treats us as her own."

Willow turned facing me, "I'm sorry Maddox, I didn't mean to bring up bad feelings. I know what it's like. My dad, he, he isn't a very good dad and my mom died when I was young."

I looked up at her, "how much trouble are you in Willow?"

She shook her head, "I'm fine Maddox really. Don't worry about me ok."

We both jumped a little as my phone started ringing. I glanced at it on the nightstand but Willow grabbed it for me. Her face fell as she looked down, "your girlfriends calling."

I looked down at her, "answer it then and tell her that she's no longer needed."

Willow's eyes grew almost comically large, "are you kidding me?"

I shook my head almost shocked when she answered looking at me with her eyebrow cocked. "Hello."

She hit speaker and I could hear Rosalyn's voice, "who is this? Where is Maddox?"

"He's in the shower, I'm sorry. I can tell him you called but I can't promise you he will return your call."

I laughed at her as she winked at me. Rosalyn wasn't giving up so easy, "and you are? Why are you answering his phone? You must be his sister look..."

Willow snorted, "baby I'm not his sister. I think you need to catch a clue."

Rosalyn started yelling but I reached out hanging up on her. "And what clue does she need to catch."

Willow shrugged, "I mean if you want to keep fucking around with her..."

I leaned down, "I told you your ass was jealous."

Willow rolled her eyes, "I'm not jealous of anything concerning you trust me."

I nodded my head, "Ok baby, come here before you have to go."

She shook her head even as she came and moved beside me, "so it's baby now?"

I kissed her lips gently, "I mean did you like bitch better?" I laughed as she slapped me, "well you're asking stupid ass questions. You're in my bed, in my house, I think I can call you baby if I want."

Willow snuggled into my chest, "I'm not who you think I am Maddox."

I kissed her forehead, "and I'm not who you think I am either. I've got secrets too. It's ok Willow. I mean, I hate to admit this and I mean hate it. But...I kinda like your stupid ass."

She laughed, "the feelings mutual trust me."

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