Anyone But Him 2: Maddox

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Don't Go

Two weeks had passed since I had been released from the hospital. I was still having headaches but not as bad as before, my doctor said that was just a side effect of the crash. Soon I'd move back into my apartment at the shop but for now I was kinda enjoying being pampered by mom.

It had taken a little persuasion but I had convinced Willow to spend a couple of nights with me. She had been afraid of my parent's reaction but when they didn't give her one she calmed down. The only people that gave her a hard time were my sisters. Presley had flat out told her she had no idea what she saw in me.

It was raining today and I was enjoying sitting on the porch feeling the cool breeze the storm had brought in with it. Hearing the door open I looked out seeing dad. He came and sat down beside me handing me a beer.

Twisting the top off I took a long swing, "did you tell mom?"

He looked out into the rain taking a drink of his own beer, "I told her what needed to be said."

I nodded, "I don't know if I should say anything to Willow or not. She thinks we are going to go shoot the place up or something. The girl has seen too many mafia movies or reads too many books, I don't know."

Dad smiled, "well if it makes you feel any better Presley is in the house showing her all of your baby pictures."

I shook my head, "great."

"Just tell her what needs to be said," dad said. "No more no less, don't make a big deal about it."

Snorting I took a drink, "you don't know Willow. I mean I don't know how we've made it the past couple of weeks without her storming out over something stupid I've said or done."

"Have you met your mother, she spazzes out about shit too. I just know how to handle her." He smiled taking another sip of his beer, "just don't tell her I said that."

I laughed, "yeah don't need her mad at you again. Y'all seemed to have made up thought huh."

Dad hid his smirk behind his beer, "I guess you could say that."

Leaning forward I put my hand in my heads, "after tonight I'm going with Willow to straighten her shit out."

"You're moving fast don't you think?"

I looked over at him, "how did you ever let mom on that plane?"

He took a long swig of his beer, "by telling myself that I did what was right by her. I went home and got so drunk I passed out."

Sitting back up I sighed, "well I'm not letting her leave without a fight."

Dad looked over at me, "well she isn't your niece either is she?"

I frowned for a second before I busted out laughing. He smiled over at me shrugging before taking another sip of his beer. Hearing the screen door we both looked over to see mom walk out and we both lost it.

"What?" she said looking around like there was something behind her.

Dad looked up winking at her, "just telling our son how annoying you are."

She rolled her eyes, "whatever I'm fucking amazing."

I shook my head as she came and sat in dad's lap. "I don't know annoying is the word that is screaming out at me right now."

She shrugged looking out at the rain that was pouring down. "Y'all sure this can't wait for another night?"

Dad shook his head, "the rain is better cover and it will hide our tracks."

"They will know it was you," mom said looking down at him.

"I want them to know who it was," he said simply.

Willow walked out and the conversation paused, I knew I needed to tell her but I didn't want to do it now. Not in front of everyone. I could see her freaking out on me. It was one thing to know it was coming but another to know it was about to happen. Even I didn't know what would go down tonight.

A fight was sure to come, from Willow, from tonight, maybe even from life itself. I wasn't scared, wouldn't be the first time I'd been in a fight, wouldn't be the last. As Willow sat beside me I couldn't help but look at her, it still amazed me the power she had managed to have over me in such a short amount of time. She was the only girl I'd ever brought home to my parents, the only girl I ever let spend the night at my house, the only girl who'd ever managed to steal my heart.

It was dark when I stepped outside. I had waited till last minute to tell Willow anything about tonight, I knew it was kinda cowardly of me but I also didn't want to fight with her all afternoon. I had asked her to meet me on the porch and as I approached her she looked down.

"You're going out tonight aren't you?"

I pulled her closer to me, "yes, I won't be gone long. Wait on me."

She shook her head, "Maddox, you could end up in jail, or dead."

"Baby I'm basically having a business meeting where some hands will be thrown. It's going to be ok."

Willow crossed her arms in front of her body, "you can't be for real. Does your mom know what y'all are doing? You and your dad are fucking crazy."

I sighed, "what do you expect me to do. Just turn my back on the people who purposely ran me off the road. I do that I'll have a target on my back every damn time I race Willow."

"Then fucking stop racing," she screamed. "It's not that hard, be a damn grown ass man like you pretend to be. You don't always have to be so hard."

My temper was rising and I was trying to keep it at bay. I knew I had a hot head and I didn't want to lose my cool with her, not now. "This is my life Willow. The life I chose to live, this is what I want."

She shook her head, "then have it without me."

As she turned to walk off I grabbed her arm pulling her back up against me and leaned down capturing her mouth with mine. She resisted at first but soon I felt her relax and instead of pushing up against me to get away she was resting her hand on my chest.

When I leaned back she looked up at me with tears in her eyes, "I don't want to lose you Maddox. You're all I have."

Reaching down I took her hands in mine, "I'm not going anywhere Willow. Don't run from me."

She shook her head wrapping her arms around me and laying her head on my chest. Leaning down I kissed her forehead, "besides you have to be here to keep mom from coming after us."

As if on cue mom and dad walked out of the house. He paused as the door shut looking down at her. From the look on mom's face I could tell her had just had the same exact conversation with her that I had just had, maybe a little different but all in all the same.

He leaned down kissing her again. When he tried to lean up mom grabbed his face keeping him there just a little longer. Looking down at Willow I caught her eye and wondered if it was ever possible for her to love me like mom loved dad.


I nodded kissing Willow by one last time. Tears escaped her eyes as I started to walk off and if it hadn't been for mom coming to stand beside her and taking her hand I would have turned around. Before I stepped out into the rain to make my way to the truck Willow looked at me with fire in her eyes, "I swear to God if you don't come home I'm going to kick your fucking ass."

I winked at her, "and what if I do."


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