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"What are you doing?" Alijah questioned as she backed into the door. "What I've wanted to do since the first time you walked into my office." Kieran replied in a husky tone. He closed the distance between them, trapping her luscious body against his and the door. He left nowhere for her to go and that was his intent. He'd been fighting his desire for this woman long enough and he absolutely wasn't going to do it anymore. He was going to fulfill his every need and hers. Her body was calling to him, begging him to touch her and he was going to do just that. Picking her up, her legs instinctively wrapped around his waist. He pressed his hardened member between the apex of her thighs and allowed her to feel his need for her, his desire. Without a word, he captured her lips with his and dominated the kiss. He was hungry for her and was damn sure going to get his fill of her. Even if it took all night.

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1: The Interview

Alijah sat in the waiting room a bit impatiently. She’d been there since eight o’clock and it was now going on eleven. Had she not really needed a job she would have left an hour ago. Thirty minutes after her scheduled interview time.

For the hundredth time, she found herself looking at her watch. She was tempted to just get up and leave, but after having no luck on yesterday’s job search, or the day before that and her other two interviews being a bust, at no fault of her own, she needed this job, so she had to stay.

Since she moved to Colorado, she simply seemed to be down on her luck. She had been staying with her friend Lawrence, and she was more than tired of mooching off of him. Alijah had never considered being someone’s personal assistant, but there she sat waiting to be called into her interview. This was truly a testament of how badly she needed a job.

She had always wanted to be a painter, she’d studied art at college and graduated with her bachelors, but she knew upon taking up that major that the road she traveled to fulfill her dreams would not be an easy one.

“Ms. Douglas, Mr. Cayman will see you now.”

The sound of the voice brought her out of her thoughts. She looked to her right to see a slender, blonde woman looking at her expectantly. Rising from her seat, Alijah followed the woman as she led the way into the office.

The first thing she noticed was brown hair and a voice like velvet that caressed her. That voice she noted however was also angry. The blonde motioned to one of the seats and Alijah took it as the woman left out of the room. She was then left to listen to Mr. Cayman, as he had be called, finish his conversation and again she noted he wasn’t too happy.

“Resume.” He stated and his voice jolted her. Alijah hadn’t known that she had spaced out. Pulling her resume from the manila folder she held, she handed it to him.

She sat in silence as he looked it over, and she knew it wouldn’t take him long. She’d only worked a handful of jobs. Her longest being the four years she attended college, when she worked as a secretary, a job she hated, yet it kept extra money in her pockets. No matter how much she despised it however, here she was again, in almost the same position.

“I see you were a secretary for quite a while. What happened with that job?” Alijah looked up at him and his hazel eyes locked with her green ones.

“I moved.” She replied simply. He said nothing and glanced back down at her resume.

“It says here that you minored in culinary arts.” Alijah nodded. “That may come in handy.”

Silence befell them again, and Alijah began to nibble on her bottom lip, something she only ever did when she was nervous. Finally Mr. Cayman sighed and leaned back in the high back chair, his eyes leveling on her.

“You’re hired.”

Alijah nodded her head slowly. “Okay, when do I start?”

“Tonight,” Mr. Cayman began grabbing a card from his top drawer. “All of your belongings can be moved tonight, and what you don’t need can be put into storage. I’d like to get an early start tomorrow and...”

“Wait, wait, wait.” Alijah stated cutting him off. “What do mean move my belongings?”

“You were aware that this was a personal assistant position, correct?” He questioned, raising a brow.

“Well, yes, but...”

“A twenty four hour personal assistant position.”

Alijah let out a sigh of her own. That part she was not aware of. She had simply thought it would be like any other office job. Yet, she had to admit that she hadn’t read the entire job posting. She just knew she needed to go for it. Now she regretted that she hadn’t.

She contemplated saying no, forget it, but she knew that she shouldn’t be so hasty. After all Lawrence was a nice guy, but he was only going to let her mooch off of him for so long. To her way of thinking, if she took the job, she could save the money she made, and then begin to look for another one when she had enough saved. Possibly even pursue her art career.

“Alright,” She finally answered.

“Call when you’re all packed.” He stated handing her the card. Again she just nodded before standing and exiting his office.

Once outside the building, she hopped into Lawrence’s car and headed back to his apartment. She was mentally drained, but on the bright side, she didn’t have much repacking to do.

Kieran groaned as he thought about the green eyed beauty again since she’d left him two hours ago. His mind constantly reminded him of how they sparkled. Contrasting against her dark brown hair, and succulent caramel skin. Shaking his head, he cursed under his breath as he felt his slacks become tighter. Getting up he made his way to the massive window, peering down at the view.

What was wrong with him? As a grown man the simple thought of a woman shouldn’t turn him on so much, but it did. Perhaps it was the fact that he’d never come across a black woman with green eyes, or the fact that he had never been so sexually attracted to one. Yes, he thought they were attractive, but never to the extent when he wanted to pound them into his desk, but that was exactly what was happening. Maybe it was because it was all new to him. She was simply a novelty. He knew he would be over it soon and back to his milky skinned blondes.

Kieran checked his watch again. He’d given her a card to call his driver when she was packed, however, that still hadn’t happened and he was getting a bit frustrated. He wanted her to be at his house by the time he left the office. Granted that wouldn’t be for quite some time.

Deciding to take his mind off of that he decided to get back to work. The last two weeks had been hard on him. He’d had to fire his previous personal assistant, due to the fact that she hadn’t realized their relationship was one that only consisted of business. She’d thrown hints several times and he’d ignored her. However, when he found her naked, spread eagle in his home office that was the last straw.

He had commenced his search for a new assistant, but hadn’t had much luck until today. All of the women and the one man he’d seen had all been more interested in the fact that they would be living under the same rood as him and the possibility of sharing his bed, than the actual job. Alijah had been different. He knew from her shocked expression that she hadn’t know the job would require her to live with him, meaning that she hadn’t read the entire ad. That should have annoyed him, yet it didn’t. It only showed that she was there for the job and not for him. The fact that she was the only one with more than a few months of secretarial experience helped as well.

Kieran didn’t have any more meetings for the day. Which was simply a testament to how lax his last assistant had been. He was used to having meetings scheduled three weeks to a month ahead of time. Not last minute as she seemed to like to do. This was something he made a note to stress to Ms. Douglas.

Going over the numbers for the last quarter he was more than pleased. Profit had gone up three percent and by his calculations was still rising steadily. He knew that if his current deals were to go through he would gain a profit of over thirty-three percent a year.

It was well after eight o’clock when Kieran noticed the time. It wasn’t unusual for him to stay at the office late. However, he’d meant to get home before the sun went down. There were some things that he wanted to speak with Ms. Douglas about. Timothy had called him a little after three to inform him that he was driving her to his house.

Sighing, Kieran picked up his phone calling the older man and informing him that he was ready. After putting on his suit jacket, he gathered the documents he’d been looking over and placed them in his briefcase before putting his cell phone into his breast pocket. Once he’d turned the lights out he headed for the elevator.

Timothy was already standing by the car when Kieran walked out of the building. He nodded acknowledging the older man as he opened the door for him. When he’d slid in, Timothy closed the door.

The ride from the office building took about thirty minutes. Once they arrived Kieran stepped from the car and headed into the building. Going over to his private elevator, he stepped inside and rode it up to the fiftieth floor. He stepped off and unlocked his door before going inside.

His living room was dark as usual, but there was a light coming from down the hall. Making his way to the source of the light, he stood in the open bedroom door. He watched her silently as she sat in the middle of the floor, her back to him, as she folded the clothes she continued to remove from one of the few boxes littered around the room.

Kieran didn’t feel inclined to alert her of his presence, instead he sat and watched her for a few more minutes before he realized if she turned around and caught him, she would surely think he was some sort of freak.

Lifting his hand, he knocked lightly on the open door. He expected her to jump, startled by the noise. Instead she turned slowly, placing the garment she had in her hand to the side.

“Mr. Cayman.” She greeted, standing to her feet.

“Ms. Douglas. Settling in?”

“Yes, I’m almost done unpacking.”

“Good. I’ll return within the hour and we can go over your duties.”

Without waiting for a response, he turned and left, making his way to his home office.

Alijah exhaled as she turned away from the door. She could already tell that working for Mr. Cayman was going to be a chore. However, she was willing to put up with him and his stand offish demeanor. She really didn’t have much of a choice and on top of that the pay was too good to let it slip away. Closing the door, she went about finishing putting away the rest of her clothes. She’d already put her underwear in the top drawers and hung up all of her work attire and jeans. All that was left was to place her sleepwear and casual wear into the drawers.

After all of her clothes were put away she went to the box with her personal and feminine items. She carried it into the en suite and set about putting it away.

Alijah was just finishing placing all of the boxes in the corner of the walk-in closet when the door to the bedroom opened.

“Come. We have work to discuss.”

With her back to him, Alijah rolled her eyes to the ceiling and made a mental note to lock the door when she was getting dressed and sleeping, seeing as how he didn’t know how to knock. Deciding that cussing him out for it wouldn’t get them off to a good start, she simply turned to find his steely hazel eyes penetrating her. She had to admit that it was honestly the first time she had seen such a soft color look so cold.

When she took a step towards him, he turned on his heels and headed down the hall. It took everything in her not to roll her eyes again. Instead she followed after him into a home office. He gestured for her to take one of the seats across from him as he sat behind his desk. She watched as he opened one of the desk drawers and reached inside. Pulling out a Surface 2 and a Samsung Galaxy S5.

“Keep these with you at all times. They’re essential for your job. This phone,” He stated holding it up. “should never go unanswered. No matter what it going on around you.”

He placed the phone on top of the Surface and sat both items down in front of her. She then watched as he picked up a stack of paper.

“This is your employment paper work.” He stated holding up a small stack of papers that had been clipped together. “This is a list of duties that are required of you.” He then stated holding up what appeared to be a few sheets of stapled papers. “This,” He began holding up the biggest stack. “Is a list of my business associates and competitors. Familiarize yourself with this.” He handed her all the papers. “Your employment papers are to be returned to me first thing in the morning.” With that he turned his attention to his computer screen.

Alijah mentally rolled her eyes at the dismissal before taking everything he had given her and exited the office. Once back in her bedroom she closed the door, remembering to lock it. She decided to go through the employment packet since he insisted on having it in the morning.

Most of it was standard and she filled it out quickly. She then came to a Non-disclosure agreement. She wondered for a moment what he would need this for, but realized how stupid of a question that was. Of course you needed one when you owned a multi-billion dollar company.

When she was finished with all of those papers, she decided to take a look at the list job duties that were required. Most of it was standard of a secretary as well. However, there were some things that she hadn’t done at her other job. The list included accompanying him to events, running errands, cooking. That one explained why he said her minoring in culinary arts would come in handy.

She noted from the list that he was an early riser and liked to be at the office by seven each morning. Alijah didn’t have a problem with this. She had always been an early riser, preferring to start a painting early before the sun came up. Five o’clock had always been she rose.

Looking at the clock, she rose to her feet. It was a little after eleven and she knew she would have a big day tomorrow. She rose from the bed and headed into the bathroom. There were a few towels on one of the racks. Turing on the shower, she stripped from her clothes before grabbing her body wash and a face towel.

After her shower Alijah dressed in a tank top and shorts before turning her light out and getting into bed. She doubled checked her alarm before getting comfortable on the plush queen size mattress. She had to admit if nothing else the man had taste in furniture, at least what was in her room. She hadn’t seen much outside of it besides his office. She thought it would be best not to snoop around when she arrived without him being present.

It wasn’t long before her eyes began to close and sleep drug her under.

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