More Than A Friend

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Last night with Jo was one that I will never forget. The way his eyes send me into a deep lustful trance. I was led in my bed staring up at the ceiling. It was finally the weekend. All I wanted to do was be with Jo.

I look to my right to catch a glimpse of him rolling over in his bed. It was dark in his room but I could still make out his silhouette.

There was a knock at my door. A few seconds later my mum came in and perched on the edge of my bed.

"Sweetie, I know you weren't at school yesterday."

Before I was about to protest and make up some lame excuse, she raised a hand which made me stand down like an obedient dog.

"The school told me as they were worried because you didn't attend your last two lessons and couldn't find you in the school anywhere. I'm not angry, I just want you to be honest with me"

A whole range of excuses came up in my head. Should I be honest? Will she really not be mad? After all, she was coming across cool, calm and collected. What was she pulling?

"Promise you won't be mad?"

She nodded her head.

"There's this guy, Jo, he's just so amazing and we've been hanging out together, that's all"

There was a brief pause. She was analysing me.

"I hope you're being safe and using those condoms I gave you."

Oh yeah... I forgot to tell you, my parents had given me many sex talks now that I'm 17 and they never seemed to believe me that I had not had sex and neither could I if I was honest. I thought my dirty mind would have turned me to the devil by now. But anyway.

"We didn't have sex Mum, we just went to this fairground"

I felt myself get more and more comfortable telling my mum as I went on.

"It was really romantic, he gave me his jacket and we went on the wheel. We had to leave school early so we could spend enough time on the rides and see the sunset. We even kissed!"

I don't know why I told my mum that. Perhaps, I got a little too confident. My mum looked genuinely happy for me.

"As long as you don't skip school again, I have no objection. When are we going to meet the fella?"

I felt my cheeks go a light shade of pink. Would he want to meet them? We were serious? He technically hadn't asked me out yet.

My phone beeped. On my screen, a text from Jo read, 'Hey, can you come out today? X'

My mum raised an eyebrow and I nodded my head in response.

"Can I go out today please?"

"As long as you're back by 10"

"Also, Jo lives next door"

I realised that I left out that detail. My mum's eyes widened.

"Young people" she rolled her eyes and laughed whilst nudging me with her elbow.

I filled the day dressing up for the date. Jo sent me a text earlier to dress up fancy.

I did some neutral eyeshadow and some cat eyeliner which made me look sexier than I ever thought I could've been. I finished the look with some red lipstick.

I didn't have very many options for fancy dresses. They were either too wedding fancy or too casual. I decided to wear a red satin slip dress which not only highlighted my curves but skimmed over the bits I wasn't too proud of. The dress matched my lipstick which even I was surprised that I could pull off such strong colours! I put on some gold strappy heels which really added to the look but didn't take away from the overall outfit.

To complete the entire look, I curled my hair in waves and evaluated myself in the mirror and damn! I looked hot, even I had to admit that.

I walked down the wooden stairs, the sound of my heels echoing beneath the floorboards. As I strode into the lounge, my parents looked up from the TV and their gazes turned to pure love.

"Aw baby you look so grown-up" my mum's voice trembled slightly.

I think that if I had stayed any longer they would have both started sobbing on the floor. I'm thinking that because that is what happened in my year 11 prom.

A knock sounded at the door and bellowed around the house. It was undeniably unmissable.

My dad shot up, wiped the corner of his eyes and opened the door to see Jo stood in a light blue shirt, navy tie and trousers and black shiny shoes. He had freshly shaven and the scent... OMG, the scent! It was heavenly. There was no doubt about that. How could someone smell so masculine, so fresh, so musky?

He stepped closer and kissed me lightly on the cheek then proceeded to step back and hand me a red rose. "I'll take good care of her Mr Robinson"

I appreciated how he overdressed just like me. I mean I didn't know where we were going but I'm pretty sure we exceeded the dress code.

After my dad had finished scanning Jo from head to toe, he said, "have fun Rose, but not too much fun". I would've expected him to have winked but he looked dead serious.

Jo and I walked down my drive and to his car. When my parents closed the door, we were inches away from his car Jo stopped me, looked up and down and said, "you're so beautiful. If I could ravish you in my car without ruining your outfit... I would" the way he said it made me laugh whilst making me mildly wet.

I got closer to his plump lips when he spun me around and pushed me against his car. Jo came closer to my neck and I felt his hot breath against my skin. Moments later, his lips brushed my back which sent every nerve ending that came in contact with his lips to tingle. A hand runs through my curls trying to find the restraint to not mess it up but getting enough grip to send me to a paradise I have yet to go to with Jo.

His kiss was light and then became more urgent, more demanding. I felt him losing control. Heck, I felt myself losing control. I really must learn to show self-restraint otherwise who knew what would happen in the future.

My core started to pulsate, my heart rate increased and if Jo didn't stop, my makeup would start running down my face as the sweat would surface.

I took a hand and ran it through his thick, dark hair and tightened my grip. Jo sucked lightly and I moaned probably louder than I should've.

We heard a fake cough in the distance.

Both of us looked up to see my parents in the doorway. We took it as a sign to go.

"Don't do anything I wouldn't do!" my mum shouted.

"You already did it!" I shouted back.

To be honest, if my parents didn't stop us, I wouldn't have and Jo wouldn't have. We would've been there the entire night!

Within twenty minutes or so, we arrive at our destination. As we walked in, my arm around his, mainly because I was regretting the choice of heels greatly at this point, a wait or took us to a seat that Jo had booked.

The restaurant had low but bright enough lighting. The wooden ceiling and flooring gave it an old-fashioned, romantic feel. The glistening lights hung from the very tall ceiling. Tables were lined with a white table cloth, the seats were lined with either leather or fabric depending on the table and all tables had a candle and a rose in a glass.

Instantly I was worried about the food, what if it was all too... Sophisticated for me? Did Jo ever go here? Has he taken anyone else here? God, I really need to get out of my head sometimes and just enjoy living in the moment.

The waiter placed our largely oversized foldable menus on the table and promptly left us to serve another table.

As I look on the menu, there are a few options I wouldn't mind having which calms me down a lot more. I don't know about you but what the hell is 'hay aged Bresse duck'? I guess the real question I should be asking is why the hell is it £96?!

My inner soliloquy was interrupted by the enchanting voice of Jo who was direct across from me.

"So... What do you think?" he asked with the slightest tinge of uncertainty.

I looked at him in his divine green eyes, held his hand on the other side of the table and said, "It's perfect. It really is Jo"

His already beguiling eyes sparkled as his lips formed a smile. After chatting through our choices, the waiter came over and took our orders. I opted for 'beef wellington' and Jo took 'cornish turbot'. As we waited for our food, there wasn't much talking but it was clear we shared a bond. The silence between us wasn't awkward at all.

"Rose, over these past couple of weeks I've come to really know and understand the amazing person in front of me. I would be a complete fool if I didn't ask the smartest and funniest girl I know. Rose, will you be my girlfriend?"

The speech nearly had me in tears. I thought of our emotional rollercoaster I had gone on with Jo.

"Yes! Why would I turn down the hottest, sexiest..."

I began to stroke his thigh with my heel.

"Desirable, seductive..."

I pushed my hair to one side showing Jo the neck he ravished earlier. My collarbone glowed beneath the lighting.

"Guy I know?"

I went back to normal, I showed him what he was missing.

"I'm just going to the restroom quickly"

His desire would be overflowing right now. He wouldn't be able to contain himself or his sinful thoughts.

I opened the cubicle door to wash my hands and saw Jo leaning by the entrance of the door. What the hell was he doing? This was a woman's bathroom, someone could see him.

"Jo! Get out, you're going to get caught!"

He didn't listen and came closer to me. Jo lightly grazed his fingertips from my shoulders to my wrist, grasped it, and pulled my wrists above my head

With one hand he restrained my wrists and with his other hand, he glided his fingers up my thigh, lifting the hem of my dress and was just about to go further when a customer came into the bathroom and looked less and than happy. Without hesitation, we left the bathroom.

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