Anyone But Him 2: Maddox

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Willow's POV

Everything seemed to happen in a flash. I had rode with Ash to the ER watching as they brought a gurney out and loaded Maddox's mangled body up on it. I saw the blood and I heard the cries from his mom.

My mind was in complete shock, I was angry at myself for not texting him tonight when he had text me. If something happened to him I'd never be able to forgive myself for ignoring him. I wanted nothing more than to be held safe in his arms, him telling me everything was going to be ok.

Looking up I looked at Blaine and Jordan sitting across from me. Jordan was pissed, and when I say pissed she was so mad she wouldn't even let Blaine speak a single word to her. Any time he had tried to reach for her hand she would yank it away.

Blaine, he looked downright miserable. Even now he sat leaned forward with his head in his hands. There had been no word from the doctors yet as to how bad he was hurt, no word on if he would be ok, there had been nothing.

Jordan had tears running down her face and I was trying my best to hold mine in but they kept escaping. I wanted to talk to her, to say something, anything but I couldn't. What could I say to her. Her son had just been found hanging upside down from his car unconscious and she was in the middle of a huge fight with her husband.

Ash sat beside me and the one time they had both gotten up, Blaine for coffee, Jordan to use the bathroom he had admitted he had never even seen them have a real fight before. Was this all behind Maddox? Hearing Blaine let out a breath I looked up seeing him lean his head back against the wall watching Jordan.

She was a mess, her crying had gotten worse, but when he tried to reach out for her she pulled away from him. "Don't fucking touch me," she had spit out at him.

Ash and I had just looked at each other. Maddox had always told me how much his parents loved each other. What would he think if he saw the way they were now? Seeing Jordan stand up I saw Presely and Harper come running in the room. They both hugged their mom with tears in their own eyes.

Harper had sat in between her mom and dad. Jordan had been sure to place a barrier between her and Blaine. Presley had come and sat beside me. She couldn’t sit still, she kept moving her legs shaking them.

"Did you see him?"

I looked up at Presley shaking my head, "just when your dad pulled him out."

She closed her eyes, "how long has mom been like that."

I looked up to make sure no one was listening to us, "pretty much since they arrived at the scene."

Presley sat back, "I've never seen her this mad, not in my life Willow."

Looking over at Harper I saw she had laid her head on her moms shoulder and I wished Maddox could see how much everyone in this room cared for him. To the outside world Maddox was an ass, but to this room he was their world. I looked down at my hands, he was mine too.

Tears finally fell from my eyes and I realized I couldn’t lose him. I needed to tell him how I felt. I had been a bitch to him and if anything happened to him he would think I didn’t care. I closed my eyes, what if I had run him into the arms of someone else? I couldn’t see him everyday knowing he was spending his nights with someone else.

Presley reached over grabbing my hand. “He will be ok. He is the single most stubborn person I’ve ever met. Maddox is a fighter.”

I let out a sob feeling all of my emotions flood out. Excusing myself I ran to the bathroom sitting in the stall sobbing. Everytime I thought I had pulled myself back together I lost it even more. Finally I was able to calm down so I went and splashed water on my face. Looking in the mirror I wondered if I should even be here. I was the last person on the planet Maddox would want to see when he opened his eyes.

As I walked out I jumped seeing Blaine leaned up against the wall waiting for me. He reminded me so much of Maddox. If you would have told me they were brothers I would have instantly believed it.

“Are you ok?”

I nodded stepping out of the entrance of the bathroom to stand beside him.

He nodded, “walk with me to get some coffee.”

I fell into step beside him. It never occurred to him that I wouldn’t follow him. “I hope I’m not in the way.”

Blaine slowed down so that we were even with each other. “Maddox would want you here Willow. I don’t know how much he shares with you, or if he shares anything with you at all but I’ve never seen him like this. I just want you to know her cares about you.”

Guilt washed over me. Maddox has done nothing but try and help me and I continuously pushed him away every time he got too close. “He text me tonight and I didn’t answer him...”

I couldn’t speak anymore, my guilt washed through me and I begun to sob all over again. Blaine reached out putting his hand on my shoulder. “I’ve heard the way he talks about you Willow. Maddox is hardheaded and stubborn. He isn’t an easy person to deal with. He doesn’t let anyone close to him. I think y’all have a lot in common.”

I smiled, “so your saying I’m hardheaded.”

He nodded, “pretty much.”

I sighed, “I just keep thinking this is my fault.”

Blaine bought coffee for everyone and as he handed me mine he shook his head. “I promise you this wasn’t about you. Ash has talked to some of the other racers tonight. Maddox was targeted.”

“What?!?” I said shocked, “why?!?”

Blaine’s expression turned grave, “I don’t know but I don’t take it lightly when someone messes with my family.”

I stared after him as he walked off. I had always known Blaine was some kind of bad ass but the vibe he just gave off made it clear he didn’t fuck around. Maddox was his daddy’s son all the way.

As I sat down I watched him hand out coffee. I felt sad for him when Jordan shook her head refusing to even look at him. It was clear Blaine love the hell out of her and I wondered if that wasn’t me and Maddox. I had stubbornly refused his affection. Not saying he loved me. I sat up realizing I was in love with him. He felt like home.

Seeing Jordan and Blaine stand up I felt a sense of dread as the doctor walked up to them. I watched their faces carefully. Blaine had his hand on Jordan’s back as the doctor spoke to them. When I saw Jordan look up and take a breath I previously looked over at Harper and Presley who were standing side by side waiting on their parents.

When the doctor turned to walk away I stood up. Everyone gathered around waiting on one of them to speak. Blaine sighed, "he's still unconscious but stable. He's banged up pretty good, they said lots of cuts and his body is covered in bruises but no broken bones. They aren't seeing any swelling in his brain and all of his tests have come back good. They are going to move him into a room so we can see him but they don't want any overnight visitors tonight."

Presley and Harper hugged and I felt even more like an outsider. Looking down at my feet I had been caught off guard when Jordan came over and hugged me. "He's going to be ok Willow."

I nodded at her wiping at my eyes, "when he wakes up will you tell him I was here?"

She looked up at me, "baby you are going to tell him yourself cause he is going to need you after I cuss his ass out."

I was tempted to smile but the look she had shot Blaine let me know that just because she had allowed him to touch her earlier she was still pissed. Part of me thought she was being irrational but the other part saw it for what it was. Momma Bear was pissed and it appeared that Blaine was no exception to her wrath.

The doctor only wanted us to see him two at a time so I wanted my turn. Jordan and Presley went in first. I had assumed she would go with Blaine but he didn't even try to question her when she grabbed Presleys hand leaving no doubt who was going in first. She was his twin and I wondered if she didn't feel his connection.

Presley was crying when they walked out and Jordan was completely blank faced. Blaine and Harper went in next and I found myself waiting anxiously for them to come out. My hands shook as I realized I would be going in to see him next. I was nervous as hell.

Harper came out much like Presley, fresh tears streamed down her face. Blaine had a determined look on his face and I wondered if it was because he was set on revenge. He had already made it clear he didn't let anyone mess with his family.

As Ash and I walked in I held my breath until I saw him. Pausing at the foot of his bed I put my hand to my mouth in shock. I hadn't been prepared for what I saw. Maddox's forehead was wrapped with gauze and his face was battered.

Ash stood back as I walked up beside the bed taking Maddox's hand in mine. He was hooked to oxygen and I couldn't help but imagine him waking up and trying to yank the thing out. "He looks so broken."

"He's tough," Ash said.

I looked down at his hand in mine, "I'm sorry Maddox."

Ash came up behind me putting his hands on my shoulder, "I bet tomorrow he will be up talking shit to everyone."

Looking up at his face I smiled, this was probably the quietest I had ever seen him. He always had something to say, some comeback ready to spit out. I never thought I'd miss that smart ass mouth of his.

Walking out of the room I was pulled into a hug by both Presley and Jordan catching me off guard. I'd never had a family like his, I didn't really know how to act but I found myself crying with them. His family was accepting me more than mine ever had. Please Maddox just wake up.

Ash took me home so I could get some rest but I couldn’t sleep at all. Maddox looked so broken, so helpless, he looked so lost. He had to be ok, he had to wake up. He could even yell at me for ignoring him if he wanted. I just needed to hear him.

I didn’t know if I should go back to the hospital or not but around lunch I couldn’t take it anymore. His room door was opened just a crack and when I walked in everyone looked up at me. They were all there, Blaine, Jordan, Presley, and Harper. None of them looked like they had slept at all.

My eyes went to Maddox’s bed praying to see his grey eyes meeting mine. He could even kick me out if he wanted but he still laid there unconscious. “Any news?”

Blaine shook his head, "No, they say no news is good news though."

I sat with Harper and Presley watching their parents. It was clear neither of them had slept a wink since last night. I felt horrible, "do ya'll need me to go get anything? Pick up anything?"

Jordan shook her head, "no, the girls are going to go home to rest and Blaine brought me a bag of clothes this morning."

I glanced over at Blaine wondering if he and Jordan had made up. It didn't appear it just by the way they were acting. He sat alone in the corner of the room. Jordan sat beside Maddox's bed.

Hours had past by with nothing changing before I had decided to try and be helpful, "I can stay so one of you can go home and rest."

Jordan looked up, "why don't you stay here with me and Blaine can go home with the girls."

Blaine looked over at her letting out a deep breath as he leaned forward and once again I was stuck by how much Maddox favored him. Both of them were too attractive for their own good. "Yeah, he said standing up.

Jordan hugged the girls bye ignoring Blaine when he had asked her if she needed anything. I pretended not to notice as she walked back in the room sitting on the couch and pulling a blanket down over her. It wasn't long before she was fast asleep.

Flipping the channels I stopped on some random channel, there was nothing on. Time seemed to move and the only time someone had came in was the nurse to check on Maddox. I had went to wake up Jordan but the nurse told me to let her sleep.

Moving I sat in the chair Jordan had previously sat in beside Maddox. Reaching out I grabbed Maddox's hand. "Please wake up."

I watched the gentle rise and fall of his chest. It was peaceful just to watch him and it brought back memories of when I laid on his chest listening to the beating of his heart. Closing my eyes I tried to control the emotions those thoughts had brought. My tears refused to be stopped.

As I opened my eyes I took a deep breath looking up seeing grey eyes watching me.

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