More Than A Friend

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"Rose... Why have you got that glow?"

"What glow?" I asked her.

She stopped me in my tracks, grabbed me by the shoulders and stared intensely into my eyes for a significant amount of time.

"Spill," she stated matter of factly.

I rolled my eyes at her and sighed. She wasn't going to give up anytime soon.

"I went to a waterfall with Jo. That's it!"

Her eyes and mouth opened beyond anything I had ever seen before. Surprisingly, no sound came out until...

"Rose, you like him don't you?"

I scoffed at her question. Then I remembered the feeling's I felt when he took me there.

"Promise not to tell anyone?!" I urged her.

Giving her a suspicious look I decided the time was right.

"I may or may not had gone on a little spontaneous date with Jo..."

Excitement was bursting out of my pores. I felt like there was a little girl who had just seen all the presents she had gotten from Santa that year.

Isobel's face began to change expression, instead of a friend who needed to know everything, she looked like a friend who had wished she hadn't asked.


Her solemn tone confused me.

"You know he goes through girls like no tomorrow... Just take it slow alright? I've not seen you this happy in a while but I don't want him to break your heart."

I couldn't believe what she was saying. She knows I was protecting myself, why couldn't she just be happy for me?

As I was walking to class, I felt a hand grab the pocket of my jeans. Before I knew it I was dragged back and spinning. Before I had the chance to open my mouth, a hand was placed comfortably but firmly across it, this was followed by a hand across my eyes too.

A rush of scary things came across my mind. Is this the end? Is Isobel okay? Will she come after me?

Once me and this other person were tucked away into a little crevice that was between lockers, I knew due to the cold thin metal that was pressed against my back, the stranger relieved me of his hands and I could see and speak again.

At first, my eyes couldn't focus on any one thing and just before I was about to speak or scream, I don't know which, I heard a soothing voice. One that was ever so familiar to me.

"Sorry for the abrupt nature of this kidnapping"

My eyes finally adjusted to the perfectly formed face of... Jo.

"Want to go somewhere fun?" he questioned me.

Fun? He's just kidnapped me! I bet he thought that was fun!

It was at that moment when I became aware of the space in which we shared. The crevice was small and cramped, our bodies close together, our breaths on each other's skin. It was the closest I had been to him apart from that time I sat on his lap...

I felt the urge to kiss him right there.

"I'm waiting... Yes or no?"

His voice snapped me back into reality once I had realised that I had been staring at him aimlessly.

Unable to speak, I nodded my head politely and I was swept away with him once again once he had checked the corridor for any teachers or students.

I wanted to stay there, the sexual energy building by the second.

It was the thought of him and Megan that made me reconsider. I might be greatly upset that he wasn't mine but I wouldn't want to take someone away from someone else. Even if I knew I'd be better for them, like a thousand times better.

Jo took my hand and we ran together down the corridor nearly getting whiplash from checking every classroom, door and corridor for teachers and roaming students.

If my life was a movie, slow motion would be activated and special effects would also be added because that's what it felt like.

We burst out of the school doors - fire would be blowing up behind us in this scene in case anyone is thinking to direct a movie with this book - and we ran to his car finally safe and sound.

He drove off of school grounds and lights became visible along the horizon. We had been driving for about an hour and I asked myself how Jo even managed to know of this place. Did he ever take Megan here?

Jo parked into a field next so some other cars and we made our way into the funfair.

"Where do you want to go first?" he asked me.

It was then when I realised that I had spent all my money at lunch.

"Just walk around, I haven't got any money on me so feel free to go on the rides and I'll take pictures of you on your phone"

This is karma. This is what happens when you rush into having fun. This is what happens when you... Don't... Have... Money!

He put an arm around my waist, pulled me in and whispered into my ear, "I don't want any pictures of me unless you're in it too"

At first, my heart skipped a beat and then a slight dampening between my legs when I thought of what we'd be doing in the pictures.

"Look, I'll pay, I'd pay anyway. Who do you think I am?"

I felt my cheeks fill with blood and we shared a moment I doubt I'd ever forget. I had to ask before we went any further. I needed to know.

"So... Um are you and Megan like together...?"

There was a brief pause of awkwardness. But alas the god himself spoke.

"No. We were once but we broke up ages ago."

The silence became awkward quickly.

"So, no, I don't have my eyes on any girls... Apart from one"

His stare made me shiver with lust. I wanted to get on him. I needed him inside me.

When I started looking for spots to make out with Jo, I was dragged on the fairground wheel and before I knew it, I was sat on a hard wooden seat and a cold metal pole went over me. My bare skin caught the pole and sent goosebumps all around my body and my nipples instantly hardened.

Jo was to the side of me. His green eyes looked right into my soul and all I kept thinking was 'fuck me, right here, please'. I think he had the slightest suspicion that he knew what I was thinking when he took his hand a tucked a stray piece of hair behind my ear.

We were nearly at the top of the wheel and the lights below us were colourful and bright.

Jo noticed my goosebumps and placed his jacket over my cold shoulders. The sun was setting and now was the time. I just needed a taste of him.

He came closer to me, his head inching towards mine. Now is the time. I was so excited.

Bleep! Bleep! My phone rings.

I'm completely regretful of this call. Why did my mom have to ruin this moment for me?

It came to my attention that I couldn't answer it as all she would hear are children screaming and loud music.

I text her, 'Hi Mom, sorry I'm not back yet, I'm in the library at school trying to catch up on some schoolwork xoxo'

Within a few seconds, she replies, 'Okay Sweetie, remember it's getting dark, you can always do the work in your room. Stay safe x'

'I'll be back in an hour okay? x'

I revert my attention back to Jo's dreamy eyes and say, "Can we go back now? My mom's getting worried." with a solemn expression.

He nods eagerly. Considering we were in mid-air we could by exactly just walk off. I decided to snap back into our mood before it was rudely interrupted.

I ask him if we could take a picture. We took one as a normal smiley selfie and then snatched my phone. I reach over to him to get it and he takes a picture. As I look back at it, he is looking up at me with his eyes full of love. I'm smiling and having the time of my life and my arm is reached out on my phone. It was a masterpiece!

When I finally got my phone back, we were so close. I felt his breath on my neck and his hand on my waist. I was ever so slightly taller than him as I had my knee on the seat in an attempt to get my phone back.

He glides his hand across my jawline and stops with his fingers resting on my neck and his thumb near my ear. I take his head with both my hands and pull him gently towards me. The way he looked at me made me bite my lip and slowly I laid my lips on him. His kiss was soft but wanting. In them, I felt the passion shared between us. A primal desire that I had not yet felt. It wasn't the feeling that turned me on, it was the emotion, the desire we shared.

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