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I always looked up to my parents and their relationship, sure they had their arguments but every relationship had their problems. For my sake they kept their arguments at a minimum they were the best parents a girl could ask for. After every night of arguing my mom would wake up extra early and make me French toast sticks which I loved to death and back. You would’ve never thought they would be murdered in cold blood. That was the worst and best day of my life. I cried for a really long time. Until my eyes couldn't tear up anymore and it felt as if I couldn't lift up my body by myself. Nobody helped because nobody actually cared. Soon after I had to move into a foster home which helped me realize that everything happens for a reason and this is only a minor flaw in something big. I lived in that foster home with my foster mom Regina for five years. I had seen people come and go. The day that the Princeton family took me in was the start of my amazing adventure in life. The day that I met their son, Enrique, who I didn't know but he would save my life. Although he was an ass ninety nine percent of the time he did have a heart who was only opened to Genelia. What happens between Enrique and Genelia? What magic is gonna happen in Genelia's life? Will Genelia's life be easier or worse? What's more, is going to come..!! Presented by bindaazkudi aka nikki. G

Romance / Drama
Nikki G
Age Rating:


“Fuck you Enrique,"I said at the annoyed idiot who was now glaring at me from his spot on the couch.

I want to stab him in his damn eye.

“You seem to forget you belong to me. Not the other way around,so I would advise you to watch your damn mouth before I fix it for you,” Enrique growled angrily as he threw his phone on the table walking towards me.

"I don't belong to shit so you can go sit your little ass back on the couch and get out of my face with that bullshit.” I say rolling my eyes.

He was actually starting to piss me off. I wish he'd stop acting like a damn idiot and grow up. I may live in his parents house but that's it. He doesn't even live here!

He can kiss my ass before I ever say I'm his.

"Oh but you do and the sooner you learn that the sooner I can…" He stopped mid sentence licking his lips, still in my damn face.

"Goddammit my pizza rolls!" I screamed as I ran to the kitchen, my heartbeat increasing at the thought of my pizza rolls being burnt.

Luckily nothing was wrong and the microwave had beeped a long time ago.

Little did I know that this boy was going to be the death of me.

(We hope you guys love the prologue as much as we do we love you guys.)

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