Anyone But Him 2: Maddox

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All reason left my brain as I leaned back down kissing her again. Reaching out I grab her wrist pulling them over her head. My body was full of adrenaline and the little argument we had just had seemed to fuel my fire even more.

This time when our lips separated and I looked down I saw reality hit her. Jerking her hands out of mine she shoved me. "Get off of me you conceded asshole I don't know if you're used to girls falling all over you or..."

As she tried to walk by me I grabbed her again this time pushing her into my car. My lips were inches from hers, "or what?"

Willow's hands went to my chest, "Maddox." My lips silenced her. Leaning my head down against hers I smirked, "what is it?"

She shook her head tilting her head up to meet my lips again. My kisses were hungry and full of lust. Feeling Willow relax underneath me I ran my hands down her sides resting on the flare of her waist.

Thunder sounded in the distance causing Willow to snap back to reality. Looking up at me she spoke softly, "it's about to rain. Don't we need to go?"

I shook my head, "it's still too hot. You aren't afraid of a little storm are you?" My hands were still on Willow's waist and I swear I could feel her heart beating through her chest. "Or is it me you're scared of?"

Willow snorted pushing at my chest, "please I don't know who you think you are but I'm not sleeping in a barn with you in the middle of nowhere."

I smirked looking down at her, "who said we would be sleeping?"

For the first time since I had known her I saw Willow's jaw actually drop. Taking a step toward her leaving her nowhere to run I lifted her slightly pinning her up against the car and my body.

Her face was now above mine and when I looked up at her she grabbed my face touching her lips to mine. Sliding my hands under her shirt I feel the smooth skin of her back. The only light we had coming in had been from the moon and that was quickly fading into the approaching storm.

Willow arched her neck up as I ran my kissed to her throat, my hands all the while working on the hooks of her bra. Even in my lust filled rage I expected her to snap to reality any second. The fact that she hadn't stopped me yet only made me want to push her further.

Hearing her bra snap free I moved my hands to the front of her shirt cupping her breast. She let out a small moan as I lifted her arms pulling her shirt right off of her. Sliding her bra free I moved her so she was sitting on my hood and popped one of her nipples in my mouth.

Willow's body arched against mine succeeding only in offering me more of her breast. Swirling my tongue around her nipple I closed my eyes as she ran her hand through my hair. When I felt her tug at my hair I bit down slightly on her nipple earning a moan from her.

I forgot all about us being in a barn, I forgot about us running from the cops, hell I forgot how much the girl aggravated the shit out of me. Moving to her other breast I felt her cradle my head and I knew she had forgotten herself too. We were both caught up in the heat of the moment.

Feeling her hands slid underneath my own shirt I leaned up removing it for her letting out a sharp breath. "You aren't as hard as you pretend," she whispered in my ear.

I snorted, "you have no idea how hard I am."

Her hands moved down to my jeans and a hiss escaped my lips as she released my button and pulled my zipper down. "Fuck," I whispered even as my own hands were doing the same to hers.

Willow arched against me as one of my hands grazed between her legs. As she lifted her hips I slid her pants down freeing her legs from their confines. Letting my own jeans slide down my hips enough to free myself I pulled at Willow sliding her down the hood closer to me.

Thrusting into her I let out a hiss of pleasure finding her more than ready for me. Holding her knees up I thrust back into her ignoring the rain echoing off of the tin roof above us. Willow gripped on to my arms holding on to me as I roughly moved in an out of her.

The sound of the storm outside mixed with the sounds of our bodies slapping up against the other filled the barn. I hated how dark the barn had become, I wanted to see Willow sprawled out on the hood of my car as I fucked her. I knew she was getting close but I didn't want to end like this. Leaning down I pulled her up to stand in front of my kissing her before turning her around and leaning her over my car.

Thrusting into her I grabbed her long hair pulling her head up. My lips caught hers as I slid my free hand down between her legs teasing her clit. "You're so wet, are you ready to cum for me?"

Willow whimpered as my fingers teased her clit, "Maddox please."

I licked my lips smiling, "good you already know the rules to this game don't you."

Pushing her back down on the hood I found myself losing all the control that I had built up. My body slammed into hers harder and faster than before. Hearing Willow's cries I fisted her hair in my hand leaning down to capture her lips with mine. "Now," I whispered my lips inches from her ear.

As she came I had to close my eyes to keep my own composure. The feel of her pussy clutching onto me was driving me crazy and I found my movements becoming more and more erratic before I threw my head back losing myself in my own release.

Letting out a deep breath I slid out of her panting. I heard her roll to her back on the hood so I opened the car door digging through the glove box returning with some napkins. The best thing I had to offer her to clean up. We didn't speak as she cleaned up the best she could.

After I did the same I pulled my jeans up zipping them before going to lay on the hood beside her. My mind was still taking in the fact that I had just fucked her on the hood of my car in an abandoned barn in the middle of nowhere. Willow had yet to get up to even begin to find her clothes so I reached out touching her shoulders.

Even though the storm was bringing the temperature outside down our bodies were both glistening with sweat. I knew I should probably get up and open the door but I was too content to move. "You ok?" I asked her.

She nodded, "yeah, just hot."

I sighed looking up at the darkness above us, "so are you ready to tell me what all that was about?"

Willow let out a sigh sliding off of the car, "Damn it Maddox just let it go. What is it with you?

I closed my eyes shaking my head watching as she pulled on her panties and shirt. I guess the old Willow was back. I much preferred the one who had been underneath me begging for release. Feeling the car move I reached out feeling that she was now sitting on the hood beside me.

"Willow come here. Don't ruin what just happened with your fucking attitude."

I heard her gasp but soon enough she had laid her head on my chest. She could keep her secrets for now but I would find them out. If I wasn't so tired I'd start on her now. Tonight I'd let her rest.

The sun was rising in the sky as I dropped Willow off at the park. I had offered to take her the block more to her Aunts but she had refused. I hadn’t meant to stay out so late and I had no clue how I was able to sleep on the hood of my car but I knew I needed to get my car off the road. The cops could run the plates all they wanted. They’d only come back to some long junked car. By tomorrow my car would be a whole new color.

As Willow opened the door to get out I sighed, “look I don’t know what kind of trouble you're in Willow but you can...”

She laughed cutting me off, “just because I let you fuck me last night doesn’t mean shit Maddox.” With that she slammed my door taking off walking down the sidewalk.

Letting out an angry breath I cursed, “stupid bitch.”

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