Anyone But Him 2: Maddox

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“You could have woken me up.”

I looked up from my coffee nodding at the chair beside me. “You looked tired, besides momma just started cooking.”

I hadn’t been awake that long myself, just long enough to get a cup of coffee and come sit outside on the porch. Willow sat down beside me, “tell me last night was a dream.”

“Which part,” I asked smirking, “the retaliation or me fucking you.”

Willows entire face flushed red, “Maddox!” Seriously what if your parents heard you.”

I shrugged, “they aren’t stupid.”

She sat back shaking her head, “I love your parents. They are like relationship goals.”

As I snorted willow looked over at me frowning. “I mean I just assumed. They always act so happy together. Even this morning your dad was all hugged up on her as she’s trying to cook.”

I sighed, “oh they are happy. They just aren't really goal material."

Willow sat up, "so like has your dad cheated on your mom?"

I laughed, "what? No. He loves the hell out of her."

"So your mom has..."

Shaking my head I looked over at her, "no neither one of them has ever cheated on the other. They honestly love each other too much for that type of shit. If somebody even looked at my mom like they wanted to talk to her dad would probably beat the crap out of them. And dad, he respects mom way too much to ever do anything to hurt her."

"I don't get it Maddox. I mean you've made comments before. What's wrong with them?" She reached over touching my hand, "I mean are they into some weird shit or something."

I couldn't help the laugh that erupted out of me, "explain weird shit. Like bondage or ...."

Willow leaned forward hitting me, "Maddox stop! Shit I get why your sisters can't stand you. You are annoying as fuck."

Squeezing her hand I shrugged, "I'll tell you one day Willow. I have enough flaws to overcome on my own.

She shook her head, "you know your perfect right? Like it kinda aggravates me when you talk about your mom and dad like that. I mean all I have is my dad and he is a piece of shit. You have two parents who love you and love each other. Like you have a whole support system that I only wish I had."

I looked over at her pulling her arm until she got up and came and sat in my lap. Kissing her I smiled, "you know you do have me." She smiled rolling her eyes. Leaning back I shrugged, "you are right. I mean my parents are amazing. They've supported me in everything I've ever done."

Willow laughed, "except racing your mom was ready to MURDER you."

I rolled my eyes, "she tripped out."

"I did what..."

Looking over my shoulder I smiled, "I said I have the best mother ever."

Mom tilted her head, "yeah well the best mother ever has breakfast ready so ya'll come on."

I looked at Willow and she laughed, "busted."

Getting up we walked in the house. Shutting the door behind us I watched Willow help mom get the plates out and I wondered if she couldn't make it in this crazy family of mine. I'd never taken girlfriends seriously. I mean I don't know for sure if I'd ever really had a true honest to God girlfriend in the first place.

Willow's life was just fucked up enough that maybe she could over look the flaws in my family. I mean if you just omitted that one tiny section I did have an amazing family. Not that I'd ever tell my sisters but both of them were super smart.

Taking a seat by my dad I frowned, "why are we eating breakfast at the table?"

He shrugged, "cause your momma said we were?" He looked down smiling, "don't ask me I asked the same thing and got in trouble."

I laughed leaning back as Willow set my plate down in front of me. Mom wasn't a huge breakfast person but when she did cook it she went all out. She had pancakes, french toast, biscuits, eggs, bacon, sausage, and gravy.

"Who all do you think is eating this?" I asked as I started pilling food on my plate.

"I think you are doing a pretty damn good job of it yourself," mom said shaking her head. "You know your sisters are coming."

I made a face but laughed as Willow elbowed me, "let me apologize for him being so rude. I tried to tell him how awesome ya'll are."

Dad looked up at me smirking but mom stuck out her tongue, "that's right I'm awesome bitch."

I groaned, "see this is why you can't say nice things to my mom. She takes it overboard."

Dad laughed, "see when I told you he acts like his mom I wasn't lying they are both crazy as hell."

Mom looked over at him, "you like it."

He smiled, "that I do."

I shook my head, "can ya'll eat shit."

Hearing the door open I looked up seeing my sister's walk in. Harper came and sat beside Willow and Presley sat beside mom. “Y’all would not believe the night we had.”

Willow looked over at me as Harper started talking and I just shook my head. They didn’t need to know everything. As I ate I listened to Harper and Presley talk about their adventurous night of a messed up pizza order, a drunk lady hitting the trash can outside, and the satellite losing signal.

Glancing over at Willow I saw her just taking everything in. She made me realize that even though my family annoyed the hell out of me I was lucky to have them. Flaws and all I wouldn't trade them. I still wondered if she would ever be able to understand them.

I had never really wanted to tell anyone about them. I never thought I would ever want to but I wanted to tell Willow. I was afraid if I waited too late and she did run I'd never recover. Looking over at her laughing at something stupid Presley said I wondered how the hell she had managed to crack my hard shell.

Willow glanced up over at me and seeing me looking at her she slid her hand in mine underneath the table. Damn it, why did I have such big secrets. Leaning back I knew we only had one more hurdle to get past. Once I handled whatever mess her dad had her in she would be free to run. Would she?

As the table started to clear I got up and went outside with dad. Willow had stayed inside with the girls to help mom clean up. Shutting the door behind us I sighed, "you think it's over?"

Dad shrugged, "I honestly don't know. They were super brave last night. I'm almost positive the wreck I went and worked was caused by them."

I shook my head, "do you know how they got mom? I never even heard her drive up."

"They were here before she drove up," dad said. "The minute she opened the door they had grabbed her."

"I should have heard her," I said."

Dad shook his head, "you can't blame yourself. Your mom is fine. Besides they will have other things to worry about soon."

I frowned up at my dad but he only shook his head, "I do have connections Maddox. That's all you need to know."

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