Anyone But Him 2: Maddox

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I had been in bed for over an hour unable to sleep. Giving up I glanced over at Willow's sleeping figure beside me smiling as I rested my hand on her hips. Tomorrow she would make me a dad. I was still in shock when I thought about it. It seemed like a lifetime had happened since she first told me she was pregnant.

Gitting up I grabbed a pair of jeans off the chair in the corner sliding into them before I made my way outside to smoke. I found it a little amusing that Willow, the one who was being induced was fast asleep yet here I was unable to even sit still. We had everything ready, the truck was packed with both Willow and the baby's bag. Our clothes were laid out, everything was ready except me.

Sitting on the porch swing I thought back at everything we had gone through to make it to tonight. We had waited a few weeks after telling mom and dad before we announced our pregnancy to everyone else. I had made mom come up with some excuse to get Aunt Maggie and Aunt Teresa to come down. I don't know what she had told them but they wasted no time in preparing to come to visit for the weekend.

I was nervous as hell telling Aunt Maggie about Willow. In a way, it was harder to tell her than it was to tell mom and Dad. With mom and dad, I was worried about them being disappointed but with Aunt Maggie I worried about her cussing my ass smooth out. She had a habit of saying what she felt without thinking of how it made others feel. I knew I could take whatever she threw at me but Willow wasn't used to her yet.

When Dad had offered to take us all out to eat I decided that in a crowded restaurant was exactly where I should tell her. Somewhere that she couldn't yell at me too loudly. When everyone was done eating and the waitress began asking if anyone wanted dessert I cleaned my throat. Maggie's eyes met mine and I knew she knew I was up to something.

Willow squeezed my hand underneath the table as I took a breath. "Aunt Maggie, Aunt Teresa, I don't know what momma told you to get you down here but I'm glad you came." I looked down at Willow, "Willow and I have an announcement to make."

Aunt Teresa put her hand to her mouth looking over at Maggie. Willow winked at me and I nodded at her, "Willow and I are going to be making you two great grandparents."

"Oh my God," Maggie said, "you poor girl let this idiot knock you up."

Willow's eyes grew huge until Aunt Maggie started laughing, "this is great. Blaine you're going to be a grandpa!"Dad looked at her unamused as Maggie died laughing. I had been relieved, she was more focused on giving dad a hard time than me. Before she left she did pull me to the side and tell me she knew I would be a great father because I was raised by one of the best. I never told her but that really meant a lot for me to have her approval.

Willow and my sisters had planned for a big gender reveal but two weeks before it was scheduled to happen Willow called me in a panic. Her Aunt Maureen had been living in an assisted living facility for the last month and they had called her that morning saying she had passed peacefully in her sleep. Willow had been devastated, we had all known how sick she was but she had been in better spirits and Willow had thought she’d be able to come back home soon.

The next few weeks were horrible for her. Willow went into a state of depression and all I could do was hold her and let her cry on my shoulders. Anytime I’d have to leave mom or one of my sisters would come to stay with her. Maureen had written her a note that Willow had found in the belongings the assisted living nurses had boxed up that had told her how she knew she would be an amazing mother and how she would always be with her. I think that was probably what helped her the most, finding the ok she needed to know she could make it.

The realization had hit me then that I truly was her only family. I just hoped that I could be the man she needed me to be. One night I told dad all my fears as worries and just like always he spoke words of wisdom and reminded me just who I was. I could only hope to grow into the man he was.

With the gender reveal on permanent delay we decided to just do something small. It was hard getting the entire family in one spot but we found our chance on one Sunday night when the entire family had made it to dinner. Presley and Harper were the only two who knew what the baby was.

It had been hell to get mom to not clean up after we ate but to come to sit down in the living room but we finally managed to get her to give up and come sit by dad. He knew something was up and I think even mom did because she started playing with her necklace. Dad had reached down grabbing her hand whispering something in her ear that had made her laugh.

Presley handed mom and dad both a white box that had a yellow ribbon on it and told them to open it. Mom frowned but started pulling on the ribbon, "what is this?"

Harper was trying to record mom and dad without them knowing it. Willow reached down grabbing my hand as mom pulled the top off of the box. I knew she was just as anxious as anyone. Mom's mouth dropped open as she looked to dad who winked at her. "Ugh come on show us," Harper yelled.

Mom lifted a white onsie that said in black writing GiGi's lil man, Dad's had said Papa's lil mechanic. Willow had tears in her eyes as mom got up and hugged her. Dad had cracked some joke about mom having to call him big papa now. I knew Willow had secretly wanted a girl but she had confessed to me that night that she had always seen us with a little boy.

We had ended up moving out of the garage and into Willow's Aunt's house. It had felt weird at first but Willow had begun decorating it her own but still leaving things that were sentimental to her. She turned Maureen's bedroom into the nursery. She said she felt that the baby would always have an angel watching him from there.

I wasn't racing as much as I had before. Something about knowing I was responsible for a tiny little life had made something inside my head click. Racing was dangerous, I hadn't completely stopped but I wasn't going out every weekend risking my neck anymore either. Willow had gone on a hysterical rant one night saying that I was going to blame her for taking away everything I loved after I had sold one of my racecars to buy her a new car. I remember telling her the only thing I loved was her and the baby she was carrying. I remember thinking in that moment how much I had grown, I wasn't the man I was when she first met me. Don't get me wrong we still fought like cats and dogs but the make up sex was always hot.

Turning around I walked back in the house locking up behind me. My son would come into this world tomorrow and I needed to be well rested for him and for his momma. He wasn't even here yet and I knew he had too much of me in him for his own good. Most nights he kept Willow up by kicking the crap out of her. I would watch him some nights distort her entire stomach as he would move. Any time I would put my hand on her stomach and talk to him he would kick the crap out of me. Looked like he was following along in the footprint of the Knight men already.

It felt like I had just closed my eyes when the alarm went off waking us up. Willow was quiet as she dressed and I knew she was super nervous. Walking up to her I pulled her into my arms. "Just think we are leaving as two but will return as three."

Willow had tears in her eyes, "I've never been so scared and happy all at once. Well I mean besides you, you make me feel this way sometimes."

I couldn't help but laugh at her, "I'm not that bad. Are you ready to do this?"

Nodding her head Willow hugged me, "I love you so much Maddox, I hope you know how much you mean to me."

I tilted her head up kissing her lips, "You know my dad once compared my mom to the sun. I always thought he was being stupid but now I know what he meant. You brought so much light and love into my world that I never thought I was worthy of getting. I love you and I can't wait to meet our son."

Ryker Alexander Knight was born at 2:18 on a rainy April afternoon. I had been expecting him to have his momma's red hair but he surprised me by having my brown hair. His little steel grey eyes locked on to mine when I got to hold him and I couldn't help the tear that fell down my cheek. He was mine, I had helped create him and he was perfect.

As I handed him up to Willow she had tears in her own eyes, "he's perfect isn't he?"

I nodded at her wiping my eyes before the nurses let everyone else in, "how could he not be with a momma like you."

Momma was the first to get to hold him out of everyone and she ended up being the biggest crybaby ever. Willow had gotten on to me for making fun of her threatening to tell her about my own tears. I watched as dad kept his eyes on mom and I wondered what he thought of all of this. A man who had never wanted kids, a man who had found love in the wrong place with the wrong person. A man who ended up with everything he never thought he could have. A man like me.

He glanced up at me nodding and I knew that everything was going to be ok. As he took Ryker from mom I saw him smile and I felt a peace wash over me that I had never felt in my life. I felt happy, truly happy. Reaching down I grabbed Willow's hand and I knelt down whispering in her ear. "I know this probably isn't the time and I don't have a ring for you but will you marry me."

She frowned looking at me and I saw her face take in what I had said before she nodded smiling up at me. We were lost in our own little moment totally oblivious to Presley and Harper arguing over who was going to hold Ryker next. I leaned down kissing Willow's forehead. She had barged into my life and I hadn't been the same since. "I love you," said before standing back up.

Two weeks later we were at home surrounded by family. Aunt Maggie and Teresa had made it down and even mom's best friends from highschool Sierra, Courtney, and Tessa had come down. Those three were like honorary Aunts of mine growing up and they were just like sisters constantly arguing with each other.

Momma was holding Ryker even though Presley and Harper had both begged for him. I couldn't help but laugh. Between the three of them, we would never need a babysitter. They all took turns helping Willow out when I was at work, mom however trumped everyone. When she was there she automatically got him.
That night after everyone had left and Ryker was in his crib fast asleep I walked in finding Willow standing there just watching him. She looked up at me and smiled, "I can't believe he is ours."
Wrapping my arms around her from behind I popped open a box whispering in her ear, "you sure you want to be mine."
Willow jumped turning around snatching the box from my hand, "Maddox! Oh my God."
Ryker started to squirm so she shoved me out of the room slipping the diamond ring on her finger, "so I guess that's a yes."
Willow wiped the tears from her eyes, "I've been yours since that first time you picked me up in the rain."
I snorted wrapping her in my arms kissing her, "you said I was a jerk."
"Well, you were a sexy as hell jerk."
Laughing I kissed her again. This little red headed fireball was going to be my wife. I, Maddox Alexander Knight was going to not only be a dad but a husband. I couldn't help but think this was perfect, I had ended up in the last position I had ever thought I wanted to be in and had ended up happier than I had ever been in my life.

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