More Than A Friend

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I woke up with a headache, probably from reading that steamy erotica Jo wrote. I decide to go downstairs and get a drink, along the way, I open my pink curtains and open my window bring in some fresh air.

I was struck. Nextdoor Jo had his window and curtains open too. He even had low lighting on. I saw movement from underneath his duvet and I supposed he was just moving in his sleep before I heard a faint moaning.

Leaning partially out of my window about to fall to the depths of the Earth, I heard another moan. There was some more rolling before a head... A female head came out of the duvet and appeared to bounce. The duvet had completely come off of her now that she was upright, facing away from me and bouncing.

Her tits didn't have much bounce but I doubted mine wouldn't bounce to that extent.

They were having sex! OMG, it had only just sunken in! Should I be watching? Should I ignore this? Should I be angry? Heck, do I have the right to be angry? Should I tell him I know? Should I keep it a secret?

My mind went into a frenzy of

'Should I's?'. The possibilities were endless.

Confident they wouldn't see me, I kept watching... Just to see who she was... Get your mind out of the gutter.

Jo sat up and held her whilst she kept bouncing on his... And she was fondling her hair whilst he was sucking her nipple. I couldn't put up with this torture!

Any second now! Any second now! And it was if by magic that Jo twirled her around so she was on her back.


What. The. I'm not going to say it.

Oh my god! The popular girl? Have they been doing this often or is it just a one-off thing? I mean this has made matters worse! I could never compare to Megan! If he had picked some other girl I wouldn't have minded as much. But Megan! Ugh! My blood was boiling.

I shut my curtains in a jealous rage and stormed downstairs to get my glass of water.

That morning I kept my curtains closed the entire time I got dressed and still closed when I left the house for sixth form.

Jo was driving behind us again and I decided to take no notice of him from that day onwards. Which would be hard considering I had to present our 'erotica' together in class today. I could just watch him fail, or would that be too mean?

I'll just see where the day took me.

After telling Isobel all the gossip, she could barely contain her emotions. The OMG, the how dare she, The what the...

Perhaps telling her wasn't the smartest decision I've made but for me, it was well needed.

The rest of lunch Isobel and I watched Jo and Megan and how they reacted to one another.

They sat on different tables, didn't acknowledge each other until they had to which was just polite smiles and small talk.

What did that even mean?!

Midway through drinking my strawberry milkshake, Jo comes up behind me and scares me with a 'boo' making me nearly spit the milkshake everywhere! I'm glad I didn't.

"Hey, you ready for our presentation?"

Unable to think of anything to say, I just state blankly at him.

It was only when Isobel prodded me when I replied with, "Um yes, no, I don't know"

He gave a thunderous laugh.

"It's fine to be nervous, I'll take the lead" he winked and walked off.

Isobel kept slapping my arm saying, "He's into you!!" repetitively.

Reluctantly, I made my way to class only because Isobel made me. Shortly after sitting down, Mr Hensaw called Jo and I up to read out our short story.

Jo read it as I stood back hoping the class wouldn't take any notice that I was there.

The story went:

'It all started with a touch of the hand. A blissful moment we shared between us. With her, there was no uncertainty, only a passionate love. Rosa was pure magic, she had a heart as big and as genuine of a saint. Her beautiful brunette locks trail behind her soft shoulders and curved back.'

I found myself looking at my hair and noticing its colour and length. It was indeed brunette and fell behind my shoulders and back.

'The mere sight of her made me shiver with lust. All unholy things come to mind...'

"Um Uh thank you, Jo, and Rose please can you return to your seats now."

As we sat back down into our uncomfortable seats Jo kept pestering me with questions and statements while other candidates read out their pieces.

"Hey, ours was good wasn't it?"

"This story is the most painful thing I've ever sat through"

I accidentally laughed at that but soon regained my composure. After Jo realised that I wasn't as talkative as I usually was, he began questioning me once again.

"Are you okay?"

"Do you want me to shut up?"

"Please just say something"

It was at that moment I cracked.

"Yes I want you to shut up and I also want you to stop sleeping with girls!"

The entire class grew silent and turned their attention to Jo and me.

I couldn't deal with the pressure of the class and how stupid I've just been to Jo so I stood up and left the room.

I ran out into the corridor, head in my hands like a bully just insulted me. God, I would've looked so pathetic to anyone who had seen. I'd definitely ruined all chances of me being with Jo. Did I finally accept that I wanted to be with him? My mind went back into one of those frenzies.

Then Jo appeared before me halting my mind frenzy. My heart rate increased me. He hates me.

"Look, Jo, I'm so sorry, I didn't mean what I said -"

Just as Jo cut me off, he took my hand and soon enough we were running.

"What are we doing? Where are we going" I shouted.

"I want to show you something"

Soon enough his car came into view and I got this feeling in the pit of my stomach. Nervousness? Excitement? Love? Who knew? But I was ready and roaring to go.

During the car ride to our mystery location, I apologised once again.

"I'm sorry you had to see that I just felt really shitty last night and Megan offered to come and comfort me and then one thing led to another... Look, I'm just really sorry"

I was speechless but his expectant look made me say, "It's okay, I shouldn't have gotten so riled up about it, it's not even a big deal"

"Still, anyway we nearly here!"

He pulled into a nearby woodland. We kept walking and walking until we saw a massive rock or cave. The slabs of stone were irregular and had luscious green moss dotted on it. Emerging from the distance the sound of water running was becoming louder with every step.

Then I saw one of the most beautiful sights I had ever seen. This gorgeous waterfall falling from unimaginable heights and the sun has caught it making spec's of the rainbow appear. It was mesmerising.

"I hope this wasn't a let down"

My face in awe gave him confirmation that it wasn't.

"If I can, I'll skip school last period and come here. The sun is at the perfect height and hits the droplets of water perfectly."

The cave behind us was projecting the reflection of the water caused by the blinding sunlight.

All my inhibition evaporated as I took off my shoes and dipped my feet into the side of the pool.

In the corner of my eye, I saw Jo strip off his shirt, must've felt normal to him, and bomb dive into the pool splashing me.

"Come on in" he waved over at me.

I shook my head.

"Pleaseeee" he begged.

"I don't want my clothes to get wet, besides I'm happy here"

He rolled his eyes.

"One, you're already wet thanks to me" he winked provocatively "Two, just wear my shirt then, I want you to experience this"

He began a backstroke allowing the sun rays to reflect onto his impressive abs.

Once I saw his eyes close cherishing every moment, I stripped off too and swam over to him.

"Boo," he jumped and stared as he saw me.

"You're gorgeous, you do know that don't you?"

I rolled my eyes and swam away from him enjoying the sun.

After an hour or so I suggested that we get out now that the sun had gone down and the amazement had dimmed.

After getting dressed we went over to his car and all I wanted to do was slam him against a tree and suck him off right there and then.

But alas that did not happen.

We got back home just in time to not raise any suspicions.

"Thank you," I said, gazing into his dreamy green eyes and soon left his car.

Ugh, what was he doing to me! I made my up to my room and got rid of excess sexual tension.

I unintentionally intentionally left the curtains open.

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