Anyone But Him 2: Maddox

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Who is he?

The next morning I awoke to the sounds of the shop in action. Groaning I rolled to my side seeing it was past 8. “Fuck,” I mumbled turning back to snuggle up to Willow. “I forgot how much I hated living here.”

She looked up at me yawning, “it’s so loud.”

I knew I needed to get up but I also knew dad wouldn’t come looking for me. Mom on the other hand I wasn’t so sure about. Getting up I sat on the edge of the bed stretching.

Willow scooted closer to me, “I’m sorry about last night Maddox, I...”

Turning around I leaned down kissing her, “couples fight Willow. You didn’t run and that’s all I care about.”

She looked up at me, “do you ever miss the old you?”

I looked down at her, “the old me? Like the me before you?” When she nodded I laughed, “I’m still the same man I was when you met me.”

“But your not,” she said sitting up pulling the cover up to hide her naked breast. “Have you ever been in a real relationship?”

“No,” I admitted, “but I’m happy with you. Even when you piss me off I don’t think about anything but getting my hands on you and fucking you till you act right.”

Willow rolled her eyes, “I don’t know who lied to you but...” She busted out laughing as I arched my eyebrow at her. “Oh my God you are too much,” she said giggling.

I smiled at her before I got up and went to the restroom. When I was done I got dressed for work and sat down at the table to drink a cup of coffee while Willow showered. Every morning I woke up and checked my phone but this was the first morning that I had a text from Rico.

Had he found out who the guy blackmailing Willow was? Hell, I didn’t even know if that was the right word for what was going on. Sighing I looked up listening to see if I could still hear the shower running. It wasn’t the easiest thing with all the damn racket they were making downstairs this morning.

Opening the text I was shocked at what I read. Franklin Harvey. 42, no wife, plenty of ex’s, 3 kids that he has nothing to do with. Charles owes him over 20k. Word is Willow got it down to a little over 10k so they opened his pockets back up knowing she would pay. You sure you have this one?

I wasn’t sure about shit but I knew that I would handle this alone. I had to. “Yeah, I got it. Thanks man I owe you.”

I could see him texting back so I took a sip of my coffee almost choking on it when I read, “ask her who Dalton is.”

What did that mean? If Rico knew a name he knew who the fuck he was. I looked up seeing Willow walk in heading straight for the coffee. Did I ask her now before I went to work? I sighed not wanting to start a fight so soon after the last.

Willow turned around, “what’s wrong?”

I shook my head deciding now wasn’t the time. “Nothing I’m just not feeling like work today.”

She smiled at me, “then skip with me.”

I looked up at her smiling, “that I’d love to do but you go spend the day with your aunt, and tonight I’ll pick you up and we can go out to eat.”

She nodded at me walking forward leaning down giving me a kiss before walking away. As I watched her walk I shook my head, who the fuck was Dalton? I knew it would bother me all day but I knew I’d I didn’t like what she told me we would have a huge fight with the entire shop here to witness.

Downstairs I couldn't get Dalton, whoever the fuck was out of my head. I ignored everyone focusing on my job at hand. It wasn't till I stopped for lunch that Dad walked up on me. "You good?"

I nodded, "yeah Willow and I got into it last night but we are good now."

Dad shook his head, "I figured something was up when you weren't at work this morning." Turning he nodded, "come on we can go grab something real quick."

I nodded heading to wash my hands before meeting him at his truck. Getting in I leaned back, "have you talked to Rico."

Dad looked over at me arching his brow, "I talked to him last night some why?"

I shrugged, "just wondered. He have anything interesting to say?"

"Just the normal stuff. There's been no movement from your little friends. I think they got the picture loud and clear." Dad looked over at me, "so are you going to tell me what you needed to talk to him about."

I shook my head, "it's nothing really. Just needed him to find out some background information for me."

Dad nodded and I was thankful that he didn't question me further. I looked up as we parked at the Chinese restaurant expecting to see mom's car. "She isn't here," he said, "but she wants me to grab her something on our way out."

"You spoil her," I said as I got out shutting my door.

He met me at the front of his truck, "not sure you can be talking to me about spoiling people right now."

I ignored him as we walked in heading to the buffet to fix our plate. It was kind of sad, mom had us eating Chinese so much the people knew our drink orders without us even having to tell them. As I sat down I took a drink of my Dr. Pepper I felt eyes on me. Looking over I found a pair of dark eyes staring back at me.

Shit, I didn't have time for Rosalyn and her drama. Dad walked by blocking our eye contact giving me the chance to look away without it being awkward. He looked at me as he sat, "ignore her."

I looked up at him, "is that how you handled your problems."

Dad snorted, "I didn't have any problems."

I tilted my head, "you wanna ask mom about that?"

He smiled, "your mom doesn't know the half of it, she didn't need to know about my past. She just needed to know it wouldn't be repeated."

"You never thought about going back to anyone else in the beginning."

Dad shrugged, "When Desiree and I first split, after I had slept with your mom, I fucked her. Just to shut her up and let me leave without a problem. I hated myself for that. And Desiree was my wife and your mom...well you know."

"What about when she left?"

Dad looked down and I knew the answer. He had slept with other people. We had talked about it before. "You know the story, Maddox. I loved your mom but I didn't think I'd ever get her back."

I nodded knowing he didn't like talking about that part of his life. "You can thank me and Presley for that."

Dad smirked, "boy you know damn well you were a mistake."

I laughed, "I'm going to ask you something and I don't want you to take it the wrong way. If its none of my business just tell me."

Dad sat his fork down, "so it's serious huh?"

I looked around making sure Rosalyn wasn't trying to listen to us but found thankfully that she had slipped out. "If she hadn't had came to you that night do you think you would have ever gotten back together."

Dad shook his head, " I don't know Maddox. When I saw her at moms I knew how much seeing me hurt her and I'd be lying to say it didn't bother me. It hurt seeing her and knowing that I was the reason she was upset. You know that look she has when you do something to disappoint her?"

I nodded, "all too well."

"That's nothing compared to what I got that Christmas." He sighed. "After that night, even after she had come to my room I swore I'd back all the way out. I had vowed to never come home again if that's what it took." He shook his head, "but then the hardheaded ass woman yells at me telling me she's pregnant, hangs up on me, then won't answer her mother fucking phone."

I laughed, "sounds like her."

Dad shook his head picking his fork back up, "I'm telling you Maddox she could write a book about all the stuff that happened between us."

I shook my head, "trust me, nobody wants to read about ya'lls sex life."

Dad laughed, "shut up Maddox."

By the time we made it back to the shop mom was there. I watched dad walk in handing her food before kissing her on the forehead then her lips. It made me miss Willow, but at the same time, it brought back up, who the fuck was Dalton.

The rest of the day that's all I had on my mind. It was like lunch had never happened. The thoughts going through my mind were driving me crazy. Every worst-case scenario ran through my mind.

Even as I went upstairs to take a shower before picking her up it was all I could think about. It bothered me that I was being a jealous boyfriend. Was I even Willow's boyfriend? I hope she realized I was. She better fucking know I was.

The minute Willow hopped in my truck I looked over at her, "so who's Dalton."

Willow's face paled and I thought she was about to open the door and hop right back out so I hit the gas before she could escape. I could tell whoever Dalton was she didn't want to talk about him. I sighed, "Just tell me Willow."

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