Anyone But Him 2: Maddox

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Willow's POV

I closed my eyes as I heard Maddox spin out as he took off. I knew I had pissed him off but it was for the best. Not only for me but for him. He had no clue what he had walked up on and I had no intention of telling him.

Last night had been a mistake. A mistake I couldn't afford to make. A mistake that even now I couldn't push out of my mind. I could still feel his hands on my body, his lips on my...

"Damnit Willow get your shit together," I said wrapping my arms around myself as I started walking faster.

I prayed that Aunt Maureen hadn't awoken yet. How was I supposed to explain last night to her? "Oh don't worry Auntie. I just slept the night in a barn with someone who might as well be a complete stranger. But don't worry it's ok."

Rolling my eyes I walked to the back door entering the kitchen quite as a mouse. I stood still holding my breath for several seconds before I was satisfied that I was the only one stirring. Heading to the small room in the back that was now mine I pulled my phone out of my back pocket frowning when I saw Franklin's name.

I knew he would be pissed I had left town. I just didn't think that he would track me down. I still owed him more than 10 thousand dollars and I was behind on payments. Sitting on the bed I shook my head falling back wondering how I had ever let my life spiral this far out of control.

My mom had died when I was two in a hit and run accident. I barely remembered her and to be honest I didn't know if my memories of her were mine or those others had put in my head. My dad had been devastated when she died and had turned to alcohol.

Growing up I had always known that I didn't grow up in a normal home. I knew I couldn't invite friends over or tell them that most nights I was left home alone. It wasn't until I had graduated that I had found out about my dad's other dirty little habit.

It wasn't drugs but another drug of sorts. My dad's drug of choice was cards. By the time I had found out about that problem it had already crossed the line of no return.

My day had started out normal. I had been accepted in our local college and had just made it home when I walked up the stairs to our apartment and saw our door kicked in. I remember as scared as I was I could hear my dad's voice so I went to the door and that's when I saw him on his knees with a gun held to his head.

That was the day I met Franklin. To fund his habit dad had gotten mixed up with loan sharks. That day I had walked in dad was over 20k in debt. I had somehow convinced Franklin that I would repay my dad's debt in full but I had no idea how hard that would actually be. Especially when my dad refused to see he had a problem.

Franklin had agreed to cut my dad off but he gave me a tight repayment plan. One I had been killing myself to meet. After selling everything that wasn't nailed down I managed to pay off a good chunk but I still owed a little over 10k and after I lost my job I had no choice but to come live with Aunt Maureen.

I felt a tear slip down my face. How could I regret saving my dad's life? Part of me thought he would be grateful and realize what he was doing to not only himself but to me. That however didn't last more than a night. The next morning when I awoke he was gone again.

Aunt Maureen had no idea bless her heart so when she called asking if there was any way I could come spend some time with her I had seen it as a sign from God. I hadn't talked to her in years so I had been caught off guard but after my job of 2 years laid me off I didn't have a choice.

Aunt Maureen was my grandmother's sister. She reminded me a lot of her. Before cancer took her hair she had the same orange hair as my own. My dad never really talked about her and maybe he didn’t know much. He had never been big on keeping up with my mom's family. My own grandparents had lived too far away to really know how awful I had it and even they were gone now.

With Franklin in town I would have to find a job fast. He didn’t take excuses. He didn’t care if my car had broken down and a Greek god himself had rescued me. Didn’t care that said Greek god was a complete fucking asshole.

I groaned just thinking of Maddox. My body heating up recalling last night. I don't know why I got so mad at him earlier when he tried to offer his help. Maybe because there was no way someone like him would ever understand.

Maddox came from the perfect family. Every single one of them was gorgeous. It was clear that he was the rebel of them but even then he was nothing but a huge spoiled brat. How could he understand me or the baggage I brought with me?

Did I even care? I shook my head no. I'd met guys like him before. They were only interested in two things. Fast cars and fast women. He barely even knew me and look at what happened between us.

I sighed, Jesus that boy knew how to drive a girl crazy. Closing my eyes I knew I had probably run him off for good earlier. If he stuck to typical fuck boy behavior I'd never see him again and when I did he would flat out ignore me.

Not that I cared. I didn't want anything from him except for him to leave me alone. He would only make things worse. In fact he had made things worse for me last night just by stepping in. Franklin wouldn't have hurt me, not this time.

Remembering his text I open it up and read, "I expect payment by the end of the week. Thanks to your little boyfriend you can make that a double to help get your sweet little ass caught up."

I threw my phone down cussing, "damn it Maddox. Why did you have to step in."

I had hardly any money left and most of what I had saved up had gone to moving down here. The other half to my car repairs. I closed my eyes feeling tears threaten to spill. I didn't know what to do.

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