Anyone But Him 2: Maddox

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Big Changes

Maddox POV

I could tell Willow was nervous and it made me wonder what all her dad had told her. Had he told her what I had been up to in California? No, it couldn't be, she didn't look mad. I glanced over at her as I parked the truck beside the shop. "Please tell me you aren't leaving."

Willow turned her head to look at me before she busted out laughing. "Oh my God Maddox, when you get it wrong you get it so wrong."

I frowned but she nodded, "come on upstairs. I need to talk to you and I need you to be serious."

As I walked up the stairs I wondered what she could possibly need to talk to me about. I was still kinda shocked that she had laughed at me in the truck when I asked her if she was leaving. I really didn't see what was so funny. How many times had she tried to run in the past?

All of these emotions that I felt about her were all new and I didn't know quite how to process them. I'd never really been in love, I didn't know what to do with it. I went from not ever thinking I would ever settle down to wanting nothing more than to start something new with Willow. I was nervous that between the two of us something was going to break us apart.

Unlocking the door I let Willow walk in before me. She went and sat straight down on the couch looking up and waiting for me as I shut the door. I felt as if I was in a movie. Isn't this how bad things started out. Shaking my head I knew I had to get my mind right. I was in my mom's brain and I needed to switch over to my dad's. He would never be afraid of someone sitting on a couch waiting for him. Well, unless it was my mom.

I smiled at the thought as I tossed my keys on the table and went to sit beside Willow. Sighing I licked my lips before looking over at her, "Ok so what do we need to talk about?"

Willow looked up at me before looking back down at her hands. "I know that you think you are unworthy of love. I've tried to show you the best way I know that you are not. You aren't responsible for anything other than what you do in this world."

I nodded at her, "I know baby. I think I've actually come to terms with mom and dad. I mean I don't think everyone will be as understanding as you have been but I love you even more for sticking by my side even when I haven't been the man you needed me to be."

Willow smiled reaching down to grab my hand. "Actually I think you are just what I need. You keep me on my toes. You've shown me what it means for someone to truly care about me. I love you Maddox..."

"But..." I knew it was there and as I said the word Willow's eyes flashed up to mine.

"Maddox there are no buts to this. I do love you. I love you more than I ever thought possible. The first time we met I thought you were some conceded asshole, I mean you are but your mine."

I smirked looking over at her, "I love you too Willow. Whatever you have to say just get it out. I can't handle the wait."

She sighed, "well I know we haven't known each other long, and I know we still have tons to learn about the other." She squeezed my hand, "I didn't think this would be this hard."

Looking over at her I arched my brow at her, "you know you can tell me anything Red."

She started laughing but soon tears were falling down her eyes. I looked at her in alarm for a second before my better judgment kicked in and I pulled her into my arms. Tilting her chin up I kissed her lips, "ok you can't do this to me anymore. What's wrong?"

"Nothings wrong Maddox," she said sitting up straight and taking a deep breath. "Ok, I can do this. It's not that hard."

"Is this a whole its not you, it's me speech because..."

Damn it Maddox," Willow said shoving me, "I'm pregnant."

My face fell as I took her words in. My eyes glanced up at hers catching the look of defeat in them. I felt as if someone had just knocked the air straight out of my lungs and it took forever before I could speak. "You're pregnant?"

Willow wouldn't look at me as she nodded, I could see silent tears roll down her cheeks. "Fuck," I said as I stood up. This was all too fast, I had too many emotions rolling around in my head all at once and I felt like I could puke.

Kneeling down in front of Willow I moved her hair out of her face and as she looked up at me with those sad green eyes I looked at her seriously, "you're telling mom."

She looked confused for a minute before she smiled at me throwing her arms around me. "Maddox you ass."

I laughed as I pulled her into my lap and we fell to the floor. "I mean I know I'm a catch and all but..."

Willow pushed herself up off my chest, "I should throw your ass back in. Do you know how scared I was that you would..."

Leaning forward I stopped her words with a kiss. "You caught me off guard baby. Believe it or not, I've actually thought about having kids with you but I didn't think it would be today."

Willow smiled, "well your in luck cause it won't be today, it will be in about 8 months."

I laughed pulling her back down so I could kiss her again, "you do realize you're stuck with me now."

"God forbid," Willow said as she tried to pull herself up off the floor.

Reaching out I pulled her back down to me, "where do you think you are going."

Willow elbowed me, "I know you don't think you are about to fuck me on this floor."

I shrugged as I rolled her under me, "I mean you liked it on the car, why not the floor."

"If you don't get up off of me..." Willow's words were cut off by my hand pulling her shirt up and my lips making contact with the smooth skin of her stomach. I couldn't believe what she said was real. A baby. I was going to have a baby. Jesus help this kid.

Willow's protest faded the minute that my hands released her breast from her bra and my mouth made contact. Her hands that just moments before were trying to shove me off of her was now running through my hair. I had no business being a dad but I also knew without a doubt there was no one else in the world I'd want to have a child with.

Leaning up I removed my shirt smirking down at her as I felt her hands unbuckling my jeans, "I thought you didn't want to be fucked on the floor."

Mischief flashed in Willow's eye's as she smiled at me, "well since I'll be the one on top you'll be the one on the floor."

I could only laugh at her as we both quickly lost the remainder of our clothing. It would be simple enough to drag her to the bedroom, move her to the couch, but something about taking her here and now in the moment appealed to me far too much to ruin the mood.

Laying on my back I watched as my red headed goddess crawled over me leaning down and gently bit my nipple to tease me. My hand fisted in her hair as I pulled her up to me. Her lips found mine possessivley and I let out a growl of satisfaction. This girl completed me.

Willow tugged at my bottom lip before she sat up reachind down and taking me in her hands. I let out a breath closing my eyes as she started stroking my cock. "Willow," I hissed.

She giggled, "I love teasing you." As I opened my eyes to look at her she winked at me, "you hate it when you aren't in full control don't you?"

I nodded as I raised my hand grabbing her neck, "don't think I can't switch this around easily enough."

Willow arched her neck in my arms, "I don't know if I've ever told you but your rough side turns me on far more than it should."

I laughed releasing my hold on her, "oh I know. You might not have told me but that pussy did."

Willow gave me her classic "if you don't stop" look before she moved guiding me to her entrance. I watched her close her eyes as she slowly slid down my length. Willow licked her lips opening her eyes as she started to move on me. Reaching up I grabbed her hips with one hand moving my other to gently squeeze her breast.

Arching her back Willow used the couch and the coffee table to help support her as she moved her body against mine harder and faster. Watching her above me turned me on more than I ever though possible. Her breast swaying with every move, her fiery red hair a dishevielved mess around her. Reaching up with one hand I grabbed the back of her neck bringing her closer to me. Her hands slipped from their earlier spots and landed on my shoulders as she leaned down kissing me.

I don't know what it was that pushed me to the edge so quick but I let out a low moan as I bucked my hips spraying my seed deep inside of her. Willow's nails dug into my skin as she found her own release seconds after mine. When she collapsed on my chest I wrapped my arms around her rolling us to our sides.

Looking down at her I moved her hair out of her face, "I know I'm not the easiest person to deal with, and I know I come with a shit ton of flaws, but I promise you no one will love you or this baby more than I do."

Willow looked up at me, "you don't give yourself enough credit. I know you will be an amazing daddy, you have the best expample of a dad ever." Running her hands though my hair she smiled, "I do love you Maddox. I was scared to tell you about the baby, afraid you'd think it was too fast, or that I tried to get pregnant..."

Leaning down I caputred her lips with mine, "how do you know it wasn't me trying to tie you down? Maybe I wanted to make sure you couldn't run away from me again."

Willow rolled her eyes shaking her head, "I mean, I'm ok with that."

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