Anyone But Him 2: Maddox

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Willow's POV

It had been a week since Maddox and I had spilled all of our deep dark secrets to each other. I finally felt like I could breathe, he had taken some of the burdens off of my chest and was now helping me carry them. I don't think it would be possible to love him any more than I do at this moment. I was a big believer in fate and I believe we were meant to run into each other.

Maddox had been worried I would take his secret and look at him differently. He couldn't have been any further off, it wasn't his secret, it was his parent's secret. It didn't change the fact that I loved who he was. I loved them too, I knew their relationship wasn't normal but it was beautiful. Even now I sat watching as Blaine pulled Jordan up close to kiss her as she brought him out some more food to put on the grill.

"Can you stop starring at my parents, " Maddox said rolling his eyes at me. "They are going to know I told you."

"And," I said looking over at him, "look at them Maddox. If they can make it I know we can make it." I turned to look at him, "even if you are a pain in my ass."

"You want me to be a pain in your ass."

I scrunched my nose up throwing my empty soda can at him, "ugh Blaine come get your son."

Maddox was dying laughing as his dad looked up at him, "Maddox behave," Jordan said walking by him and gently bumping into him with her hip.

"I didn't do shit," he said trying his best and failing to look innocent.

He reached out his hand to me, "are you going to be ok while I'm gone?"

I nodded, "no but I understand work is work."

Part of me knew he was lying, he wasn't going to help Rico with a job. He was going after Franklin and after what I told him about Dalton I wouldn't be surprised if he didn't go for him too. The minute he had let the lie slip from his lips I had known and I wanted to beg him not to go. I wanted to tell him how dangerous it was. I also knew however that he wouldn't stop until he thought I was safe.

Maddox had a protective side and it seemed that it was all focused on me at the moment. It felt nice to be loved and protected but not when I was leading him down a road he would have never been on if it wasn't for me. I had thought about telling his dad what he was up to but I knew he would be pissed at me. I could only hope that he had enough sense to take Rico with him. Looking over at him I smiled as he winked at me. Dear Lord don't take him away from me too.

I wished he would talk to me about it, tell me his plans. If he told me maybe I could talk him out of it. I kept thinking that I was just being paranoid, maybe he did need to go help Rico but my heart knew. He was acting differently too, he was clingy and Maddox was never clingy.

"So where are you going?"

I looked up seeing Presley come sit down beside us. Maddox looked down, his first sign of guilt, "I have to go help Rico with some shit. I won't be gone long."

Presley tilted her head, "you're going to see Rico?"

I sat back amused, I had this whole theory about how Presley was in love with Rico even though he was her dad's age. I had wanted to ask Maddox if he saw the same signs I did but I was afraid he would be mad. Presley was his twin sister, although he did seem to favor Harper more.

"That's what I said and no you can't go."

Presley rolled her eyes, "why not, I don't have anything better to do."

Maddox shook his head and as his eyes caught mine I knew my suspicions were right. I couldn't help the giggle that escaped my lips. Presley frowned at me, "what Willow? I mean think about it we could go and hang out while they are doing their stupid shit."

I nodded at her but Maddox cut me off before I could speak, "I said no Presley, you want to go make a fool of yourself do it without me."

I reached out hitting Maddox as Presley got up and stormed off. "Really? You don't have to be a jerk"

He shook his head, "she needs to get that fantasy smooth out of her head."

I rolled my eyes, "I mean he is kinda hot."

I laughed as Maddox cut his eyes at me, "I'm just kidding damn. You know I think you are the most scrumptious thing on this earth."

“Scrumptious huh,” he said arching his brow.

“Eww I swear to God y’all two make me want to puke.” Harper sat down across from us shaking her head, “what did you do to piss Presley off this time, Maddox?”

He threw his hands up shrugging. I glanced over at him kinda proud of him for keeping Presley’s little secret. As much as they argued they definitely have a twin bond. I sighed looking back at Blaine and Jordan. Maddox admission about them had caught me off guard. In all the years, of all the things he could have told me, that was not one of them. It didn’t change a thing for me and it kinda bothered me that he thought that I would see him differently because of his parents. He of all people should know I don’t hold anyone accountable for their parent's actions. Well only myself. I blamed myself for my dad.

Sighing I leaned back in my chair thinking of all the crap I had dealt with growing up, all the nights I had sat up awake wondering if he would come home this time or not. There had been nights that he would come home bruised and beaten. All of this yet I had refused to believe that he could be a bad person.

Maddox reached out grabbing my hand, "where's your head at?" I shook my head at him as I noticed for no the first time how perfect he was. Maddox sometimes made me mad when he didn't realize how perfect his life was. Oh I'm sure he had some of the normal everyday flaws in his life but I didn't think he knew how blessed and loved he was.

The fact that I had caught his eye still baffled me. A lot of guys overlooked me just because of my red hair. It was firey and just like it I had a habit of getting firey with my attitude. I didn't fall at his feet as other girls did although now after I knew what he was like in bed I just damn well might if he asked.

I laughed at my thought and Harper arched her brow at me looking just like her brother. "What's so funny?"

I pointed at Maddox, "your brother."

She smiled, "he is pretty damn goofy isn't he."

"Damn, why are ya'll hating so much on me today. Ya'll been sippin that haterraide."

"OMG how old are you," Harper said laughing, "I mean how old is that. Jesus Maddox."

Harper and I laughed as Maddox just looked at us with a smirk on his face. I knew tonight he would make me pay for making fun of him but I was ok with that. He would be leaving me in the morning and he could play with my body all night if he wanted.

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