Anyone But Him 2: Maddox

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Jordan's POV

I walked out of Maddox's room with tears in my eyes. He had no idea how much it meant for him to say those words of acceptance. I had always bothered me that he thought Blaine and my relationship was sinful. I felt like he thought we had cursed him somehow.

Ironic though that he would tell me how he felt when I myself didn't even want to look at Blaine. I was so mad at him, I felt betrayed. How could he send our son into that world? How many wrecks has Blaine had to go scrap some poor kid off the road for trying to street race? How many cars has he had to pry from trees? Yet he doesn't blink an eye when our son wants to do the shit.

I had asked him once about the racing cars in the garage at the shop and he had lied to me. Lied and said they were Ash's. He knew I would be pissed so he lied. He put our son at risk for what? Maddox was so much like him it scared me. I feared he would do something stupid. Blaine had told me once he would do stuff just to feel. Was that how Maddox felt? Had I failed him as a mother?

Walking in my room I didn't see Blaine so I ended up plowing into him. His arms reached down to steady me before he lifted his hand to my face wiping my tears away. Jerking my head from his hand I tried to take a step back but Blaine gripped on to my arm shutting the door behind us.

I gasped as Blaine grabbed my neck and shoved me against the door, "I've had enough Jordan."

Looking up at him I hated that my traitorous body reacted to his dominance. It always had. He could be gentle but he could also let you know in no uncertain terms that he was in charge and that he just let me pretend I was.

Our eyes connected and I wondered if he was remembering that night years ago where we were in this same predicament. It had started it all. Licking my lips I didn't stop Blaine as his lips took control of mine. Shit how I wanted to be mad at him.

Shoving at him I tried to gain some distance from him but failed. He dropped his grip on my neck and took my hands lifting them over my head as he leaned down kissing me again. "You've been mad long enough, it's time to get over it."

His body pressed against mine and as he released his grip on my hands I wrapped them around his neck. "Do you realize what could have happened to him, Blaine?"

Leaning down he pressed his head against mine, "you have to let him fly Jordan. He's my son too you know."

I shook my head, "so you're just ok with him killing himself?" I managed to get around him only for him to pull me back.

"Stop it J."

I tried to elbow my way free but his grip was too stong, "don't call me J. I hate when you call me that."

Blaine snorted behind me moving his head down so his lips were right beside my ear, "no you don't. You wanna keep this fight up, fine. It's been a long time since you misbehaved Jordan."

My whole body heated up at his words. It had been a long time since he had even thought about punishing me. He knew how much I hated, yet enjoyed it. As pleasurable as it ended was as bad as it began. It made me feel embarrassed, from the fact that his punishments always made me wet or from the mere fact that I a grown-ass woman was being spanked I didn't know.

"No," I said shaking my head. He knew I feared it. Blaine knew that was the one thing to say to make me act right in mere seconds. I was mad at him but I didn't know if I was mad enough for that.

"No what," he whispered in my ear tugging my hair back so that he could make eye contact with me.

"You can't blame me for being mad," I said wincing at the grip he had on my hair.

He looked down at me, "I get you being mad but I'm upset about the way you've chosen to act."

I cried out as he released his hold on me sending me stumbling, hearing the door lock I turned around holding my hands up. "Blaine no. Please don't do this."

Walking toward me he stopped mere inches from me, "you know I'm not going to hurt you J."

I nodded. I knew it was true but it didn't stop the fact that I did not want to be punished in any kind of way. Blaine sighed, "I'm sorry J. I'm sorry I lied to you but if I tried to stop him he would have done it without me. At least with me he had a better chance."

Closing my eyes I knew deep down that he was better off having his dad in his corner. Blaine knew so much, he probably taught him most of what he knew. Feeling Blaine close the small gap between us I opened my eyes looking up at him.

"I've let you throw your tantrum J. It's time to put it to bed."

I opened my mouth only to shut it as Blaine pushed me back against the wall. "No punishment," I said looking up at him.

He arched his brow, "then behave J."

Leaning forward I pulled his face down to mine kissing him. I wanted to be mad at him, I really did, but I wanted him more. He was my weakness and he knew it. I don't know why he decided today of all days, right now of all times, but he was done.

His hands pulled at my shirt and as I pulled it over my head he was already working on my bra. It took seconds before we were standing naked in front of the other. I gasped as Blaine lifted me slamming into me at the same time.

I was held up by the wall and his arms under my knees so I had no choice but to throw my arms around his neck as he moved in and out of me. "Blaine, stop we are too old to be doing shit like this."

He laughed leaning down running his tongue over my lips, "who's too old J, you? I don't think so."

Arching against him I rested my back against the wall, "damn it Blaine."

He leaned in kissing me, "you wanna be mad at me, be mad at me here. I gripped his shoulders feeling my body submit to his. He was slamming me against the wall but I didn't care. Maddox was on the other side of the house and the girls were gone.

I cried out digging my nails into his back as I came, my body shuttering on top of his. He lowered me to the floor spinning me around and before I could even get a grip on the wall he was back inside me.

Blaine had one had on my hip one was back around my throat. It had been a long time since he put any force behind his grip but right now it was firm. My body loved it and I knew his did too. We had came a long way in our love life. He didn't choke me as much as he used to but when he did...our sex was that much more amazing.

What the fuck was wrong with me. "Blaine, " I cried out as he thrust into me harder than before.

"What is it J? You ready for your punishment yet?"

My body spasmed on his bringing him on the same ride of pleasure I was on. He moved in and out of me a few more times before he released me turning me to look at him. "If you are mad at me talk to me."

I wrapped my arms around him, "will you shut up and take me to bed."

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