Anyone But Him 2: Maddox

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Dad had warned me there could be retaliation. He had thought it might come during my next race but he had been acting weird ever since we had returned. Turns out we only had to wait a night.

It was a little past midnight, Willow and I were in the kitchen. She had her back to me and I had put my arms around her whispering in her ear trying to talk her into going upstairs with me. I had her close to agreeing. She was giggling and that was always a good sign with her.

My lips had just made contact with her neck when the lights to the house went out. The mere fact that the lights went out wouldn’t usually put me on guard. It was the fact that it wasn’t storming, there wasn’t even a breeze blowing tonight.

Willow turned around to face me placing her arms in my chest, “what happened?”

I shook my head, “no clue.” Taking her hand I lead her toward the back door to look outside. It had been quiet at the house. Harper was spending the night with Presley. Mom had went over to watch a movie with them and have some kind of girls night and dad was gone to pull somebody out of a ditch.

"Maddox who's that?"

I looked up at Willow's words seeing a shadow of someone walking by mom's car. When had she gotten home? Pulling out my phone I text dad, "is mom with you?"

He immediately called, "I'm just now pulling up at the shop. Why? What's wrong?"

I didn't know anything was wrong but I knew that shadow wasn't mom. "There is somebody walking around outside. Mom's car is here but she hasn't made it in the house. She's not in the car either."

Dad cussed, "the house alarm on?"

"Yeah," I said. "Should I call her?"

Willow pulled her phone out, "I'll call her, maybe it's her out there."

I shook my head, "no look theres somebody else by the garage. Dad spoke, "tell Willow to call her."

Willow nodded calling mom's phone. "Shit," I mumbled. "I can see it lighting up in the car. She wouldn't leave her phone there."

I could hear dad crank his truck, "go upstairs and take Willow to our bedroom and lock her in the closet. I'm going to come in the back way and walk up."

Nodding I hung up the phone with dad and lead Willow to mom and dad's room. There walk in closet might as well have been a room to itself. "What's going on Maddox?"

"I don't know but you are safe here, you can lock yourself in." I walked to the back and opened one of the cedar chests pulling out one of the guns that lay inside. "I'm going back downstairs to see what's going on ok."

Willow shook her head, "no Maddox, wait on your dad. What if it's those guys from last night. What did ya'll do?"

I sighed, I knew the odds were hight that it was in fact them. "Trust me Willow, you can yell at me later, I have to go see if I can find my mom."

She shook her head put I grabbed the back of her neck and pulled her to me for a kiss. "Don't forget when I get back we will pick up from where we left off."

Willow shoved at me, "really? You are locking me in a closet so you can go downstairs and play rambo and you still want sex."

Smirking down at her I nodded, "yeah, what's the problem."

She rolled her eyes, "don't get your ass shot."

I kissed her again, "do not come out of this room."

As she nodded I turned and went downstairs. I knew the house hadn't been breached, the alarm was on but still I worried about leaving her alone. Finding mom however was my first priority.

Walking back to the kitchen I peered outside. I could still see a guy trying to blend in with the shadows by the garage. Looking harder I saw another buy the security light pole. I wondered if they had just hit the outside breaker. What the hell did these people want and what the hell were they waiting for.

I knew they must want me to step outside but what would I be walking out to. I wasn't a damn fool, I wasn't about to walk into a set up. Maybe I was taking too long or maybe they had decided it had been enough time but I heard somebody scream my name.

Looking up I saw a Andy emerge from the shadows beside the garage with my mom. He had a firm grip of her hair in one hand a knife at her throat. Oh you stupid mother fucker, you are going to die tonight. I was my first thought before I grew fearful for her. My dad would beat them to a pulp. Nobody touched her.

Taking a deep breath I tucked my gun behind my back. I knew nine times out of ten I'd get it taken from me but I also knew my dad was on the way and knowing that mom had been missing he was probably driving faster than that truck of his had ever drove.

Stepping out on the porch I took my time waking about half way, I couldn't show my weakness. Not to these lame ass wanna be's. "Let her go, your beef is with me."

Andy looked up at me, "See I could but then what point would I be proving. You took something of mine yesterday Maddox and I want it back. Plus a little extra for the trouble I've been through to get it back."

I snorted, "what's wrong won't daddy cut you off?"

Andy's entire face grew red and I could tell I had hit a nerve with him. "Speaking of Daddy's you aren't so tough without yours are you?"

"Man I'm not the one hiding behind a female," I said. "Now if I was you I'd let her go."

Andy laughed, "Maddox you seem to be confused, I have the upper hand here. I have your mom. Aren't you a momma's boy. Everyone that knows you says you are. I mean I could have gone after your sisters but your mom...well I mean she's something isn't she."

I clenched my fist as he leaned down putting his face in the nape of my mom's neck. I had to admit she was handling this like a G. She had yet to say a word, her eyes were on me and I only nodded at her. That was her signal that dad was on his way.

Mom flinched as Andy rubbed his face against hers and it took everything in me to keep my ass on the porch. The only thing that kept me glued was I could see dad approaching the back of the garage.. The other guys were all looking my way so not a one of them realized he was even approaching.

My mind started realing, where would I need to go. Dad would have one mission, mom. I had to have his back against the other three. If I had to bet Aaron would bitch out. It was Ben I had to watch. It was Ben who I would go for. The other guy, Jared I think he name was would be a wild card.

"Let my mom go Andy," I said walking down the steps to be closer when things went down. "I'm telling you this isn't what you want."

Andy snorted, "you've fucked with the wrong guy Maddox. It's just you out here against us four. I think I might take my money back and your sweet ass mom."

Dad had moved so fast he caught everyone off guard even me. He had hit Andy in the head with a wrench so hard he had hit the ground. Mom bolted the minute his knife had loosened on her. She ran past me but I was too focused on getting to Ben before he got to my dad.

Most people didn't realize that I was left-handed so when I punched Ben he hadn't been prepared. I hit squarely on his jaw successfully stopping him in his tracks. He however was quick to come back at me. I could hear dad beating the shit out of Andy but I had no idea where Aaron or Jared was.

Ben landed a hit to my eye making me refocus on him. Fighting came natural to me, I'd been scrapping me whole life. Dad and I used to box all the time. He had taught me everything he knew.

"Stop, " I heard someone yell. Ben and I both looked at each other before I looked up at my mom who had came outside with a rife. She might not hunt with dad but that didn't mean she couldn't' shoot. Mom had a wicked aim.

Cocking the gun I knew she was doing it for effect but Ben back up looking around for Aaron and Jared. Dad had paused standing up. He had blood all over his hands and looking down at Andy I thought he might be dead.

Dad reached down yanking him up. Andy spewed out blood on the ground and I swore I saw teeth come with it. "Do we need to keep this going? Cause I don't have time to worry about you. We can finish this now."

Andy was shaking his head. Ben looked over at me as I stood between him and mom. Not that she needed me, Jared and Aaron were staring at her with fear in their eyes. "I think it's all just been a misunderstanding."

"Misunderstanding my ass," I said. "You come here, you hold my mom hostage and now it's just a misunderstanding?"

Andy let out a whimper and I could tell by the way he was slouched that had had probably broken some ribs. "It's over," Andy said sounding as if he was having trouble breathing.

Ben wiped blood from his eyes that was coming from a cut to his eyebrow. "You came at us first Maddox. You can't tell us you didn't expect this."

"You ran me off the mother fucking road!"

Dad walked forward, "I don't care what the fuck anyone of ya'll did but I can tell you this." He reached out grabbing Andy by the throat, "you ever touch my mother fucking wife again I'll kill you and leave your body for the wovles to find. Don't ever fucking touch anything that belongs to me ever again. We told you not to come back around and you show up at my mother fucking house. What's to stop you from doing it again?"

Andy collapsed to the ground as dad dropped him. Ben and Aaron helped him back up. "He won't," Arron said. "I tried to stop him but he...he caused that wreck tonight just so you wouldn't be here. He didn't think she would come home so late."

"Arron shut the fuck up, " Ben hissed.

"I'm not going down for ya'll I'm done with this whole thing. I don't give a damn any more."

Jared nodded, "same, you don't have to worry about us."

Dad cracked his neck, "so it looks like we just have these two to finish off."

Andy shook his head holding his hand up, "you have my word we wont be back."

"Fuck that, his words bullshit." I looked up giving Willow a look. What the fuck was she doing out of the closet? She was close behind mom but she would need more than mom when I got done with her.

Andy wipped at the blood streaming from his mouth, "We are done. You won't see us again."

Dad crossed his hands, "then I suggest you get out of here before she shoots you. Let me tell you she's a better shot than I am."

I laughed as they scattered running as fast as they could, Ben dragging Andy toward the highway. Once they were out of sight dad walked up to mom taking the rifle out of her arms and handing it to me. I watched as he grabbed her chin pulling her neck up to study her. Satisfied he leaned down kissing her, "you should have let me kill them."

As he pulled mom into his arms I looked at Willow, "Didn't I tell you to keep your ass in the closet?"

Her jaw dropped, "yes but your mom was out here. I mean what if she needed me."

I snorted, "what were you going to do throw your flip flop at them?"

Willow reached behind her back, "you honestly don't think I don't know how to shoot?"

Dad looked at me, "go put the guns up, you dropped your pistol by the truck."

I nodded pausing for a minute to watch him and mom. Willow walked with me to go find the pistol that I had dropped. I nodded toward them, "you know that could be us but you want to be a fucking hard head and not listen."

Willow arched her brow biting her bottom lip, "so what are you going to do punish me?"

I smirked down at her, "baby you have no idea."

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