Anyone But Him 2: Maddox

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My adrenaline was still rushing from dealing with Franklin. Things had gone easy, a little too easy. I had taken a gamble that Franklin would be able to be bought and it had worked in my favor but I had nothing to bargain with when I went to talk to Dalton. Nothing but my fist.

A part of me hoped I could just go to him and tell him to back off of Willow but I didn't think he would just bow to my demands. Hell even Franklin had said he needed his ass whooped. What the fuck did that mean?

Rico drove us to an apartment complex that Dalton had an apartment at. I wondered where he told his wife he was on nights like this. Word was he had some girl in his room with him, that didn't surprise me at all. Things with Franklin had been business but things with Dalton, well that was personal. I didn't have to go after him, he wasn't a threat, but he was going to know you don't fuck with what's mine and Willow was mine. Like it or not that girl was stuck with me.

As we pulled into the apartment complex Juan gave us a code to get into the gates. I glanced over at Rico, "did you and dad do dumb shit like this when ya'll were younger?"

He laughed, "who said we still don't."

I rolled my eyes at him, "my momma."

Juan laughed, "aww are you a momma's boy Maddox."

Rico snorted, "you don't know his momma. Blaine would knock the shit out of you just for laughing at her."

Looking back at Juan, Rico shook his head, "Juan knows your dad too. We all have been in some shit together Maddox. I guess your part of the crew now."

I could only imagine the shit the three of them had gotten into when they were younger. Dad was a badass and from what I knew of him Rico was even worse than my dad. In fact, according to my dad, it was Rico that put him on the path that he ended up on. A lot of people wondered why dad gave Rico his first business but I understood. It was Rico's connections that gave dad the ability to even start up a business in the first place. Legally dad still owned it but he let Rico run it as he saw fit.

"You have a plan, "Rico asked.

I shook my head, "fuck no. I guess just go in there and what happens happens."

He shook his head, "just like your fucking dad."

I smiled at him, "I take that as a compliment."

"You shouldn't," Juan said from the back seat laughing.

I shrugged as I opened the door to get out, "I mean I heard Rico taught him everything he knows?"

"Your dad is a damn lie," Rico said walking to the front of the car with me. "He was bad when I met his ass."

I laughed but as we made our way upstairs we all grew serious. Juan would wait downstairs by the steps while Rico stayed by my side. I had told him I didn't need a babysitter but he told me there was no way in hell I was going in alone. He let me walk into a damn bookies office with guns held at my head but he wouldn't let me walk in on some adulter.

Rico stopped in front of an apartment door and handed me a key, "this is it Maddox. Get your game face on."

I nodded, I had no clue what I was fucking doing. I suddenly wished I had my dad here with me to talk some sense into me. I knew I could talk to Rico. Hell, he would probably take over if I asked him too but I needed to do this. I needed to not only prove to my dad that I was capable of taking care of myself I needed to defend my woman.

Sliding the key into the door I heard a faint beep. The door slid open easily and we gained entrance to the living room. There were lights on at the back of the apartment and it was clear we were about to break up some hot and heavy action. Looking over at Rico I nodded and we headed down the hall.

Dalton didn't even notice as I leaned up in his door frame but the blonde woman he was behind noticed and let out a scream. I'd never seen anyone move as fast as he did in my life. I knew he was going for his pants so I pulled my gun out. "Easy there Dalton. I just want to talk to you."

The blonde wrapped a cover around herself moving as far away from me as possible. I looked over at her, "tell you what darling. I think your night with Mr. I'm married with 3 kids is over. Why don't you get dressed and make your way home."

The woman's jaw dropped, "Dalton...your married?"

He didn't even respond to her just glared at me, "who sent you? Franklin? He knows I'm not going to run on him."

The blonde headed girl ran and slammed herself closed in the bathroom. I nodded at Dalton, "why don't you get dressed and we can go in the living room and have a little chat."

Nodding Dalton grabbed his jeans pulling them on. The girl came out of the bathroom barefoot but with a tight dress on. She looked up at me warily and I moved to the side letting her run down the hall. Rico had stopped her at the door and I don't know what he said to her but as soon as he was done she got the hell out of dodge.

"This is bullshit," Dalton said as we walked down the hall to his living room. As he sat down I lowered my gun but kept an eye on him for any movements. Rico sat by the door and I knew he was doing the same.

"Franklin didn't send me Dalton. I'm here on other business."

Dalton frowned, "what the fuck. What kind of business? I'm not betraying Franklin. That's enough to get your dumb ass killed boy."

I looked at him only mildly amused. "Franklin knows I'm here." I moved slightly closet to him. "So tell me does your wife know how often you cheat on her with these girls."

"Fuck you," Dalton said under his breath. "What the hell does my wife have to do with any of this. So I fuck around. So does the rest of the world."

I shrugged, "like I said Dalton I'm here because you are messing with something that is mine and I want it stopped."

Dalton frowned at me, "I don't understand?"

I didn't doubt his last statement. He had no remorse for cheating on his wife. I'm sure he didn't even think twice about the way he treated Willow. Just thinking of him forcing himself on her made me want to punch him square in the jaw.

"Willow Owens. You are going to back off of her."

Dalton laughed, "that red headed bitch. What lies has she filled your head with kid. She knew I was married, shit she slept with me thinking Franklin would excuse her debt. The bitch wasn't too bad in bed actually..."

Dalton let out a gasp as I punched him in the face. He spit blood out of his mouth looking up at me, "what the fuck? I'm just telling you the truth."

I crossed my arms looking down. There wasn't one part of me that had believed the lies coming out of his mouth. I had seen the pain and the fear in her eyes. You couldn't make that up. Willow wasn't that good of an actress.

"So you wanna tell me the truth this time."

Dalton wiped the blood from his lip with the back of his hand. "The bitch was just an easy lay. She thought she could blackmail me for money. Just wait she will try to suck you dry just like she did me."

I shook my head, "I'm not here to talk about your past Dalton. I'm here to talk about the here and now."

Dalton shook his head, "look man I can't help if your bitch..."

I hit him again seeing red. Shaking my head I tried to pull my emotions back in check. "Look Dalton this can go one of two ways. Either a, you agree to leave Willow alone. Stop calling her, stop texting her. Or B we can handle this like men here and now."

Laughing Dalton looked up at me, "boy that girl is straight-up trouble. What the fuck you think I'd want her for? You can have her ass."

I looked down at him wondering what in the world Willow had ever seen in him. He was an asshole, plain and simple. I guess though so was I but he made me look like a freaking saint.

"I mean what I said, you call her again, text her, communicate with her in any way I'll be back."

Dalton snarled at me, "fuck you and that bitch. I already told your ass I don't want her. I only called her because she owed Franklin money"

I looked at Rico and he nodded. For now I was satisfied with Dalton's words. However if he even pocket dialed Willow I'd be back at his doorstep before he could blink. Turning to walk out I jumped as I saw Rico pull out and fire off his gun. I turned seeing Dalton on the floor blood oozing from a wound in his thigh.

"Next time you won't be so lucky," Rico said walking as calmly as ever to go pick up the shell of the bullet.

I arched my brow at him and he shrugged, "I mean I could have let you get him stab you with that knife he pulled out of his pocket but I don't think your dad would appreciate that."

Rolling my eyes I shut the door closed behind us ignoring Dalton's angry yells. "So when did you put that silencer on?"

Rico shrugged, "leave the dirty work to me Maddox."

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