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There are some people who come, turn our world upside down and permanently tattoo their mark on us. And when they are about to walk away, we have no choice but to beg for more. Those kinds are worth fighting for.

Romance / Erotica
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Skin against skin.

No barriers between to disturb the path that his warmth had created to bind with hers. His nails were digging in her thighs causing a bearable pain driven by desire. His fingers, following a burning trail and fueling a maddening sensation on every inch.

His breath hunting the unsteady rhythm of hers, generated layers after layers over her neck, as if a second outer. Layers which he decided to coat with the pair of his soft lips. Goosebumps lined her skin. They were not the kind that one gets in the cold, but the kind when nothing else matters except right there and right then.

In that split second, his lips made every nerve in her body and brain to be electrified. The rest of the world became an unimportant blur. Their bodies were fitting together as if they were made just for this, to fall into one another, to feel this natural rhythm that was written deep in their DNA.

His usual smile wasn’t there on his lips, only the hot intensity of his gaze that she knew it was the start of an inferno. He looked at her as if he would never look at another woman again.

“No other man will ever make you feel like this. No one, doll...”

The acceleration of their heart-rate had nothing to do with fear and everything to do with what their bodies wanted, needed...

In a few moments, they were reaching their breaking points. The exasperating feeling just after the culmination caused their skin to vibrate against one another. Just one more second was enough so they could dive in until then, unknown pleasure.

“Damn it, I really shouldn’t be writing this.”

Alec didn’t even save his unfinished chapter and as if annoyed, closed his laptop rougher than he intended. Not that he was going to forget it if he didn’t store it, he couldn’t chase his memories even if he wanted.

He exhaled heavily, stood up from his seat behind his desk while furiously fanning his flustered face and walked towards the windows. He opened one, hoping it’ll chase the frighteningly high temperature of his bedroom and possibly his sinful thoughts with it.

Running his hand through his hair, he looked out the window. His eyes met the midnight glory. The moon smiled to him from above, luring him to admire her beauty. But Alec had other beauty to worship in his mind. He closed his eyes and let his thoughts travel back to the moments with her.

Two thousand miles away Mika jolted in her sleep in the middle of the night, drenched in sweat, thirsty for something cold and ... undeniably horny.

“What the hell...”

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