Anyone But Him 2: Maddox

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Week Later

A solid week had passed and Willow had yet to utter a single word to me. In fact, she avoided me like the plague. Any time I would have to go up front she would find a reason to step in the back or have to go to the bathroom. She made sure to be gone before I got off and she came in after I had already started working.

I had tried calling her, I had even tried texting her, in the end I just gave up. It was clear she had made her decision and there was nothing I could do to change her mind. Mom had told me she was being a little standoffish with her too. She had told me some people just don't like to open up and I guess she was one of them.

With it clear she had pushed me out, I focused on my race this weekend. It was in a location I'd never raced on before and could be dangerous. I had thought about getting lost in other girls, they were usually a good distraction but Willow had left a bad taste in my mouth.

I was pissed that she didn't trust me enough to let me help her. More than that I was pissed that she had awoken feelings that I never even wanted to feel then turned her back on me. I hadn't even done anything to her, this time I was innocent in all of this. Or at least I thought I was. Had I done something to make her feel like I wouldn't be there?

I slammed the hood down on the car I was working on causing dad to look over at me. I only shook my head at him as I grabbed a rag and cleaned my hands off.

Walking over to my dad I nodded my head, "I'm going to head out early"

He nodded at me, "Your Aunt Maggie and Aunt Teresa are at the house."

I nodded, "yeah I'm going to take a shower and head that way."

Turning around I headed upstairs just wanting to get away from the shop. I needed away from Willow. I was glad my aunts were in town. They hadn't been able to come down last weekend as planned so they were here for a couple of days during the week instead.

Taking a quick shower I changed into a pair of jeans and a plain white tee just ready to leave. Willow was the only one up front today, my mom and sisters had taken the day off to be there when my Aunts made it in town. I wanted to make sure to leave before her.

When I made my way back downstairs I saw her standing in the door clearly looking for my dad. I walked past her not bothering to look over at her but she stopped me. "Maddox have you seen your dad?"

I shrugged, "you don't need me to find him for you do you?"

She sighed, "don't be an ass. I really need him.”

Looking down at her I snorted, “thought you could handle anything that comes your way princess.”

I could feel her glaring at me as I walked away. I knew I should have offered her some help instead. I know the workings of the office pretty well but I didn’t. She thought she could do it all own her own then so be it. I had washed my hands clean.

At least that’s what I told myself. I felt like a complete ass the entire way to the house. Dad was around somewhere he would help her with whatever problem she had. She didn’t need nor want my help. Wasn’t that her favorite line.

Pulling up in the driveway I felt a huge grin appear on my face as I saw Aunt Maggie’s SUV. I found it almost comical that my mom used to hate her, you couldn’t tell now. Even when I walked in they were laughing so hard that their faces were red.

“Well look at this handsome, looking like his dad, young man right here,” Aunt Maggie said walking toward me throwing her arms around me for a huge hug.

I shook my head, “where is your better half?”

Aunt Teresa walked out of the kitchen holding her glass up which I was sure was filled with vodka. “Damn y’all started without me.”

I hugged Aunt Teresa before sitting down beside Harper. Everyone was here except for dad and I could already tell tonight was going to be a long one. Aunt Maggie always took over cooking when they came into town and she had the house smelling amazing.

Aunt Teresa was the quietest out of the house full of women I had walked into. She had always been more laid back and easy going than the rest. I looked over at her and she put her hand to her mouth signaling she was about to go smoke so I nodded standing up and heading out with her.

“I swear all that talk is about to drive me crazy,” she said laughing as she lit up.

I rolled my eyes, “exactly what I avoid staying around for too long.”

Aunt Teresa roller her eyes laughing, “boy you know you are a mommas boy. No matter how hard you try and deny it. Shit I remember the day I had to come to pick you up from junior high cause you hit some guy that said your momma was fine.”

I laughed, “why are we bringing up old stuff though?”

She shrugged laughing. I was closet to Aunt Teresa than to Aunt Maggie. I think we just had more in common. She was a basketball coach back in their hometown and despite being in her fifties looked a lot younger than what she was. She dressed in joggers and hoodies most of the time.

Looking up I saw Aunt Maggie come outside. "What are the two of you up too?"

I shook my head, "talking about you."

She rolled her eyes, "funny enough your sisters told me all about you and that fiery little red headed girl that is giving you a hard time."

I groaned, "what? I don't even know what you are talking about."

Aunt Maggie gave me her famous look that let me know she wasn't falling for it. "Come on, your mom tried to cover for you but Presley done spilled it all."

"Give the kid a break nosey," Aunt Teresa said, "he probably doesn't know what to do with a girl who isn't blind to his bullshit."

I made a face, "aww thanks Granny."

Laughing as she swatted at me I moved on the other side of Aunt Maggie. She laughed, "that's all on you Maddox. You know she hates that."

Hearing Dad pull up I excused myself and went to meet him at his truck. He arched his brow as I approached him. "You good?"

I nodded, "yeah Willow find you?"

He smiled nodding as he started walking again, "she did."

I waited for him to continue but he didn't say anything else. Walking in the house behind him I watched as he said his hellos stoping to kiss mom before heading upstairs. "Maddox tell me more about how you pissed this girl off."

Mom shook her head, "Maggie give it a rest Jesus."

She looked over at mom and pointed at her, "your mom was a handful too Maddox. Don't let her fool you."

Mom rolled her eyes, "and you were a pain in the ass."

I laughed as Aunt Teresa shot Aunt Maggue a look, "I mean you were a bitch."

"What is this was talk," I said dodging a pillow that came at my head. Laughing I sat back listening to everyone talk and get caught up with each other. When dad came back downstairs we all went to the kitchen and sat at the table.

Sometimes I forgot that Maggie was my dad's sister. They were so different from each other. It was easy to think of Maggie as my mom's aunt but to the outside world we just stuck with it being my dad's older sister.

My mom's dad had been around when we were small but he eventually faded out of our lives. He would pop up out of nowhere sometimes but he was nothing consistent. I couldn't prove it but I had a feeling every time he appeared it was for money. I had heard mom tell dad that he had gotten "out of control."

My phone sat beside me and I found myself picking it up and trying to reach out one more time to Willow. "I'm sorry I didn't stick around to help you today. It's hard for me to be around you. I race this weekend in Mt Oliver. I hope you'll be there."

I hit send before I could change my mind and I shoved my phone in my pocket so I wouldn't get upset when she didn't answer. I got right back into the conversation that was going around the table glad that it was now focused on Presley.

Looking up I saw Dad's eyes connect with mine. He shook his head at me and I could only smile at him. It was always interesting living in a house full of women. Especially when they got started on each other.

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