Anyone But Him 2: Maddox

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Blaine and Jordan

Blaine's POV

Sitting in the bed I flipped through the channels not finding a damn thing on tv to watch. Sometimes I wondered why I even paid for the cable but then I remembered Jordan had her shows she had to watch or she would complain. Turning the tv off I reached over putting my phone on the charger for the night.

Maddox had a race tonight and I was trying to stay up until he text telling me he was good. Leaning back against the headboard I looked toward the bathroom hearing Jordan get out of the shower.

"I don't know why you're getting dressed. You know I'm just going to take it right back off of you."

Jordan peaked her head around the corner. "In your dreams. I'm about to get in bed and go straight to sleep."

I arched my brow at her watching her walk in the bedroom with her towel wrapped around her body. Laughing I shrugged, "how many nights are we home alone. Harper is staying with Presley, I can have my way with you all I want."

Jordan's face flushed as she rolled her eyes at me, "have you earned all this?"

Laughing at her as she walked over to my side of the bed I nodded, "I've put up with you and your kid's ass all day. I think I deserve a little something."

"Uh no sir. Those kids, at least the twins act just like you."

As Jordan's towel hit the ground I pulled the comforter away from me exposing my naked body. She giggled, "I swear what if I would have said no?"

I made a face at her, "in all the years I've been with you I don't think you've ever told me no."

Rolling her eyes Jordan scooted in bed beside me. Leaning down I captured her lips with mine. I still wanted her as much as I had from day one. There were days where I still didn't believe I deserved her. She had made me whole again, she had given me three children, she had stood by my side through numerous ups and downs.

Trailing my kisses down her neck to her breast I grazed one of her nipples with my teeth before swirling it around with my tongue. Jordan's hands played in my hair as I moved to the other breast biting down on it just a bit harder sending a moan of pleasure spilling from her mouth.

Moving further down I swirled my tongue around her navel before spreading her things and tasting the sweet juice between them. No matter how many times I made love to Jordan she still went crazy when I put my mouth on her. It was the biggest turn on to me ever. Watching my wife squirm around under my grasp as I drove her to release.

Feeling her body shake under mine I teased her some more until she tugged at my hair, "Blaine come on, I want you."

Those words, how I never got tired of hearing her say I want you." Crawling up her body I pulled her legs around me sinking into her roughly. "You still thinking of telling me no?"

Jordan's lips curved into a smile as she shook her head, "I'd never tell you no."

My lips met hers again as I began to pick up speed. Each thrust I gave Jordan met me with her own. She drove me crazy and she damn well knew it. I was lost in her body. I didn't care about her nails scraping down my back. Her moans only made me go that much harder and faster.

Feeling Jordan's body tense up I let her ride out her orgasm before I moved her to her knees. Thrusting into her I took a fistful of her long hair pulling her head back as I began ramming into her. Her soft moans filled the room around us and it only made me go that much faster and harder.

Jordan arched up against me as I ran my free hand up her side wrapping around her throat. I didn't need to control her to cum anymore but she loved it just as much as I did. She had always preferred rough sex. I felt her body explode on mine. Losing all control I thrust erratically until I myself was lost in her wave of pleasure.

Out of breath, I rolled over to my back pulling her up beside me. "Fuck Jordan."

She laid her head on my chest giggling, "we just did Blaine gah."

I laughed at her, "shut the fuck up."

She laid in my arms for a while before we got up and took a quick shower. I had just drifted off to sleep holding her when I heard my phone ring. I groaned not in the mood to have to go out tonight

"Knights Automotive, this is Blaine."

I could hear breathing and was about to hang up when I heard, "It's Willow. Maddox has crashed. His car is upside down. Ash is trying to get to him."

My heart sunk to my stomach as I sat up, "where?"

Jordan sat up beside me. When Willow didn't answer me I growled, "damnit Willow tell me where."

"In the curve, mile marker 215."

I jumped up grabbing clothes. "Blaine, what's wrong?"

Shaking my head I pulled up my jeans, "nothing baby just go to sleep. I'll be back. I have to go check out a wreck."

Her face instantly paled, "that was Willow Blaine. Oh my god Maddox. Is Maddox ok?"

I stopped in my tracks, "I couldn't lie to her, not if Maddox was hurt."

Walking up beside her I pulled her to me, "he's been in a wreck, I'm going to check on him. If he's ok I'll bring him home for you to yell at and if he needs to go to the hospital I'll come get you."

She shook her head yanking clothes out of her dresser. "You're not leaving me home when my son has been in a wreck. What happened?"

Another question I didn't want to answer. I knew I couldn't stop her from coming with me and when she saw his car she would know. "He was racing tonight."

Jordan froze looking at me with murder in her eyes, "what?"

I nodded, "he's been street racing since he was 16 Jordan. He's never been in a wreck before."

I felt her hit me before I realized what happened. Reaching out I grabbed her hand. "Jordan you know I would never..."

"You better pray to God that he is ok. I can't fucking believe the two of you. Especially you, you know how dangerous that shit is."

Jordan yanked her arms out of my grasp as she finished getting dressed. She didn't say a single word to me. Not when we got in my truck and not when we stopped at the shop to get in the wrecker.

If I wasn't so worried about Maddox I would have fears for my life. Jordan had never been as angry at me as she was now. Never.

The moment I saw Ash's car I hit my lights parking next to the guardrail. Willow met Jordan and I. "He's unconscious, he can't get him out."

Jumping over the rail I let Jordan deal with her. I needed to check on my son. "He's been out of it this whole time," Ash said looking up at me. "His door is wedged and I can't get him out."

I let out a slow breath, "he's breathing."

Ash nodded. With his help I was able to use a crowbar and wedge his door open. Maddox was scrapped up good and his face was bloody. As Ash cut him from his seatbelt I caught him in my arms and closed my eyes.

"Should we call the ambulance or you want to take him in?"

I sighed, "I'll take him, follow me to the shop so you can get the wrecker and get his car out. We don't need any extra attention."

It took both me and Ash to get Maddox up the hill. The moment Jordan saw him she sank to her knees and I couldn't look at her. Willow was frozen in place. Once Maddox was safely in the truck I went to the driver's side. "Come on we need to get him to the hospital."

Jordan walked past me not saying a word till she slammed the door, "I will never forgive you for this."

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