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*Amayra Graham* After being betrayed by her husband , Amayra started her new life far away from her old one. Now, after one year, she finally gathered the courage to go back to that place again. But, now, Amayra is unexpectedly attacked, changing her in a way that threaten her life. She is alone, helpless and on the verge of death. *Alpha Dominic Royal* Ruthless, relentless, asshole. That's me. I'm the next one in line for Alpha. The idea of mate don't interest me. Women loves me for my looks and money and power. But they don't interest me. Until she came. Amayra... I found her in her most helpless time. But being helpless didn't make her helpless. She knows exactly the right buttons to make me lose my cool. I hate her for that. I want her too. The line between us is blurring.

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter 1


Whoever folks thinks weekends are best must be either too much enthusiastic or too much full of shit.

I mean, just look at me, I am 21, but weekends are like nightmare to me. Its not that i don't get invited to parties, its just i don't feel like going most of the time.

I unlocked the door to my apartment. It's a cozy apartment, nothing fancy. My friend, Emma, helped me get this apartment. The previous owner was her uncle. He had advertised this apartment for sell. And there came my entry to buy the apartment. I had jumped at that opportunity. I needed a place to live after all.

Putting my bag down, i went straight to my kitchen and make myself a Latte. I'm an caffeine addict. Without it, my brain doesn't work.

My phone started to ring on bed beside my bag. Reaching the bed, i picked up my phone. Seeing Stella's name on the bar, i received it.

"You coming, right?" Stella asked with uncertainty in her voice. Today morning, stella told me to come to her birthday party in a local bar. Shit! I completely forgot.

"Yeah, um...yeah, I'm sorry, I forgot. What's the name of the club again?"

"It's alright. It's just two block away from your place. Billy's XBox. Don't be too late. See ya."

"Yeah, will see you there." I hung up.

Throwing my phone on couch, I flung myself on bed with my legs dangling on the floor.

I must have drifted off, 'cause i jerked awake with a ring coming from my phone. Dragging myself from bed, i recived the call without looking for a name.

" Hey Ami, how are you doing?" My mom's voice came.

"Oh, it's going great, mom. How are you and dad?"

"We're good but we misses you, hun. We're celebrating Kara's birthday and me and your dad will really be happy if you come."

"um.. You know mom th-"

"I know. We all know. But you gonna have to face it someday. So why not now? Kara won't call you because she's angry at you for not calling her. We all just want you back only for a few days. A little family time will do you good, girl."

"Ok Ok, I'll go. And I'll call Kara to say it personally. Look mom, i know I've been distant for awhile but I miss you guys."

"Ok then, hun. We'll be expecting you on next Friday. See ya. Good night,dear."

"yeah. See ya and good night,mom."

Well... that went well. Next Friday won't be boring.

I don't give myself time to regret my decision about going back home. I walk toward my closet and take out my favorite party dress. It's a backless black dress that come down to my knees. I put the dress on and then go to my mirror to make myself look presentable.

Hopefully by the time I'll return, I'll be too exhausted to think about anything.

I take my purse and phone from the bed and head out.

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