Anyone But Him 2: Maddox

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Eye Opening

Willow's POV

As much as I hated to admit it Maddox had been right about my aunt. When I called telling her I had spent the night at a friend she hadn't even questioned me. She just told me not to worry about her.

Now somehow I had agreed to go grab a bite to eat with him. I wasn't ready to go out in public, not together. I had to remind myself we weren't a couple that we could go to lunch as friends but I knew what people would think.

I had no clue what Maddox even thought all of this was. I didn't know what it was. He was, he was fucking hard to resist is what the hell he was. It drove me crazy, I didn't have time to get involved with him but I was already in over my head. The more I tried to stay away from him the more I wanted him.

I would never admit it though. Not to him. He was conceded enough without knowing everything I felt. Even now as he drove I couldn't help but watch him. He had one hand on the steering wheel while he sat back staring at the road. The confidence that oozed off of him made me jealous.

"What are you looking at?"

I smiled at him shrugging as he caught me studying him. "I was just noticing how fucking cocky you are."

He smirked shrugging, "I mean I get it naturally is all I can say."

Rolling my eyes I shook my head, "I was also thinking that this might not be a good idea."

"Why not?" he asked.

"Maddox people talk. Word gets around in a small town. Your little girlfriends might come after me."

He rolled his eyes looking over at me, "first of all, I have no girlfriend. Second of all, I don't give a fuck what anyone says. Third of all, If anyone touches you I'll fuck them up."

"Oh ok, good to know," I said watching as he pulled into the parking lot of the restaurant.

Walking in with him I tried to act natural but I felt awkward. He drew attention to us the minute he stepped in. I hated having eyes on me. Maddox and I were seated at a booth and as I slid in I looked up at him.

He reached out grabbing my hand, "why are you so nervous to be seen with me?"

I shook my head, "I'm not. I just...shit I don't like to be the center of attention like you do."

He snorted, "you think I do. I'd rather be left the fuck alone. I mean unless you wanna come fuck with me."

I looked up rolling my eyes at the smirk on his face, "you really are too much."

"So who's your little friend."

Both of us looked up confused and I heard him let out a sigh, "Lisa now's not really the time to start."

She looked down at me and I could tell she was sizing me up. "So is this the reason you blew me off the other night."

"I said not fucking now. Besides what the fuck do you care?"

I looked up at Maddox as he spoke and I could tell he was angry. The girl shook her head, "just call me later."

Looking over at Maddox I caught his eyes with mine but he didn't say anything as she walked off. "So you're just going to put up with shit like that?"

He frowned, "what do you want me to do cause a scene. She will be fine, she never acts like that."

"What do you mean she never acts like? Like how many girls am I going to have to deal with today alone."

"Don't start Willow. I'm not in the mood to argue with you. Lisa doesn't care what the hell I do ok. We were having a good day and you want to ruin it by worrying about stupid bitches."

I laughed, "wasn't I a stupid bitch not that long ago. Or am I only not a stupid bitch when I'm in your bed."

"You're being a stupid bitch now."

"Fuck you Maddox," I said getting up.

I didn't care that people were watching me. I didn't care if they had overheard our conversation and I didn't care what they thought. I couldn't believe I had thought Maddox could be anything more than what he was.

Walking outside I wondered how crazy I would be to just take off walking. Probably pretty fucking crazy. Sitting down on the bench outside I shook my head mad at myself for letting him get under my skin.

He came out walking to his truck not even stopping as he passed me. "Get your ass up if you want a ride home otherwise you can stay here."

I was tempted to stay seated and ignore him but I knew what he said was true. I needed him at least for the next few minutes. We rode in silence. He didn't bother trying to talk to me and I had turned looking out the window making it obvious that I didn't want anything to do with him.

Maddox didn't stop at the park like normal. Instead, he stopped right in front of my Aunts house. I turned glaring at him, "are you serious?"

He shrugged, "thought you might want to tell your aunt how you fucked the bad boy then flipped your shit on him for no damn reason."

I rolled my eyes, "go call Lisa, or better yet Rosalyn. Maybe call them both."

He snorted, "where do you think I'm going when I leave here."

I opened my mouth but stopped. He had cut me and I didn't want him to see the hurt in my eyes. Getting out I slammed the door ignoring the sound of his truck reving up as he sped away. That ass!

Walking in my aunt looked up from the couch, "tell me that wasn't the Knight boy."

I shook my head, "I wish it wasn't."

She shook her head, "he isn’t what you want Willow. Trust me he is nothing but trouble."

I nodded agreeing with her as I made my way to my room shutting the door behind me. I didn't want to talk about him. I didn't want to think about him. I wanted to forget everything he had said to me. I wanted to forget it all.

Tears escaped my eyes and as much as I hated to admit it I had let him get closer to me than I had let anyone in a long time and he had hurt me. I laid down closing my eyes praying for some kind of peace to wash over me. I didn't need him. He was nobody.

I had this farfetched fantasy that he was my prince come to rescue me from this nightmare I was living. He was just part of the nightmare. A bogeyman in disguise. I couldn't be weak around him again. I had to hold my ground. Fuck him. I didn't need him.

I sounded braver than I was. I wasn't sure how I felt. Numb was the first thing that came to mind. He had made me feel numb. Why did that girl have to walk up on us. If she hadn't we would be eating now probably having a decent time. I guess it was better to find out now than later before I was in too deep.

How was I going to face him at work? Would he just go back to ignoring me? I was fine if he did. I didn't care if he ever spoke to me again. He could forget my name and my number.

Still I wondered if he had gone and called one of those other girls. I couldn't handle it if he did. I would never be able to even be in the same room again if I found out. Reaching down I did something I never did. I called him.

"What," he answered.

I hadn't really expected him to answer and I couldn't get anything to come out. "Forget it," I finally said.

He sighed, "I'm not calling any girls if that's what you called for. I've had enough women problems with you to last me a while."

With that, he hung up. I didn't know if what he said was true or not but I did get some satisfaction. He had known what I wanted and said what I needed to hear. If he was lying then we would cross that bridge when we got there but he sounded genuinely put out with me and I smiled. Good. I hope he goes home and thinks long and hard about what happened. He needed a good dose of reality.

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