Anyone But Him 2: Maddox

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The rain was coming down hard as I pulled out onto the highway. I let out a sigh cursing my luck. Why was I the one going out here to get some girl stranded on the road? That wasn't even something we did. I shook my head knowing my mom must have answered and felt sorry for whoever called.

Out of all the people at the shop why did they come to me to go out in this shit? I made my first rule for when the shop would be mine. I wasn't picking anyone up in the damn rain.
I didn't really have plans this afternoon, with all this rain I'd probably go upstairs shower and pass out. Picking this girl up on the side of the road would turn into a couple of hours I was sure. Nothing was ever easy.

Mom's instructions were vague but I understood them all the same. The girl
was broke down just outside the double curves coming from Franklin. That in itself told me I'd have to pass her then turn back around. There was no other way to get to her.
Nearing where she would be I slowed down trying to spot her car. Mom hadn't given me much to go off of but I supposed there wouldn't be many gold chevy cars broke down on the side of the road. I cussed seeing her car as I passed, she wasn't just outside of the curve, she was damn near at the end of the curve.

Pulling around I went ahead and turned the lights on to the wrecker. As I pulled to the side of the road I backed up to her car wishing it would stop raining already. It was hard as hell to see, and she wasn't making it any easier. The girl wasn't smart enough to have her hazards on but seemed to have her lights on bright.
Sliding the truck into park I sighed sitting back. I didn't have time for this. Whoever this girl was hadn't made a move to get out of her car. I don't guess I blamed her but I hoped her ass knew that she was going to have to get out eventually.

Deciding that the rain wasn't going to lighten up I grabbed my rain jacket from the passenger seat and slid it on before opening my door. I shook my head as I approached thinking about how bad of an idea this was. This was how scary movies started.

Standing beside her window I rolled my eyes letting out a sigh seeing the redheaded girl in the drivers seat was looking at me as if I was the crazy one. Making a face at her I knocked on her window even more annoyed when she only rolled it down an inch at most. "Can I help you," she said stuttering.

"Did you not call to get towed in." I said aggravated. "I can leave your ass out here in the rain or you can get out of this car so I can hook your car up."
The girl rolled her window back up and I almost thought she was going to sit there and stubbornly refuse my help. Her car door suddenly swung open hitting my leg. "You can't just walk up on me and not introduce yourself. How was I supposed to know who you are."

I looked down at the red headed girl now soaking wet from the rain. " She stood almost a good foot shorter than me and her orangish red hair now almost looked brown slicked down on her head. "Umm I'm sorry does the tow truck and this bright ass yellow slicker not mean anything to you. Do you think random tow trucks just appear out of nowhere."

She crossed her arms and I sighed, "just go get your ass in the truck and don't touch shit. Where are your keys." She handed them to me before walking away mumbling something that sounded pretty close to asshole to me.
By the time I had her car hooked to the truck even my rain slicker hadn't been able to keep my dry. The girl in my passenger seat still had her arms stubbornly crossed. Watching me as I began filling out my paperwork.

"Can't you do that back at your shop."
I turned to look at her, "oh I'm sorry do you work for Knight Automotive." When she only stared at me I snorted, "thought not."

She stayed quiet as I continued writing. "Do you have your license on you."

"No I ride around all the time without it," the smart assed girl replied.

"Look, if you want this truck to move let me finish this paperwork," I said letting out a breath.

The girl dug through a backpack type purse pulling out her license and throwing it in my general direction. "So what's your name? I need to make sure I complain about the right person."

I laughed finding her words funny. "Baby my name is Maddox Knight and you can complain all you want to my parents."

The girl let out a tiny gasp that gave me way room such pleasure. Looking down I frowned, "so Willow Owens what brings you to Texas?"

The girl who I know knew as Willow looked over at me, "wouldn't you like to know."

I smirked over at her tossing her license back at her, "not really."

Shifting the truck in gear I took off slightly amused by the way she held out her arm as her body lurched forward. "You might want to buckle up buttercup."
The girl rolled her eyes, "has anyone ever told you that you are an ass?"

I nodded seriously, "a few times."

"Well obviously not enough." Willow shook her head looking over at me, "your parents must not have taught you manners."

"You can ask them when we make it to the shop," I said. Glancing over at her I saw her shake her head.

Willow let out a sarcastic laugh. I looked over at her watching her but she only shrugged at me. I lifted my hand surprised when she jumped. Hitting the knob to the radio I turned it up. "Do you think I would have come out in the pouring rain just to leave you in a ditch somewhere."

Shaking her head Willow looked out the window. "It would be a perfect cover wouldn't it?"

I shrugged not answering her. She didn't seem to mind. The radio was the only noise in the wrecker. I wasn't upset at all that Willow had given up on trying to throw insults my way. Fact was if she did tell my mom I was rude I'd have to not only listen to her but my dad if she brought him in on it.

As we pulled up I packed up to the back bay door parking. The rain was still pouring down around us. Sighing I shrugged out of my rainjacket. "Here."
Willow looked at me confused but took the jacket from me. She opened her mouth to speak but I opened the door. "Go in that side door, my mom will probably be at the desk."

The bay door behind us began opening so I nodded at her, "bye go tell me on me."

Willow rolled her eyes sliding into the rainjacket and slamming the door behind her. Dad was there to help me unhook the car and I hoped he would take over completely so I could just disappear. That however wasn't the case. He had me look over the car with him. He knew a little about how the car had been acting so the car began a teaching lesson for him. I didn't mind that much, my dad was a wealth of knowledge.

By the time we walked around up front I saw my mom had fixed Willow a cup of coffee and was sitting beside her. Seeing us walk in mom stood up. "Blaine, this is Mrs. Hargett's niece. She has come down here to stay with her while until..."

Mom cut off but we all knew then end of her sentences. Mrs. Hargett was well known in the community. She had taught science in the elementary for as long as most people could remember. She had even taught me and both of my sisters. Last year she had been diagnosed with cancer. The rumor was that by the time they had found it even chemo wouldn't help. Others said she was just stubborn and refused it. Whatever the case was Mrs. Hargett was dying and Willow had come to be by her side when it happened.

I felt a little sorry for the way I had acted but only for a few seconds. The girl was a smartass. "I'm sorry to hear about your aunt," my dad said. "She was sure something else."

Willow looked up at my dad laughing, "she's that isn't she."
Mom patted her shoulder, "she isn't that bad. I for one love her brutal honesty. In fact she told me Maddox here was a heathen."

Willow laughed a little too hard at that but shook her head, "I can see that."

"Do you need a ride to her place? I'm going to have to order a part for your car."

Willow looked up at my dad, "umm can you let me know how much it's going to cost first. I...I just need to make sure I have enough in the bank."

Dad shook his head, "don't worry about it. We will work something out."

Willow nodded, "thank you sir. If it's not a problem I could use a ride. I know Aunt Maureen is probably worried. I didn't want to call her and worry her."
Mom nodded, "Presley can take you home, she is headed that way." Willow looked up at me so I arched my brow at her.

Dad nodded looking at my mom. "Let Presley know, I'm going to go order this part before it's too late."
Mom nodded following my dad out of the room leaving me and Willow alone. "I guess you decided not to tell on me huh."

Willow rolled her eyes, "and give you the satisfaction."
I smiled at her about to speak when Presley and Harper walked in. "Is my brother bothering you," Presley said pushing me slightly as she walked by. "Let me grab my purse and keys and I'll be right back."

Harper nodded at her, "come on we can go ahead and get in the car."

I watched as Willow stood up nodding looking confused. As she passed me I heard her mumble, "is your entire family gorgeous." I couldn't help but smirk a little.

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