More Than A Friend

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I rushed upstairs to avoid seeing my parents. I'm not sure they'd approve of the smudged lipstick.

"How was your date sweetie?" my mum called from the lounge.

"It was good, I'm really tired though so I'm just going to go to sleep" I shouted running up the stairs, borderline out of breath.

I went into the bathroom, freshened myself up, got rid of those pesky shoes and slumped on my bed.

Staring at the ceiling, all I could think about was Jo. How was he such a God? Did he have even one flaw?

I heard a tap on my window. Although I was lazy, I shot up and met eyes with the one and only. I got up and went over to the window to open it.

"Wanna come over?" his smirk and his wink told me that he was thinking the exact same thing as I was.

"Okay," I said calmly but I think even Jo could see my excitement.

"Close your window and come over in 10"

He abruptly shut his window and his curtains. I didn't even know he owned curtains! At least this gave me time to do what I needed. I looked on my notes on my phone, searched for 'Pre-Sex Checklist' and began doing the already thought out sequence of events guaranteed to give me a good night.

I shaved everywhere, that took a decent chunk out of my time.

I didn't have any nice lingerie or anything, maybe I should've taken that shopping trip with Isobel more seriously. I just threw on a navy matching set. Any matching set got me turned on, maybe Jo would feel the same also?

I threw on a massively oversized hoodie, tip-toed down the stairs and creaked open the front door.

I texted Jo that I was outside his house. He announced that I didn't have to be quiet as his parents weren't home and wouldn't be for the rest of the night. I knew he said that as I was whispering but all I could think about was how loud I could be. I guess I'd find out tonight if I was a screamer.

"I hope you like what I've done with the place"

He pushed open his door to reveal about one hundred candles scattered across the room and rose petals dispersed evenly both on and off of the bed. I would be lying if I wasn't curious as to how he got the rose petals on such short notice.


I entered the room, admiring the scent, lighting and mood of the room. I was, for the first time in my life, speechless.

I heard the door close and Jo came up behind me, rested his chin on my shoulder and wrapped his arms around my body.

"So... Do you like it?"

I turned my head to look into those gorgeous eyes of his.

"It's amazing Jo"

His smile was one of relief and love. He stood up straight, spun me around to face him and kissed me lightly on the lips. In an attempt to not fall over any candles along the way to his bed, we kept briefly looking down and then resuming our favourite activity.

When Jo got to the edge of the bed, I pushed him on it, I had been waiting for this moment for way too long now. I stripped off my hoodie and threw it on the ground. Jo was now lifting himself by his elbows to get a good look. I climbed on top of his divine body.

Almost instantly, he grabbed me by the hips and rolled me over so that he was now not only on top of me but also between my legs too. God, that man has talent!

He peeled off his shirt from his gorgeously toned abs and thew it next to my hoodie. He then stepped down from the bed and took his trousers off. The only thing left that was on him were his sexy black boxers. I took it as a compliment when I saw a bulge growing by the second.

He climbed back on top of me, ravishing every part. He started at my neck, touching, licking, sucking. Slowly, he made his way down to my chest. I unclipped my bra for him, he took a moment to take in the sight, his budge hardening into the side of my thigh.

Instantly, he seized my nipple. I threw my head back and moaned. That's the goddamn spot Jesus christ!

I felt his smirk on my skin and it made me all the more wetter. My nipples were hard and raring to go! Just when I thought he had gotten all he could out of me, he flicked my erect nipple with his tongue over and ever again making me moan louder. My core was pulsating.

When he made his way down to my stomach and core, it tensed as he removed my underwear painfully slowly. His eyes not breaking contact with mine once.

With his thumb, he moved up and down my folds. My eyes went so far back they could've gotten stuck. Without warning, his mouth snatched my core and started so suck it profusely. It was too good. He had to stop. I couldn't take it anymore.

Jo grabbed my thighs making me know he wasn't going anywhere.

I needed to get away, it was too good but I also needed to stay.

"I'm not stopping until you come for me Rose" a husky voice echoed.

For the next minute or so, that one line kept going around and around in my mind. Every so often Jo would change tactics, from sucking, he'd start licking and then flicking.

The heat between my legs was about the temperature of the sun, I felt myself beginning to sweat. He flicked his tongue on my clit and I screamed. What was he doing to me?

Without stopping, Jo placed a finger inside me brushing my g-spot lightly and then evermore urgently. I slapped a hand across my mouth and moaned into it.

I ran my fingers through his hair and started guiding his tongue to all the right places.

"Show me how you like it"

It was a weird request but I was so close. I started to vigorously rub my clit. When I was seconds away from coming, Jo took my hand and replaced it with his tongue. Fireworks went off and a complete release took place.

Jo laid on the bed, his hands behind his head leisurely. I slowly took off his boxers and a massive dick sprung out. Even I couldn't believe my eyes. It slightly scared me if I was honest.

"We don't have to..."

I started stroking my hand against his member. After a minute or two, I plucked up the courage to use my mouth. As soon as my tongue hit his member, a noticeable but quiet moan escaped Jo's lips giving me the confidence that I was doing something right.

I trailed my tongue up the slides of his shaft and draw circles on the top. Jo turned over towards me and kissed me passionately. He reached over to his bedside drawer and pulled out a condom.

"Are you sure you want to do this?"

I appreciated how cautious he was.

"It's going to hurt a little bit okay? If the pain gets too painful, tell me or tighten your grip on my shoulders okay?"

I nodded and waited. I felt it straight away. He went deeper and I sunk my nails in his skin. He seemed unaffected with the amount of pain I would've caused him. He went in deeper and a squeal left my mouth.

Jo looked up worried.

"Are you okay? I can stop if it's too much"

I shook my head frantically.

As the last little bit went in, my core began to relax and accept what's done is done.

Jo began to slowly thrust in and out of my core checking how I was finding it.

Now it wasn't painful, only pleasurable. He sped up and a moan left his lips.

"Fuck Rose, why have you got to be so tight?"

I felt him coming closer to the end. I manoeuvred my hips to let him have more access. Before I knew it, he was thrusting like crazy. He made me feel so full, so complete.

He had one last moan before he came.

He flung himself next to me and threw his condom off in the bin.

We both looked at each other and started laughing. Look at us, so young, so risky, sneaking around. If we weren't the average teenager, I don't know what was.

We shared a smile, a smile I'd never forget. A smile that bonded us. A smile that assured me that whatever would happen we'd fight it together.

A smile of pure love.

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