Anyone But Him 2: Maddox

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Willow's POV

It had been a little over a month since Maddox had handled my dealings with Franklin and surprisingly he had been true to his word and I had yet to hear a word from him. When my payment due date came and passed without even a message I realized I could finally breathe again. I hadn't realized how heavy the burden I had been carrying had been.

Maddox never would tell me how much money he had given to Franklin but I knew it must have been a lot. He was racing every weekend and a part of me knew it had to be to replace some of the money he lost. I had quit questioning him about it and just went and supported him as a good girlfriend should. It wasn't all for his benefit, on nights that he won, which was most of them he was a beast in bed.

I giggled at the thought jumping a little when I heard Aunt Maureen call out for me. She had taken a turn for the worse and I was back to spending most nights here with her. Although now she actually allowed Maddox to spend the night here too. Her only rule was he had to sleep in his own room. For the most part he did sleep in his room, we made love in mine."

"Girl wipe that grin off your face. You look like some love sick school girl over here."

I rolled my eyes at Aunt Maureen as I handed her the tea I had just made for her. "Oh stop it. You know you like him too."

Aunt Maureen took a sip of her tea, "I most certainly do not."

As I eyed her she laughed only to start coughing. Reaching forward I grabbed her tea setting it down on her nightstand and gently patting her back. She wasn't much more than skin and bones these days. "You really need to let me call your doctor about this cough. It's only getting worse."

"No," Aunt Maureen said shaking her head. "I do not want to die hooked up to a whole lot of machines."

"You know I'm not ready to lose you just yet. You are the only family I have left." I looked down grabbing her hands looking at how frail they had become.

"Maddox keeps sneaking in your room you'll have your own family here pretty soon."

I felt my face flame as my mouth fell open but she only smiled. "I'm not stupid love. Old yes. Stupid no."

I had no idea what to even say to her so I didn't say anything. She shook her head. "I've got some things I want to tell you about. The man that was here earlier was my lawyer. He brought his secretary with him today to notarize my will. I've changed it. Now you were alwasy going to get a majority of my belongings but I've added to it.

This house was bought with the intention that it would raise a big happy family but sadly that just wasn't meant to be. At least not from me. I'm leaving the house to you." Looking up at me she smiled, "you and Maddox can fill this house up with all the kids you want."

"Aunt Maureen I don't know what to say. Thank you." I looked down, "as for me and Maddox and babbies well that's far in the future. You act like we are engaged or something."

She shrugged, "I act like your pregnant."

I opened my mouth, "I am not."

She shook her head, "remember yesterday when you said you felt queazy."

I rolled my eyes, "omg seriously. I feel bad one morning and you think I'm pregnant. I had been out drinking the night before."

Aunt Maureen shrugged, "I see little Maddox's running around here. I just hope they look like him and act like you."

Tickled at her own words Aunt Maureen started laughing again and just like before she ended in a fit of coughs. "That's enough for you today mam." I shook my head as I handed her tea back to her, "you are on time out. Now I'm going to the shop for a few hours and I'll be home to cook you dinner ok."

"Ok dear," Aunt Maureen said taking a sip of tea. "But I'd stop and get a pregnancy test if I was you."

I glared at her but she only grinned at me. Leaving her room I shook my head. I was not pregnant. I couldn't be pregnant. The fact was I could be pregnant. I wasn't taking any kind of pills and Maddox hadn't been consistently using condoms.

Driving to the shop I couldn't get Aunt Maureen's thoughts out of my mind so I stopped at the local dollar store and ran in. The store wasn't too busy but still, I couldn't just go in for a pregnancy test. The whole town would know. Then I'd have to tell Maddox how my crazy Aunt Maureen got into my head. I mean I was a week late, but my periods always fluctuated and with everything going on.

Fuck it. I started grabbing random things that could hide the pregnancy test when I put it in my cart. I probably had at least 15 dollars worth of candy in my cart before I made it to the pregnancy test. I pretended to study the tampons while someone was on the same aisle as me but as soon as they left I grabbed a digital pregnancy test not going cheap but buying one of the more expensive ones.

The line to check out was long, every time I came in this store it was long. When it was finally my turn I was glad to see that the older lady behind the counter wasn't one I recognized. She looked at me strangely as she scanned the candy only to look up at me and say "ahh" when she scanned my test putting it right on top of the bag.

I had never swiped my card so fast, aggravated at the hit no for cash back, hit no to donate to some children's fund. Yes, I approve of the amount. I didn't even wait on my receipt after approved showed on the screen. I just grabbed my receipt and ran out with my bag. I'm sure everyone thought I was crazy but I guess I was.

Back in my car I stuffed the pregnancy test to the bottom of my bag and drove to the shop. I felt like a criminal who had just robbed a store. My adrenalin was pumping and I felt like I could have gotten out of the car and ran faster than I was driving.

As I parked I felt sick to my stomach. I wasn't made out to be sneaky. Getting out I opened the front door to the shop thankful when all I saw was Presley. She looked up, "you look pale as hell."

I shrugged at her, "it's the red hair. Besides I am pale as hell. I'll never be tan and beautiful as you. I burn in the sun."

Presley arched her eyebrow reminding me way too much of Maddox when she did that. "Spray tans? Or a tanning bed? We can get you tan my friend."

I laughed nervously. "I've got to use the restroom. You don't have to leave this second, do you?"

"No, go ahead."

I nodded going to use the bathroom in Blaine's office and not the customer bathroom. Shutting and locking the door I grabbed the pregnancy test out of my purse. I had planned on waiting till I got home but I couldnt' wait any longer. I felt stupid I didn't feel pregnant. If it wasn't for Aunt Maureen I'd never even have thought about doing this. I realized right then and there that I was being dumb. Still, I bought the test I might as well take it."

The instructions were like most, pee and wait. As I sat the test down on the counter I saw the little timeless start to turn and I felt sick to my stomach again. Damn nerves. The test had said wait five minutes no longer than ten. Great Presley was going to think I was in her taking a crap or something. What if Maddox came looking for me.

I was about midway through my panic attack when I noticed the pregnancy test had words on it. With shaking hands, I picked it up and read the undeniable words. PREGNANT. I dropped the test to the floor in shock. What would Maddox think? What would his family think? We were still young. We hadn't been together long enough to bring a chid into this world.

Quickly I gathered all my trash up and shoved the test deep into my purse before walking out. Just as I feared Maddox was sitting atop the counter waiting for me. When he saw my face he frowned but I couldnt even look at him.

"Are you ok?" Presley looked over at me, "she's been acting super weird and that's saying a lot."

I looked up just in time to see Maddox shove Presley but she only laughed it off. "What? She knows I'm playing. Damn."

Presley grabbed her purse, "I'm out. Don't call me." She turned to look at me, "you can call me but it better be to tell me what the fuck you got going on."

I nodded at her now left alone with Maddox who had hopped off the counter and was walking toward me. "What's wrong Red."

I opened my mouth to speak when someone else cut us off.

"Willow, " a familiar male voice said. "I've been looking everywhere for you."

I looked over seeing my dad and it was all too much. Tears started to fall down my face as I ran into Maddox's arms.

"Who the fuck are you?" I heard Maddox say as he held me.

"I'm Willow's dad, I just need to talk to her."

I looked up to see Maddox looking down at me. I shook my head at him. I couldn't deal with all of this at once. My brain was still trying to process being pregnat and now my dad just pops up.

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