Anyone But Him 2: Maddox

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"Maddox, if you want to go home you're going to let them wheel you to my car. If not then you will stay here. You are lucky they are even letting you go home."

I looked up at mom frowning. Sitting on the edge of my hospital bed I had my hands crossed on my chest and I felt a little like a little boy again. This was bullshit. I could walk my own ass to the car. So I had a concussion and bruised ribs. My legs worked just fine.

"This is stupid as hell," I said letting out an aggravated breath as I stood up and made my way to the wheelchair.

I glared at the older lady behind it who had a smirk on her face but refused to look up me. She might think this was amusing but it wasn't. Mom stood with her arms crossed watching me. She had sent Willow to go pull her car around. I'd have rather dealt with her than mom.

As I was wheeled down the hall, to the elevator, then to the front door I had a frown on my face. I was already regretting telling mom that I was staying with them. I however didn't feel like being woke up in the morning by all the noise living above the shop brought with it.

Seeing us walk outside Willow hopped out coming around to open the passenger door for me. I didn't miss the smirk on her face, she thought this shit was funny too. The second the nurse stopped the wheelchair I stood up having to stand still for a second to gain my balance.

My concussion was a bitch, I was still having bad headaches and dizziness. My doctor had agreed to release me into my parent's care after making me spend two days in the hospital. Getting in the car I turned my head to once again glare at my nurse as she shut the door behind me smiling as she did.

As Mom walked around to get in the driver's seat I shook my head, "I swear to God if you ever bring this up again..."

Willow laughed from the backseat, "poor Maddox doesn't know what to do being babied."

I rolled my eyes glancing over at mom as she shut her door and buckled up. "I need to stop at the shop and..."

"No sir," Mom said putting the car in drive, "you can tell your dad whatever you need from the shop."

I sighed, "damn y'all are treating me like I'm a fucking infant. I'm fine."

Mom cut her eyes at me, "bullshit and you know it."

I closed my eyes, "why couldn't you have sent dad to pick me up?"

The minute my mom's face fell I felt a little guilty for saying it but at the same time I was already tired of the two of them. Dad didn't know how to react to mom ignoring him and mom was hellbent on making him miserable.

Harper had told me Dad wasn't even sleeping in their bedroom anymore, that mom had kicked him out. I wanted to reach out and shake mom good and hard and try to knock some sense into her but the way my head felt I couldn't. She would probably take my ass out as well.

If she was mad now I hope she didn't find out about dad tracking down the guys who had run me off the road. He hadn't moved on them yet, mostly because I told him I wanted to be apart of it, but I knew she would lose her shit. For that matter Willow too.

Looking over at mom I could tell she was stressed. She had dark circles under her eyes and she just looked tired. Leaning back against my seat I wondered if my car would ever be able to be driven again. I hadn't asked dad and he hadn't said. That car was my baby, if it was totaled I'd be pissed.


I jumped looking at my mom realizing she had been talking to me. A frown appeared on her face and I could see the lines on her forehead crease. "Do you want me to stop and get you anything to eat?"

The thought of food turned my stomach and I shook my head, "no, I just want to sleep."

Mom looked up in the rearview mirror and I saw her and Willow exchange glances. Part of me wanted to tell them they could stop. Willow had no say so in what I did and neither did mom for that matter. I knew however that the minute I spoke those words out loud Willow would leave and mom would cuss me the fuck out.

Sighing I closed my eyes going over the race in my head trying to remember anything I could. Everything was dark and fuzzy and I couldn't remember most of the night at all. It was aggravating as hell.

Hearing mom pull into our drive I opened my eyes groaning. "Why is everyone still fucking here? I came home to rest."

Mom reached out popping my arm, "because dumbass some people are actually worried about you. Your Aunt Maggie and Teresa are going home tonight after they see you. I don't know about your sisters but if they want to stay they have every right."

I groaned reaching out to open the door. By the time I stood up Willow was right in front of me. A smile sprang to my lips as I leaned down kissing her. Her face flushed red and I knew she was embarrassed that I had given her affection in front of my mom. If she knew the things I wanted to do to her.

"Maddox cut it out, come on your dad is going to get your bags."

I turned a little too fast looking at mom but my vision blurred and I felt dizzy. I reached out holding on to Willow's shoulder as I closed my eyes. I could hear my mom yell for my dad and I remembered thinking at least she was talking to him.

Opening my eyes back I was in the living room laying on the couch. Willow was sitting on the floor beside me and the rest of my family was in various couches and chairs watching me.

"What," I asked slowly sitting up.

Aunt Teresa spoke, "you have a pretty bad concussion Maddox. I'm surprised they let you come home so soon."

Mom snorted, "after the way he cussed the nurse out he's probably banned from the damn hospital."

Hearing Willow laugh I reached out hitting her. "Whatever. The bitch was talking about me staying two more days. Nah, nope, I don't think so."

"He's fucking stupid," Presley said rolling her eyes. Harper tried to hide her smile under her hands but she failed miserably. I sat and listened to them talk for a while but soon I was having trouble staying focused.

"Not to put a stop to this good time but I'm about to go upstairs and take a nap."

Aunt Maggie and Teresa came and gave me hugs telling me goodbye and letting me know that if I needed them they would drop everything and come running. Mom sent Presley and Harper out on a fast-food run which to my annoyance they invited Willow.

Dad followed me upstairs walking behind me. He was patient with me, not saying anything when I would have to stop to get my balance. Mom had stayed downstairs and I was kinda glad to have some alone time with him.

As I sat in my old bed I kicked off my shoes, "before you go I wanted to talk to you."

Dad turned around watching as I winced pulling my shirt off, "I told you I would wait Maddox but we can't sit idle too long."

I shook my head, "man fuck them, I'm not worried about them. What's up with you and mom?"

Dad let out a long breath shaking his head, "she's pissed Maddox. Like I get her being mad but she's acting like I sold you to the devil or some shit."

I adjusted my pillows playing back, "go make her act right."

"Your mom won't even let me touch her Maddox, I doubt she wants me to go drag her to bed."

I snorted, "she's your wife. You should know how to handle her."

Dad smiled shaking his head, "never had this problem with her son. Your mom can be stubborn as hell if you didn't know. Even Maggie couldn't talk any sense into her."

I shrugged, "well y'all need to get this shit figured out cause I can't deal with this and that too. Tell her to come up here, I want to see her before I go to bed."

Dad nodded, "so you and Willow a thing now?"

I smiled, "mind your own damn business and go get my momma before I tell her you were up here being mean to me."

Dad rolled his eyes but left and soon mom made her way in bringing me a glass of tea. "And what do you want?"

Taking the glass from her I took a sip before setting it down, "why you mad at dad?"

"Maddox," she said frowning, "I'm not about to get into me and your dad's problems with you."

I glanced over at her, "it's about me though right? You're mad at him for something I did."

"He could have stopped you Maddox but he didn't. He kept letting you make stupid mistakes after stupid mistakes."

I sighed, "if he would have tried to stop me I would have still found a way. You know this mom. I'm not one to take no lightly."

"You could have been killed Maddox," Mom said getting upset. "Do you know how important you are to me. Do you know how many nights I sit up worrying about you anyways? You are so much like your dad and I don't want you to go through the same things he did."

Closing my eyes I took a breath, "dad didn't turn out that bad. I mean he made mistakes but everyone does mom. I'm not stupid. You don't have to worry about me. I love you mom and I'd never do anything to hurt you. Just like dad loves you."

Mom snorted, "what do you even care Maddox? I know how you feel about us. You've made it no secret."

I looked down, "and I was wrong mom. Dad loves you more than anything in this world. I see the way he looks at you and the way you look at him. The two of you have been through more shit than anyone could ever imagine yet here y'all stand. I didn't know what love was. Not really. Willow has shown me what it's like to feel for someone no matter what flaws they come with."

Mom wiped tears from her eyes, "it's not that simple Maddox."

I had tears in my own eyes. I felt horrible for the things I had said about them before. Who was I to judge them? They loved each other. Had they been wrong? Yes. There was no denying that their relation started out wrongly. But who was I to judge their love?

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