Anyone But Him 2: Maddox

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Maddox POV

It had been almost a month since Willow had told me I was going to be a dad and I still was trying to wrap my mind around it. We had decided to keep the news to ourselves until her first doctor's appointment. I hadn’t thought they would make us wait weeks to go.

Today for the first time ever I got to hear our baby’s heartbeat. We found out that Willow was ten weeks along and that she would be due in May. Now that we knew the basics we now had to break the news to my parents. Her Aunt of course knew she had known before Willow.

I had managed to talk mom into cooking for us tonight and I made sure that both Presley and Harper would be there. I knew Willow was nervous about telling them, shit I was too. I had no idea how either of them would take the news.

Glancing over at Willow I frowned. I knew I had to get us out of this apartment above the shop before the baby came. I was hoping to save up more before we moved but now with a baby on the way time was not on my side. I had slacked off racing a bit, mostly because I was trying to be around for Willow.

Her dad had left town but he was calling her nonstop. I had made her block his number and I knew that it was hard on her but seeing the pain in her eyes every time he called was hard on me. Willow glanced up at me, "are you nervous?"

I nodded at her, "a little, you?"

She let out a deep breath, "I'm scared, Maddox. Like what if your mom and dad freak out."

I shook my head, "they can't say shit about anybody Willow. Have you heard how I came into this world?" I told her the exact thing I keep telling myself. Mom and Dad had to be ok with this because, well damn it, I wasn't having a baby with my niece.

"Should we buy a card or something," I asked Willow as we walked downstairs to get into my truck.

Laughing she looked at me, "what a sympathy card? I'm sorry I knocked up the new girl in town."

I cut my eyes at her, "I mean I was thinking you can give them the card. Sorry I let your son knock me up. Probably in your house."

Willow's entire face turned beet red. "Maddox I swear to God you better not."

I laughed, "ok damn. I mean I think it would lighten the mood."

As we drove to my parents I realized it wasn't really my dad I was worried about it was my mom. I didn't want to disappoint her, hell I had done that enough in my life. Dad was pretty go with the flow on most things. Mom was the one who let her emotions run her sometimes.

"Do you think mom will cry?"

Willow looked over at me, "I don't know. Maybe. I mean I cried when I found out."

Pulling up in the yard I saw we were the last to arrive. "I don't think I was this nervous when I had to tell them I was expelled from school for fighting. Or when I wrecked my first truck."

Willow laughed, "gee thanks for making me feel better Maddox."

I turned my head smiling at her, "if it makes you feel better they will blame me not you."

"That actually does," she said laughing.

As we walked in I paused in the doorway. The house smelled amazing. I didn't ask for anything fancy, I wanted a true home cooked meal. Fried chicken, corn on the cob, fried cabbage, green beans, homemade mashed potatoes, and cornbread. I mean when I gave her the list of things I wanted she glared at me but all it took was me sticking my lip out and she rolled her eyes and had agreed to cook it.

"About time you got here, damn," Presley said standing up. "Mom wouldn't let us eat till you got here."

I shrugged, "cause I'm the favorite."

Harper snorted, "ya'll keep dreaming. I'm the favorite, ya'll two were mistakes."

Shoving Harper in the kitchen I looked over at Willow smiling as Dad cut his eyes at me letting me know to stop. Sometimes I felt like I was a kid again when we were all together. The girl got away with murder in this house. I was spoiled but those brats knew I wasn't allowed to hit them back so I'd have to get them when no one was watching and it seemed like dad was always watching.

Sitting down I felt like everyone was a little quiet tonight. Maybe it was just me and knowing that after we ate this meal Willow and I was about to drop some knowledge on them. Maybe I was the quiet one because Presley was talking about something with Willow but I wasn't really listening to them.

"This food is amazing mom, I miss you cooking for me."

Willow rolled his eyes, "he acts like I can't cook. Every time I offer he wants to go out to eat."

I shrugged, "the apartment's kitchen is small. You cook and we will smell it for days."

Mom shook her head, "Ugh when we lived there I hated cooking too. I'd have the windows and doors opened and it still wouldn't help. Your dad thought I was crazy but I couldn't handle it."

Dad looked over at her, "it really wasn't that bad until she broiled something and had the whole place stinking so bad we had to go stay at a hotel for the night."Mom turned red laughing but I caught dad wink at her.

"If you want to cook I can come over and you can cook for me," Harper volunteered.

Willow nodded, "whatever you want and I'll make it."

Things seemed to settle down and when everyone started getting up I surprised everyone by helping mom with the kitchen. Everyone ended up helping and it didn't take too long to get the leftovers put up and the dishes in the dishwasher. Willow and Harper had swept up while Presley wiped down the counters.

Dad had walked outside to sit on the back porch and I took a deep breath before asking everyone else to come outside too. I sat in a chair to the right of mom and dad, Willow was beside me. Presley had jumped up on the rail of the porch and Harper was sitting on the stairs.

Looking up at Willow our eyes met and she nodded at me letting me know it was time. I took a long breath wishing I had came outside and smoked before we started this. "So besides the fact that I wanted momma to cook for me. I have something I need to talk to you all about."

Presley looked over at me and I knew she was a little hurt that I hadn't told her first. Even though we fought like cats and dogs we still trusted each other with our secrets. Mom and Dad turned to look at me and even Harper had taken out her headphone that was usually glued to her ear.

Willow's hand moved to rest in my lap so I reached down and grabbed it. "I don't really know how to say this but," I paused looking over at mom and dad. "You two are going to be grandparents."

"I knew it," Presley and Harper said laughing pointing at each other.

My face however was on my mom. Her eyes had grown huge and she was looking up at my dad with tears in her eyes. I needed her to speak, I needed her to say something, anything. Dad's facial expression hadn't changed but he was looking down at mom.

I glanced at Willow and she squeezed my hand. "Mom," I said a little worried."

She broke eye contact with dad and looked over at me. "I'm not old enough to be a grandma Maddox." It wasn't until she smiled at me that I knew she was ok, my heart had stopped beating in my chest for a minute.

Dad reached out for mom's hand and I knew I had hit her with some heavy news, news that had caught her off guard just as it had me. "So when's the baby due?"

Willow looked up at dad, "May."

He nodded shaking his head at me, "well we need to get you out of that shop don't we."

I nodded, "Willow's aunt is leaving us the house but I was thinking of building something closer to the two of you."

I hadn't told Willow that but she didn't seem surprised by my words. "Umm I better get to babysit all the time, " Harper butted in saying.

Presley snorted, "I'm his twin, I get to babysit."

Mom cut them both off, "I'm going to be the one babysitting ya'll go find your own kids." She sat up, "well not your own kids but you get it."

Everyone laughed and we all started talking. When mom got up and headed to the kitchen I slid away catching her before she came back outside. "Are you ok, really?"

She nodded even as she wiped her eyes, "you're my baby Maddox. I'm happy for you, I just wasn't expecting it."

I tilted my head, "Harper is your baby momma."

She shook her head, "you've always been my mini Blaine Maddox. Every time I look at you I see your dad in you. I want the world for you. I like Willow, I do. I think she will make a good addition to the family. I just didn't think you'd be moving so fast. I didn’t think you wanted a family."

I walked forward hugging her, "well I mean you said I was like dad."

She elbowed me, "I didn't get pregnant the first couple of months I knew him either."

I snorted, "by the grace of God."

She laughed, "shut up Maddox."

Willow had come inside, "is everything ok."

Mom walked up to her hugging her, "this baby will not call me Granny or Nanny."

Willow smiled at her, "its ok, Maddox and I have decided to call you Grandma J."

"Nope, I had nothing to do with that momma, you know I would never do that to you."

Mom shook her head, "ya'll are making me feel old as hell. Where is your daddy."

I shook my head looking down at Willow, "you see what you have to look forward too?"

She leaned up kissing me, "if you love me like your dad loves your mom I can't wait to spend my life with you."

We turned to see my mom in my dad's arms on the porch. He was whispering something into her ear. "He didn't say much did he."

"He did when you came in here, I think he was worried about your mom." Willow laughed, "he told me he was sorry I was stuck with you but that if you started acting stupid to let him know and he would kick your ass."

I laughed leaning down to kiss her forehead. "You don't have to worry about me loving you like he does mom cause I already do. I think I loved you the first time you yelled at me."

Willow looked up at me wrapping her arms around me. "I love you Maddox."

"I love you too Red."

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