More Than A Friend

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I felt his breath on my neck and his hand on my waist. He glides his hand across my jawline and stops with his fingers resting on my neck and his thumb near my ear. I take his head with both my hands and pull him gently towards me. The way he looked at me made me bite my lip and slowly I laid my lips on him. His kiss was soft but wanting. In them, I felt the passion shared between us. A primal desire that I had not yet felt. It wasn't the feeling that turned me on, it was the emotion, the desire we shared.

Romance / Erotica
Libidinous Lust
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You're probably wondering, who am I? What is this story about? Am I wasting my time?

Well, my name is Rose Robinson. This story is my story. I guess you can tell me if I've wasted your time after you've read it.

Right, now that all questions have been answered, sit tight - and I'll try not to waste your time.

My life was normal before him, I had good parents, a good school, an amazing friend! But, the day this guy moved in next to us and just so coincidently had his window right next to mine, I knew that this was a story worth making. I also knew he was a complete twat with his shirt off nearly 24/7, taking selfies of those gorgeous, toned, tanned...

Sorry, I was getting sidetracked, I'm gazing at him now reading this so I apologise if I trail off like that sometimes. Not really helping those who think reading this book will waste their time.

ANYWAY... He was an obnoxious, self-obsessed arsehole - who had fantastic abs.

One day, my mum told me she couldn't take me to college and it was raining

... torrentially. It just so happened that Jo, the extremely good looking, attractive, handsome -


Jo, my neighbour who I've already gone into too much detail about, overheard.

"I'll take you," he said in a -

Stop. For God's sake!

As I was about to decline. He interrupted me and said,

"You don't really want to walk in that do you?"

I looked out the window sideways and saw the rain pounding the field just as hard as Jo would be pounding -

My apologies.

A struck of lightning was added purely for effect.

Jo looked at me smugly, knowing I couldn't resist. A look he'd be giving me in bed -

OKAY OKAY, I'll stop now.

"Or will you skip school and be a bad girl?" he made his hands in a claw-like motion and made this awful high pitched screech to which he thought resembled a cat.

"Fine... But never do that again."

"Your wish is my command milady" and bowed whilst closing his window.

I, in response, slammed mine.

I got in his car, it had that new car smell. I would've thought that someone like him would have a knock off sports car. But his was more, functional...

The entire way there, no one spoke, but I saw his lips curling upwards in the rear-view mirror. Then he caught me red-handed by looking directly in my eyes through the mirror.

Panicked, I sink lower in the leather seat trying to convince myself that he didn't see me. Which was stupid, of course, he saw me.

When we both got out of the car, everyone looked and started whispering.

Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you. He kind of had this hottest-guy-in-school, bad-boy, leave-me-alone kind of vibe. It didn't matter who you were, everyone knew who he was. On the other hand, the only vibe I had was who-is-she-again? Until now, anyway.

"Ignore them," he said discreetly in my ear which sent shivers of lust... I mean love down my spine. Then he went in a completely different direction. I was staring at his ass a little too long to anybody who happened to be watching.

My friend, Isobel came running over to me.

"OH MY GOD ROSE! TELL ME EVERYTHING" she grabbed my arm and started walking me to class.

Her expectant look was way too excitable for me to know that whatever I said, it wouldn't matter; she was already forming a story in her head that very second.

"Nothing, as you know, it was raining like crazy earlier and he offered me a ride"


Everyone in the corridor looked directly at us. It didn't help that I saw him noticeably grinning whilst putting books in his locker.

This day was going to go so slowly.

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