Anyone But Him 2: Maddox

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Handling Buisness

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous. Having my dad sitting beside me helped some. Growing up he had always been my hero. Blaine Knight was a badass. People didn’t fuck with him, he could give you one look and you would know to back off.

I had that personality too and part of me felt silly for having my "daddy" ride with me to handle my business but honestly there was no one else I would want having my back. He wasn’t there to fight my battles he was there for backup if ans only if I needed it. A few others were meeting us. Ash had to be involved, he talked a lot of shit to me but he was loyal to my dad, therefore he was loyal to me.

There was a group of four racers who had been involved in my wreck. Dad's sources had found out they lived about an hour and half away from us. It hadn't been to hard to dig up information about them. To sign up to race you had to give certain information that wasn't supossed to be shared but Ash could be persuasive when he wanted too. It didn't hurt that the girl who kept the records had a huge crush on him.

I'd never been afraid of a fight. I'd been fighting for as long as I could remember. Hell I'd been suspended more than a couple of times for fighting in school. What did worry me some was that this confrontation would go past hands and move to weapons. I wasn't about gun play. Don't get me wrong I had my gun on me, I just didn't want to pull it.

This wasn't about the money I had lost, it was about the principal. I could give a fuck about the money. Money I had, respect is what I wasn't going to let slide. As a racer you had to respect your competition. We might complete against each other but there was a code among racers and they had crossed it.

Some just didn't care, it was all about the money to them. Those would never make it far in this world. I'd seen racers blacklisted because of shit like this. I let out a breath wondering just how much shit Willow was going to give me when I got back home. Maybe mom could calm her down some more.

It wasn't ofter that dad went out doing wild shit like he was tonight but there had been nights. Even though my dad was like an open book to me there was a whole past he didn't like to talk much about. Like how he gotten the money to open up his shop. I had always assumed that after mechanic school gran and gramps had helped him out but they hadn't. Dad had ran drugs while he went to school and continued on for some years after. I had been kinda shocked, dad was huge on us not doing drugs. Hell he didn't even want us to smoke weed, yet he ran cocaine across the country.

Dad looked over at me, "what has you so amused?"

I shook my head, "just thinking of all the shit Mom and Willow are going to be talking when we get back."

Dad shook his head, "it's been a long times since I've had to leave your mom like that."

I looked out the window, "you didn't have to come, I can handle my own."

"I'd never let you walk into something like this alone." He snorted besides you'd get your ass handed to you."

I laughed, "I could take you in a fight."

Dad turned to look at me with his eyebrows arched and I couldnt help but laugh at him. He might be in his fourties but I had no doubt he could put me on my ass. I'd tested him a couple of times throughout my life and he had always came out on top.

"So is mom ready to kill you?" I said changing the subject.

He sighed, "Shit I just got her to talk to me again. You better not fuck this up for me."

I smiled, "Willow asked me how mom went from hating you to normal out of nowhere. I just gave her that look and I think evertime she sees ya'll she blushes now."

Dad laughed, "your mom likes her. Shit even Presley likes her and she hates everybody."

"I'm ready to get her shit over with," I sighed. "Part of me is scared that she will move back home when everything is said and done. Her Aunt dosen't really need her. I mean yeah she's sick but Willow came down here to hide, nothing else."

"Well she found something she wasn't expecting with you. I think you might be suprised with her. She dosen't really have anything to go back to. Not from what she tells your mom anyways."

Dad slowed down and I realized that we must be close to meeting up wiht the others. Ash had came ahead of us to see if the guys were at there shop. The four guys were all in their mid to late twenties. One of them came from money and from what we gathered he thought that would protect him from any trouble he caused. He also thought that money would buy him a car that woudl smoke everyone else. Stupid jerk didn't realize he had to know how to drive that bitch.

Racing wasn't just getting behind a car and driving. Racing was feeling the curves, knowing when to hit the gas, when to break. Racing was a sport to me, an extreme sport that feed my need for chaos.

Ash walked up on dad's truck. "They are all there, been drinking for a while so you need to be careful, they could be drunk enough to do something stupid."

Dad nodded looking over at me, "we all go in together, but your going to do the talking. You need to show them you aren't a weak ass bitch they can fuck with."

I nodded cracking my neck, "I'm down, lets go."

Nodding Ash ran back to his car motioning for the other guys to follow. We would only walk in four deep. Me, dad, Ash, and Matt. The others would only be watchdogs from outside. My nerves were gone and now I was running on pure adrenelene. I was ready to face whatever was inside that tin building we were approaching.

As we pulled up I had expected somebody to see us, I had expected for someone to meet us at the door. I had been wrong. The tin shop was more of a barn type structure. The music blasting inside was some death metal rock that was so loud i didn't know how the people inside were even communicating with each other.

We walked straight in, I of course in the front, Dad, Ash and Matt spread out behind me. They guys were sitting in a circle around a trashcan they had lit of fire drinking and smoking. We were half way to them by the time one of them noticed us jumping up and yelling.

The music came to a stop and everything was dead silent for a moment. A brief moment. "What the fuck! Who are you? What the hell are you doing here?"

I looked at the one who automatically took the lead. He wasn't who I'd expect to take charge, made me think that he was probalby the rich boy. I'm sure he thought he ran shit since he paid for everyones cars.

"You know who I am and you know why I'm here." I said.

The guy, Andy was his name if our information was correct, looked behind him as if he was looking for support. The guys behind him stood firm but you could tell they were all nervous. I would be too, I knew the look my dad was probably giving them.

"What do you want from me. I didn't cause you to wreck?"

Guilt, right from the start. My dad alwasy said a guilty dog barks first and he was sure barking. "Then why are you worried."

"I slid ok, alls fair in street racing right? You've never made a wrong move?"

"Wrong move my ass, " I said. "I was targeted."

"Says who? Who beside you saw it?" Andy crossed his arms, "I mean what do you want the money? Cause that's not happening."

I snorted, "if I wanted the money I'd have it. You owe me a car."

We hadn't discussed this earlier, we had only discussed us going there to show them not to fuck with us, or I guess me. Truth was this mother fucker did owe me a car, and I'd get it out of him one way or another.

Andy's laughed, "what? That's not how this works Maddox."

"Oh so now you know who the fuck I am." I took a step forward, "then you know I'm not going to let what you did go unpunished."

Andy looked behind him again and a darker haired older guy walked forward. Ben, he must be Ben. The muscle of the group. "You're in our house boy, you better show some respect."

I grinned licking my lips as I looked down. Ben had walked toward me, I'm sure an attempt to show his dominance but he walked just a little too close. I haulded off and hit him taking him off guard.

The three behind me instantly stepped closer to me but Ben backed up. It became apparent that these four were all talk and no action. They might be bad in their car but they were nothing in person. Andy however tried to rush me but I was quicker than he was.

I had expected all out chaos after that but Andy stepped back cussing and Aaron, probably the most level headed of the group had stepped forward wanting to make a deal. I could tell Andy was pissed. I didn't leave with a car, but I left with 10 grand cash. 10 grand and a promise that they wouldn't race in our area again.

Ash groaned as we walked outside, "man I was wanting to fight tonight."

Dad snorted, "go back in there I'm sure you'll have one."

I laughed, "they will be back."

"And we will be ready,"

As we got in the car I sat back, "man this was kinda disappointing."

Dad looked over at me, "I'm actually happy about it. I can go home and tell your mom it was peaceful and not lie, that much."

I laughed, "so I'm sure they will retaliate next race?"

Dad nodded, "bet your ass."

Mom and Willow were both up sitting in the living room when we got home. As soon as I walked in Willow jumped up coming to hug me. Dad and mom had disappeared and my full attention was on her. Now that I had handled my business I could handle hers. Her's however I had a feeling wouldn't be as easy as mine had been.

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