Anyone But Him 2: Maddox

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Blaine's POV

I could tell that Jordan was a little bothered even though she wasn't letting it be known. I knew her. I knew the way she played with her necklace when she was nervous. I knew the way she twisted her wedding ring when she was deep in thought.

Everyone had already left but we were still seated on the back porch. Glancing over at her I watched as she slowly sipped on her drink. She rarely ever drank but after Maddox left she had gone and poured herself some Vodka and cranberry juice.

“You ok,” I asked scooting my chair closer beside hers so I could grab her hand.

She nodded, “yeah, I mean I’m still kinda taken aback but it is Maddox. I mean I should have expected it”

I smiled shaking my head, “he has always been the little problem child of the three hasn't he?”

Jordan took another sip of her drink, “like father like son.”

Squeezing her hand I snorted, “I was so not the problem child in that family.”

She smiled, “y’all all were pretty horrible.” Looking over at me she winked, “I think you're my favorite though.”

“Think?” I acted shocked, “I mean I’m pretty sure you tell me all the time how great I am.”

Jordan cut her eyes at me making me laugh. “Seriously baby, what’s on your mind. You know you can tell daddy.”

She shook her head, “I just...” She sighed, “Maddox isn’t ready to be a dad. I mean he has calmed down so much but can you see him with a baby.”

I shrugged, “I couldn’t see me with a baby J, yet we had 3. He will be fine.”

Jordan shook her head looking down, “I’m not ready to be a grandma?”

“Come here,” I said tugging at her hand.

“What? No.”

I turned to look at her, “J.”

Sighing she got up flopping rather heavily onto my lap on purpose giggling as her drink sloshed around on both of us. “Girl,” I said playfully shoving at her.

Turning so she could see me she shrugged. Looking up at her I pulled her face down closer to mine, “you know you’ll be the sexiest grandma I’ve ever seen.”

Jordan rolled her eyes, “stop it, Blaine.”

Kissing her I leaned back, “you used to want to grow old with me.”

She licked her lips looking down at me, “I still do, I just don’t want my babies to be old enough to have babies.”

Reaching up I smoothed her hair, “just think, this baby you can spoil and send back home.”

“Well duh,” Jordan said looking down at me, “I mean I better be the number one pick for a babysitter.”

“I don’t know,” I said looking at her seriously. “You may have to fight Harper and Presley.”

“Please,” she laughed, “those two can get in line.”

Shaking my head at her I laughed, “so your ok?”

“How could I not be when I have you beside me.”

Moments like this took me back to our earlier years. Jordan was still my everything, my sun, my moon, and my stars. We had even gotten matching tattoos to match, hers was on the back of her neck, mine mixed in with my tattoos above my heart. She had gone through this before, turning 35 had been hard on her. I had to remind her I never saw her age, I saw her.

Maggie had loved rubbing it into her face that if she thought she was old then she must think I was ancient. I had reminded Maggie she was older than all of us. It hasn’t lasted long but I hated to see Jordan down. Age had never mattered to me, another year was nothing when you were beside someone like her.

“So how do you feel about it?”

I looked up at Jordan, “I mean it’s happening no matter what I think about it. Do I think Maddox is ready? No, but I think he will be. He is crazy about Willow. Sometimes it takes that certain girl to calm you down.”

She rolled her eyes smiling at me knowing I was referring to her. “I do like her. She’s had a rough life, she needs somebody strong like Maddox.”

I looked down at her as she looked up at me and I frowned noticing tears in her eyes, “baby what’s wrong.”

“You have no idea how much I love you, Blaine. Sometimes I feel as if I’ve rushed our time together. As if I didn’t spend enough time enjoying life. Our kids are all grown now. Harper is already staying with Presley more than she is here.”

“And that’s a bad thing?” I said arching my brow. “You aren’t out of time baby you’re opening a new chapter. As long as I have breath in my body I’m going to be here to annoy the shit out of you. Your kids love you, they will never go too far. You are the rock to this family and I don’t know what I would do without you Jordan. Just wait till that baby gets here, I’ll have to drag you home.”

Jordan wrapped her arms around me, “I love you.”

Tilting her chin up I kissed her, “I was looking forward to having you all to myself again." Seeing the smile on her face I ran kisses down her jaw, "now I'm going to fight for your attention."

She snorted, "you've always had my attention."

Smirking I nodded, "trust me I know."

Playfully shoving me she laughed standing up, "you'd be lost without me."

I nodded my head, "I couldn't agree more."

Jordan looked down at me, "I'm going to go take a shower."

"Is that an invitation," I said winking at her.

Smiling she shrugged, "when have you ever waited on an invitation?"

I shrugged watching as she turned and waking in the house. Looking up at the stars I shook my head. Maddox a dad. The thought was laughable but I knew that he would turn out to be an amazing dad. Maddox wasn’t as bad as he liked to pretend. When he lovesd he loves hard. Getting up I went in search for my wife.

As I entered our bedroom I could hear the shower running. Pulling my shirt off I walked to my dresser pulling my boots off before walking into the bathroom. Throwing all of my clothes in the hamper I opened the glass door to our shower taking in the naked soapy goddess in front of me.

"You going to get in or not. I mean you might as well take a picture."

I smirked, "I have pictures of you baby."

Jordan reached out pulling me in the shower with her. Shutting the door behind me I pulled her closer to me kissing her under the stream of water falling down under us.

"Have I ever told you how crazy you make me, "I said before moving my kisses to her neck.

Jordan’s hands rested on my chest, “you don’t have to tell me,” she said reaching down sliding her hand over my length, “you show me.”

“Don’t start stuff you can’t finish J.”

“Have I ever,” she said sinking to her knees. I gasped leaning my hand against the marble wall of our shower as Jordan took me in her mouth. With my other hand, I moved her hair out of her face, my back blocking her from most of the water. “Damnit girl,” I said as she looked up at me.

Jordan had always held the ability to push me straight over the edge. Twisting my fingers in her hair I helped guide her to what I needed. Thrusting my hips toward her mouth I pulled at her hair as I came spreading my seed in her mouth.

“Fuck Jordan,” I said pulling her up. The mischievous look in her eyes reminding me of the girl who had first showed up at my house. Pushing her up against the shower wall she let out a shriek. I ran kisses down her throat to her breast.

Following her lead I sank to my knees, Jordan knew what my aim was and moved one leg up on the edge of the shower opening her legs to me. “Blaine,” she gasped running her fingers through my hair as my mouth touched her clit. Jordan pressed her body against the wall relying on it to keep her up. I loved the taste of her, the way she squirmed under my tongue. Everything about her drove me crazy.

It didn't take much to send her over. Jordan's cries let me know she was there and as she came in my mouth she arched her body back against the wall. Standing up I wiped my mouth looking down at her, "see sexiest grandma ever."

Jordan leaned forward kissing me before she leaned back giggling, "I can't believe you're going to be a grandpa."

Smirking down at her I leaned down kissing her, "I'll show you grandpa."

Turning behind me I switched the water off before opening the shower door. Reaching on the counter I grabbed a towel and handed it to Jordan before grabbing one for myself. I only let her dry off a little before I grabbed her hand pulling her out of the bathroom and toward our bedroom.

Our towels hit the floor before our bodies hit the bed. I knew Jordan would be ok. She would be ok because I would make sure she was ok. She would be ok because I'd never let her think she was anything less than she was. I loved this woman, and I'd spend the rest of my life loving her.

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