Anyone But Him 2: Maddox

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Blaine's POV

I sat not speaking as I watched Jordan put peroxide and Neosporin on every single scrap I had. It brought back memories of Craig. Just the thought of that night still angered me. Seeing Jordan so broken, so fragile.

Tonight as I had walked up on Andy holding a knife to her throat I had wanted to kill him. Nobody touched what was mine, and Jordan was mine. My eyes flashed up to her as she started talking, "this isn't the first time I've had to fix you up after fighting somebody over me."

A smile crossed my lips, "you know I'd kill somebody over you girl."

She shook her head smiling, "I know you would."

I watched as Maddox and Willow disappeared upstairs, I had a feeling he was in much the same mood I was. "Meet me upstairs in a minute. I'm going to make sure everything is locked up."

Jordan glanced over at me but nodded. I knew she was trying to gauge my mood. She was crazy if she thought I was about to let her get away with what she had just done. She knew how I felt about her.

Walking outside I walked to the garage grabbing a cigarette from my toolbox. My nerves were shot, half of me even now wanted to go track down that damn boy and finish beating the shit out of him. He better pray he never found his shadow crossing mine ever again.

Taking a hit of my cigarette I looked up seeing our bedroom light turn on. I couldn't help the smirk that came to my lips. Jordan would be upstairs awaiting me. I wondered if she even realized how pissed off at her I was.

Don't get me wrong I loved that girl. I loved her more than anything in this world. I knew she came back outside trying to help but she put herself right back into danger. I could handle some overzealous punks, if I needed help Maddox was there. She should have stayed her ass in the house.

Flicking my cigarette out I shut the garage door locking it behind me. On my way upstairs I turned out all the lights and locked up. I took my time on purpose, I wanted Jordan ready and waiting.

Opening the bedroom door I found Jordan sitting on the edge of the bed. Looking over at her catching her eye. "So you wanna tell me why you came back outside?"

Jordan's mouth fell open, "Blaine, seriously...I know you aren't mad at me for coming out and helping you tonight."

Cracking my neck I walked up to her keeping her eyes locked on mine. "I didn't need your help."

Jordan stood up putting us toe to toe, "Blaine you were about to kill him. What was I supposed to do just stand there and ..."

Jordan's words were cut off as I reached out grabbing her by the neck. My thumb traced the tiny cuts that the knife had left. "Nobody leaves marks on you but me."

Her hand came up grabbing mine, "what did you expect me to do. My husband and my son were in danger."

I relaxed my grip on her caressing her face, "neither one of us was in danger." I smirked as her eyes widened, "it's my job to keep you safe J. You are mine."

Jordan shook her head, "I'm sorry I couldn't stand there and let you kill that kid and end up in prison."

"I know how to hide a body."

She shook her head, "Blaine..."

It was more of a whine than anything else. She arched her head back as my lips connected with her neck. I gripped her hair forcing her head further back as I kissed down her throat. "I've let you slide once..."

Jordan froze in my arms, "what? No, you can't be serious right now."

Running my hands down her side I smiled as she ran her hands under my shirt. I knew she was looking to distract me. "How about you take all these clothes off."

Cocking her head to the side Jordan shook her head, "Maddox and Willow..."

"They can't save you J," I said looking down at her, "besides they are on the other side of the house."

Jordan looked up at me and I knew she was trying to judge my mood. The fact was I was angry at her, but I wasn't going to punish her because I was angry. I was going to fuck the shit out of her because my adrenaline was still running rampant. Whatever punishment she got out of tonight would just serve as a reminder she was mine and I didn't appreciate her putting herself in harm's way.

"Don't make me ask you again," I said arching my brow at her.

I ran my tongue over my bottom lip as Jordan stood up straight pulling her shirt over her head and throwing it at me. I caught it laughing, so she wanted to play. We could play.

When Jordan was standing naked in front of me I pulled my shirt off still undecided on exactly what I truly wanted from her. Did I really want to punish her? Did I just want to tie her up and hear her cry out my name?

She ended up making the decision for me as she sunk to her knees in front of me unzipping my pants and pulled me free. As Jordan took me into her mouth I ran my hand through her hair. She knew what I needed, what I wanted. It was kinda amusing the things Jordan would do to avoid being punished.

Watching her submissive at my feet with her hands behind her letting me guide her turned me on far more than I had thought possible. Gripping her hair in my fist I pulled her hair until her eyes looked up, her mouth never leaving me. I knew she hated this, but I also knew she would never tell me. Pulling her hair harder I shoved her face meeting my thrust over and over only giving her a break when I knew she had enough.

Feeling myself explode inside her warm mouth I let go of my grip on her hair running my hand down her face. "See you know how to behave don't you."

Jordan wiped her lips nodding at me. I knew what she wanted, she wanted to be fucked. She would have to wait. Pulling her up I sat down on the edge of the bed patting my knee, "come here J."

Seeing her shake her head no I sighed, "have you forgotten you are mine J?" As she shook her head I smirked at her, "the minute you spread your legs for me you became mine. Now come here."

Jordan walked up to me stopping beside me. Running a hand down her thigh I looked up at her, "if I have to pull you down here I promise you it will be so much worse."

The flush of her face reminded me of other times. As much as she resisted this I knew, in the end, she would be sated. I craved her, I craved her skin, her moans, I craved her submission. She craved my marks, the pain mixed with pleasure, Jordan craved my dominance. Together we had found a balance.

It was true, it had been a long time since anything like this had happened. Long enough that just the thought of it had me ready to be inside of her. Looking up at her I motioned to my lap once more pleased when she laid across my lap.

Jordan's skin was already flushed in anticipation. Grabbing her ass I squeezed it feeling her stiffen. It wasn't the actual spanking her that turned me on so much, it was seeing her ass in the air, her pussy dripping.

She had been caught off guard as my hand came down on her ass hard. Her cry filling the room around us. Seeing the red mark already appearing on her ass cheek I rubbed it taking some of the burn out of it.

"You really need to learn to behave J," I said as I lifted my hand hitting the same spot I had left my mark on.

"I'm sorry Blaine," Jordan said barely above a whisper.

I had to admit I was proud of her, in the beginning, she would fight this. The entire time she would fight to be free. She had learned if she stayed still her punishment would go buy much quicker. Rubbing her ass I ran my other hand up her back, "what are you sorry for my love."

Jordan let out a moan as I slid my hand from her ass to between her legs, "I shouldn't have interfered. I should have trusted you."

Removing my fingers from inside her I slapped her ass once more holding her down as she arched up. My fingers once again slid inside her moving at a teasingly slow rate that frustrated her. I smiled as she thrust her hips against me.

Reaching down I pulled her hair, "stand up."

Watching her stand I stood up beside her looking down at her as she pushed my jeans off my hips. All it took was a glance toward the bed before she crawled up awaiting my instructions. Taking a breath I couldn't help but take her in. Three kids and she was still just as beautiful as she was the first time I crawled into her bed.

I smiled remembering the night I had asked her what she wanted. I had asked her if she wanted me to sit up and talk to her, if she wanted to argue, or if she wanted me to fuck her. That had started it all. It wasn't that damn kiss. It was my own words. I had wanted her so much that I had slipped.

Walking toward the bed I bit my lip shaking my head as Jordan moved to her knees looking back at me over her shoulder. She was ready, if I wanted I could make her beg. Moving into position behind her I rubbed her ass cheek that was still red from my hand. "I don't know if you deserve this J."

She groaned pushing her ass into my hand. "Blaine, you want me to beg you to fuck me because you already know I will."

I laughed at her running my hand up her spine, "oh I know you can beg. You were a pretty good girl earlier." I slammed inside her rewarded by the sound of her cries filling the room as I began thrusting in and out of her. Leaning forward I grabbed her by the throat pulling her up, “tell me you don't miss this J."

She let out a breathy sigh as I began moving slowly inside of her, my fingers digging into the flesh of her hips. I had worked so hard, in the beginning, to stop choking her during sex. When I had finally begun to get over my kink and did it less and less she had admitted to me that she craved it. It turned her on. It turned her on just as much as it did me.

With one hand wrapped around her neck and the other dug into her hip I slammed repeatedly in and out of her not caring how loud she was. This was my house and she was my wife. Her cries only added to the pleasure that was building up inside my body. Jordan's body fell to the bed, her head kept up by my grip on her. Pushing her hips down with my free hand I thrust into her faster knowing that she was seconds from coming.

Feeling her pussy clench on to me as her body gave in to its release I let my body slam into her harder and faster. I let all the frustration of the day out on her until I myself was letting out a growl of satisfaction. Arching my back as I came I let my grip on her go thrusting back into her a few more times.

Out of breath, I lay beside her reaching out for her hand. Jordan moved to lay on my chest. Neither of us spoke, words didn't need to be said between us. Wrapping my arms around her I kissed her forehead. I didn't know what I would do without this woman. She had pulled me out of a dark place. She had refused to let me give up on her. She had even come back to me after I abandoned her. I would never let anyone hurt her. Never let anyone take her from me.

Even though I knew she had fallen asleep in my arms I kissed her forehead again. "I love you J."

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