Five letters to my bullies

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.... "You are the most infuriating person I've ever met in my whole life " "And you are the most infuriating Slut I've ever met in my whole life" he mimicked my voice I just want to do one thing now I want to punch his stupid ugly face . "Stay away from me Asher I'm seriously getting tired of your games besides I could care less of what you think of me I'm saying this one last time . Stay . Away " "Oh love you are so wrong. We both know that you want this so bad that you are craving for the opposite " he chuckled darkly . "That's not right at all it just proves how delusional you are " ***** A bully is playing a game, one that he or she enjoys and needs. You're welcome to play this game if it makes you happy, but for most people, it will make you miserable. ‼️⚠️Warning this book contains : self harm , suicide thoughts . YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED

Romance / Drama
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Start writing here…One

"ᵀʰᵉʸ ᵖᵘᵗ ᵒⁿ ᵃ ᶠᵃᵏᵉ ˢᵐⁱˡᵉ ᵃⁿᵈ ᵖʳᵉᵗᵉⁿᵈ ᵗʰᵉʸ'ʳᵉ ᵒᵏᵃʸ"

7:30 AM

Elena's POV :

My hair was all messed up and I'm sure that I looked like a witch it was so early in the morning . Staring at the ceiling...

‏Today is my first day at college first of all I don't know anyone here So I hope that things will change for the better The thing is that This is all new to me. I'm just not ready for this new life .

"Mom could you plea-" i said put I eventually stopped as I realized that she's not here .

ughhh I kinda missed home I lived back with my mom and grandpa in Texas. But I had to move to Louisiana for my college I'm a first year student . I missed them already especially my mom's cooking. It's the best I gotta say. I glanced at my watch it read 7:40 I gotta go and get ready I don't wanna be late especially on my first day right? I got up really quickly and showered after that I brushed my teeth and and dried my hair and I put my comfy clothes on Black jeans and pink T-shirt Too casual I know !.

I didn't put so much concealer and foundation in fact I don't really put so much on any occasions. I just like it simple and natural.

I headed to the my small kitchen. And made my favorite sandwich oh how I miss my mom making it for me , peanut and jelly I know it's not that hard to make one since I'm 18 but I always prefer mom making it for me I think this is the reason why I wake up everyday . I should call her later when I get back I bet she's busy with her work . I really missed her voice.

After that I grabbed my phone and my head phones i always listen to the neighborhood band in the early morning whenever I listen to one of their songs it's like I'm on my own world . I closed the door of my room and left the dorm I hope I can find a roommate it can get lonely sometimes I really hope so .

After 10 minutes of walking my eyes widened when I saw it . It was so big !!

And crowded . Of course Elena what did you expect It's the first day .!

Ok so what to do first? Oh I have to go to the office and get my schedule.

After searching for the office for like more that 20 minutes I finally found it I didn't ask anyone for directions not because I'm shy ughhhh well let's face it I'm indeed shy it's just because I don't want to anyone to give me the wrong directions I know they will differently say that I'm a first year student they would definitely give me the wrong directions . And I really don't want this to happen.

On my way to the office I saw a group of students surrounding a girl . Ok that's not normal . I mean seriously we're in a college for god's sake not a school! . She was short and she was wearing glasses she was so skinny and way too short. Ok you gotta focus Elena they're just having a conversation that's all .

I was about to enter the office when one of them shouted at the girl making her fall to the ground.

"admit it little bitch"

"I swear... please ..please just spare me it wasn't me"

Ok this is getting weird and scary somehow.

"Plea—" the girl didn't complete her sentence because the next thing I heard a slap.

I gasped loudly causing them to look at my direction.

I quickly entered the office not letting them see me .. I don't want to get into troubles on my first day in fact I don't want to get into troubles at any time . But at the same time I don't know what to do should I tell the principal about this or not?

Here goes nothing..

"Uh excuse me .." I said to the lady sitting behind the desk she looked up at my direction and smiled.

"Hi sweetie how can I help you ? " she asked me in a soft tone .

I got lost in her eyes they were blue just like the ocean.

"Oh yes.. I'm new "

"Oh welcome sweetheart.. what's your name . "

"Elena.. elena Walker " I mumbled softly

"You got a beautiful name .. ok here is your schedule and please if you need anything or having a problem please don't Hesitate to come to me ok ?

I nodded and take the schedule I don't know should I tell her about the thing I saw earlier? ... what could possibly happen? Come on Elena just tell her already.

I turned around and said " umm actually yes I have something to say .. before I entered your office I saw couple of students.. umm ... I don't know how to say it ... bullying a girl .. and I thought that I could tell you about it she was ummm ..." why am I doing this ! I might get in troubles ! What if they heard me reporting them to the principal I'm definitely dead .

I shook my head " ummm never mind "

"You mean Asher and his gang ? "

"Excuse me ? "

She stood up from her chair and stared at the window " listen to what I'm about to say to you .. stay away from this guy and also his gang .. they're troublemakers , for your own safety just stay away from them ignore them completely do you understand me dear ? "

She is Now looking at me with worried expression staring , she was like a mom giving instructions to her daughter to stay away from danger.

"Umm... can't you do anything about it I mean giving him a detention ? Or asking his parents to come here? .. it's just not ok that he's bullying students? Right? "

She smiled at me and said " You are so sweet Elena but ... it's kinda complicated ....and it's not that easy you know the thing is that Asher wards is the son of Chris ward a hardworking businessman who actually donated hundreds of dollars to this college so ... umm you know we can't do anything about . We keep quite because we don't want to lose our jobs Mrs Walker. " she looked with worried expression.

I don't know what to say ...

" Umm .. yes I understand Mrs ...."

"Helen ... Helen Smith "

I nodded and thanked her after she gave me the number of my locker and left the office .

My god this is going to be the longest day in my life .

After like 5 minutes I finally found it I walked to the locker and opened it . I looked at my schedule and my first period is Art . Great! I love art . Since I'm studying what I love ! That's all what matters. Thank god that I already bought some supplies for the course. I put my backpack in the locker and I locked it ok I know that it's kinda weird that I'm still wearing a backpack and holding lots of books in my hand like a nerd it reminds me so much of school and I don't think that I will grow up . I don't think that I'm gonna be like those girls one day who cares about clothes and makeup and boyfriends and other stuff. It's just not my type ok ?

I glanced at my watch it read 8:45 I have five minutes to get to the class i must hurry.

The hallway was really crowded I suddenly felt a hard shove behind me my binder and books was knocked out of me as people stared I looked up and saw him ... it was Asher.. the guy I should stay away from .

He smirked at me " watch your steps nerd"

I saw other guys following him . I picked up my binder and I saw a girl helping me to pick my other stuff.

"T-thank you .." I said softly

"No problem " she smiled at me " ugh ! I hate them so much ... they're the most popular people here ... seriously just stay away from them you don't really want to mess with them . Especially Asher wards and that guy following him is also his friend Caleb ... he's so arrogant I just really don't know what girls see in them " the girl that I don't know her name yet scoffed.

"I'm Jade btw " she smiled at me she was wearing a blue shirt and a black skirt she had dark brown hair. And blue eyes. She was quite tall and sweet I gotta say .

I shake her hand.

"Elena "

She smiled at me .

"So what do you have now ? "

"Umm ... art "

Cool I have the same class too . You seem really fun to hang out with . How about we be friends? "

I smiled at her and nodded finally I met someone.

"So let me guess you are a first year student? " she asked curiously

"Umm.. yes how did you know that ? " I laughed nervously

"Trust me just by looking at your face I can tell that you are new here " she winked at me

I'm a second year student and I gotta say that's it's pretty ok here so far " jade explained as we walked side by side to the classroom.

We both reached out to our desks and sat down near the front. Jade whispered to my ear " Let's have have lunch together "

I smiled at her and nodded.

Morning students I suppose that you all here are a first year student.. except for someone he looked over at jade. Jade rolled her eyes.

"Yeah whatever" jade whispered

" I hope we all have a good year I'm Mr James " he exclaimed .

After some time the class came to an end every one stood and leave the class.

I was about to stood up and leave too with jade but suddenly felt a hard shove behind me my books was knocked out of me .

Not again!

"Are you blind ? " the girl said angrily.

"But I didn't do any-"

"Whatever "

"Baby " a voice said

No no no no I knew this voice . I don't need to turn around and know who it was .

"Asher " she walked up to him excited " why didn't you call me asshole it was so boring without you " she kissed him in the cheek.

Ok I'm no longer wanted here I gotta leave.

"Who are you talking to ? " Asher asked his smile fade away as he saw me .

"It's no one baby " she didn't pay any attention to me and stared at him with lust eyes .

Ok why would he act like that . He doesn't even know me .

"Hey Elena are you coming or what ? "

I heard jade shouting at me .

I gazed at the ground not wanting to look at the both of them and left the class to join jade .

Why are they acting like that ? They don't even know me .

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