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Romance / Drama
Rae Wood
4.6 5 reviews
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What is trust? What is that feeling of safety that a friend, sibling, parent, or romantic partner gives you when you're at your lowest and have no one else to turn to? These are things that a certain boy at Greenwood High has never known the answer to.

Jackson is the kindest and most outgoing guy at Greenwood High. There's a small fight? He'll find a way to peacefully resolve it! Feeling down because the stress of life is a little much? Just talk to Jackson! He's the most popular and reliable guy you could imagine; he doesn't have a single bad bone in his whole soul! What no one realizes is that he has a secret that he has to deal with every day.

So when these two uniquely different high schoolers meet, the adventures and struggles they go through together truly show the meaning of trust.

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