More Than A Friend

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Over the weekend, I went out with Isobel to get some 'sexy lingerie for Jo' well that's what she said at least. I just needed some new clothes.

Isobel stopped and stared at something like it an infinite amount of candy that stood before her. Confused, I looked too, and there was Jo, giving the homeless money and food with a team of people. Old ladies came up to him and commented on how handsome he looked to which he'd reply with something like, "Aw, Gladis, you're too sweet. I hope your son is doing well"

Was he, nice? Did he care for people? I instantly felt guilty that he was there helping those in need whereas I was getting clothes for myself. Helping businesses thrive isn't exactly as wholesome as helping the homeless.

I ushered Isobel along. Picking out a few, more colourful items thanks to Isobel, I went home and saw Jo topless, once again.

Something had changed, instead of wanting to jump on him and straddle him to death, I wanted to get to know him. This feeling I had only experienced once but I was too shy to do anything about it.

The feeling scared me a little. What if he didn't feel the same way? Does he ever think of me? Does he like anyone else?

I was so zoned out I didn't realise that he waving frantically at me, trying to get my attention. I soon fell asleep.

I woke up to the noise of Jo blasting his music. It was good music but I like waking up organically.

"Sorry" he mouthed me.

He was putting on a shirt for once!

As my mum took me to school, I wished I was in Jo's car. I saw him driving behind us.

"Ugh! Why is he so close to me!" my mum said furiously looking in the rear-view mirror.

"Hold on tight Rose" and he slammed on her brakes, nearly making Jo slam into the back of her.

"Jesus Mum! What are you doing?!"

"These young drivers need to be taught a lesson!"

This time it was my turn to mouth 'sorry' at him outside the window.

In my creative writing lesson, my partner was a no show and my teacher announced that there was a new member of the class who had transferred from English Language to English Literature.

Just like out of a story, Jo appeared at the door. Time stood still, a wind machine blew his hair in slow motion and a ray of light came out behind his face.

Unfortunately, that was my imagination. However, as soon as he had introduced himself to the class, Mr Henshaw directed him to the seat next to mine.

He gave me a subtle but not so subtle wink.

"Your mum really gave me a ride today"

Overhearing, Mr Henshaw said, "Jo please keep your sexual endeavours to yourself please"

Jo and I laughed out loud confusing him.

Later in the lesson, the teacher announced that homework would be to produce a story on any subject we liked but that we had to do it with the person next to us.

After realising that our free periods didn't match up, he suggested that I come round to his afterschool.

Every nerve ending in my body alighted at once but I managed to keep a cool, calm, collected outward appearance.

Throughout the school day, I kept thinking about him, all the things we could do together in his room...

Needless to say, it was the longest day in history.

As soon as I got back home, I showered, got dressed in an off-the-shoulder peplum top and some cute embroidered jeans. I spritzed my favourite perfume head to toe, accidentally gagging on it, just like I would be gagging on -

I was doing so well!

I doubted that he'd be back already so I held off from sprinting down the stairs, saying farewell to my parents and knocking on his door. Instead, I thought I'd do some subtle makeup. I put on a gold eyeshadow with some mascara and some tinted lipgloss.

A knock ricocheted throughout my room making me jump out of my skin. I turned around to see Jo stretched over to my window, about to fall out at any second.

"Oi, when are you going to get your cute ass here?"

Had he been waiting for me? Did he really think my ass was cute? I did have embroidered roses on the back pocket as a birthday present from my parents.

I closed my curtains and decided to make him wait a little longer. Even though it killed me.

I touched up my makeup and made my way calmly down the stairs, said goodbye to my parents and walked over to his house. I didn't even have to knock before he opened the door.

I said hi to his parents and made my way up the stairs to his room. His house was a lot like ours so I knew which rooms we're which.

His room was surprisingly tidy. When I saw it through the window he had shirts sprawled on the floor which is probably why he never had one on, except now. His room was the definition of grey. It was spacious like mine but lacked colour.

"Oh so now you wear a shirt!" I said in disbelief.

"I can take it off if you prefer," he said provocatively.

Yes! Yes! Please do! Let me see those abs! But that's not how things really panned out.

Instead, I gave him a sarcastic grin and made my way over to his laptop so we could begin.

As soon as I lifted the top, porn blasted out of the speakers.

Jo covered my eyes and shut the lid down forcefully.

"I'm very sorry you saw that, good girls should not be exposed to that."

"Please" I rolled my eyes and grabbed the laptop off of him, opened the lid once again. Took a quick look at what he was watching for... umm future reference I guess. Closed the browser and deleted his search history.

"Next time you want to watch porn, use the incognito tab please"

Shocked, he grinned and my body lit on fire.

"There's only one seat in here and my legs are tired so I'm not kneeling. So you have two choices, you kneel or sit on me"

Those options did not do wonders to my overactive imagination.

"I'll sit on you then..." I said unsure of his response, though I knew what my mind was screaming.

As he made room for me to sit on his lap he made a comment, "So you're not a kneeler - got it" my smile stretched from ear to ear and I had to bite my lip, just to stop laughing.

He saw my reaction in the reflection of the screen and I saw his response in the reflection too.

I felt something harden from beneath me.

I knew exactly what it was.

Jo made his excuses and went to the bathroom.

I got started on our assignment.

Our creative writing would be about a boy and girl meeting for the first time.


When Jo got back, he brought up a chair from downstairs and started reading.

"Thanks for consulting me first about our plot," he said sarcastically.

"I supposed I'd be doing it anyway"

"What made you think that?"

"All boys leave the girl to do all the work"

"Well I'm not all boys"

It was at that moment when I wanted to snatch his face and snog it off to death.

"Fine then, you write the next paragraph whilst I spy on what you've got in your room"

He scoffed and got straight to work.

I looked at his book collection, CD collection and a few other things. When I opened his bedside drawer, he had an open pack of condoms which made me scream, I don't know why exactly.

Jo got up and rushed over and saw the condoms.

"You screamed because of condoms?" his disbelief on a 10 on a scale from 1 to 10.

"Yes..." I said quietly.

"Maybe that'll teach you to not go through people's stuff."

I rolled my eyes and saw what Jo had managed to write.

Jesus! 3 pages in like 5 minutes, did this guy have an extra set of fingers?

If so I wouldn't mind.

You're just going to have to deal with the fact that I can't stop being dirty-minded so if I'm wasting your time leave me alone because I'm not censoring anything anymore. Sorry, rant over.

As I began reading he chose the characters names to be Rosa and Joel. Which was not at all subtle. On the second page, Jo had described their first kiss in elaborate detail. On the third page, he wrote about their sex scene also in meticulous detail.

"We can't submit this! It's practically porn!"

"Mr Hensaw said 'You can do it on any subject you like' and it's not porn, it's erotica."

I snatched the laptop from him and made it a bit more PG-13.

It was getting late and so I headed back home.

Despite living right next to him, he still walked me to my door.

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