Anyone But Him 2: Maddox

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Butting Heads

The next morning I awoke reaching out for my phone to turn the alarm off. Staring up at the ceiling I wondered if I could call off today. I never took off but I just wasn't feeling it today. Laying quiet in bed I heard noises from downstairs and knew dad must have already made it in.

Sighing I got up and headed to the bathroom to take care of my business before getting dressed. Walking downstairs I wasn't surprised to see my dad already under the hood of a car. "Don't mom ever get tired of waking up alone."

He stood up turning around smirking at me, "oh I wake her up before I leave."

I made a face at him, "ya'll make me fucking sick?"

As I walked in the office to pour a cup of coffee I heard my dad laugh, "then don't ask stupid ass questions."

Walking back out I shook my head, "Well I'm tired of getting woke up early."

Dad had gone back to working on the car but he looked over his shoulder. "Then move. You don't have to live upstairs." He shot me a grin, "you wanna come back and live with me and your momma?"

"Fuck no," I said. "Ya'll would kill my vibe."

"Boy you don't have any vibe." Reaching out he pointed at the toolbox, "grab me a wrench."

Walking closer I grabbed what he needed handing it to him. "I am your son you know."

Dad shook his head, "I know, that's what I'm afraid of."

Rolling my eyes I walked to the back bay door opening it and pulling out a cigarette. The girl from yesterday's car was still sitting outside just where I left it. I smiled remembering her smart asses mouth. It had been kind of refreshing to have someone come back at me that wasn't my sisters. Most girls agreed to whatever I said.

By the time I finished smoking some of the other guys had started to show. I knew it was time to get the day started. The faster I got under a hood the quicker the time would fly by. It always worked. One of the perks of having your dad own the shop was I got to work on what the fuck ever I wanted to work on. Right now I was tuning up an old-school car for a friend of my dads.

When lunch rolled around I decided to get out for a bit. Mom was in the office going over paperwork so I stuck my head in. "You want anything from the Sandwich Shop?"

She shook her head, "no I don't intend on being here much longer. I'll pick your dad up something before I head to the house if he is hungry."

I nodded at her, Dad usually got so caught up in his work that he forgot to eat. Running upstairs I grabbed my keys heading out before anyone could stop me. The drive to the Sandwich Shop wasn't a long one, in all honesty I could have walked but I didn't feel like it.

At 1 the typical lunch rush was gone but the shop was still busy. As popular as the little shop was it didn't have a lot of room for seating but I was lucky enough to snag a table. Millie, the lady who took my order only asked what I wanted out of pleasantries. She knew I always got the same thing every time I came in. Club sandwich, no tomatoes, add avocado, fries, and a sweet tea.

As she walked off I looked up surprised to see Willow walk in. She looked around our eyes locking for a second before she looked down. I watched her speak to Millie and nod. I shook my head, "you know you can come sit with me instead of standing there."

I knew she heard me but it took her a second before she turned around. She looked at me for a second shaking her head, "I'd rather not." She looked around noticing all of a sudden that people were watching her.

"Have it your way," I said.

Willow looked down at me sighing before sliding into the booth opposite of me. "Did you really have to call attention to us?"

I arched my brow at her, "excuse the fuck out of me for trying to help your rude ass."

Her jaw dropped, "me? Rude? Are you seriously calling me rude?"

Nodding at her I sat back as Millie sat my food down in front of me. Smiling at Willow she nodded, "I'll have your food out in just a sec hon."

"Thank you," we both said in unison glancing at each other.

I reached out taking a sip of my tea. "so you do have manners."

Willow tilted her head, "you know your sisters said you were an asshole."

Smirking I looked over at her, "so you asked my sisters about me?"

My question had caught her off guard but not for long. "I mean if you consider me asking them if you were always so rude asking about you then yeah I did."

Shrugging I took a bite of my sandwich, "tell me you didn't walk here."

Willow looked down shaking her head, "no I drove Aunt Maureen's car."

I laughed, "does that thing still run?"

Nodding Willow looked up at me, "barley."

Her aunt's car was an old Honda that she had for years. It's orange color made it hard to miss. "Well it certainly fits you."

Cutting her eyes at me she frowned, "ha ha."

Millie returned setting Willow's food down asking if we needed anything else. I told her no thanking her watching as Willow once again looked around.

"Why is everyone staring at me?"

I shrugged taking another bite of my sandwich, "because you are sitting with me."

Willow laughed, "oh so the whole town knows your an ass."

I shrugged, "some people like me."

"Your momma doesn't count."

Laughing I took a sip of my tea, "you're learning me fast aren't you."

She rolled her eyes, "it didn't take long to figure you out."

I licked my lips looking over at her, "you haven't even scratched the surface."

Willow's eyes were on my lips and I shook my head. She wasn't different than any of the other girls in this small town. Her feistiness had interested me for a bit but it was quickly fading.

"You aren't as irresistible as you think you are. I actually think you're a cocky prick."

Looking over at her I slowly smiled, "well don't let me ruin that image for you."

Standing up I went to the counter paying for my lunch and for hers. Turning to leave I saw her glance over her shoulder at me so I winked at her laughing as she rolled her eyes at me. Without another glance back I left. Maybe she wasn't as predictable as I first thought.

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