Beneath the Crown

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Chapter 27


Ash excused herself from the medical suite when the nurse came in. She said she would go search for Connie and left me waiting for the doctor. The healer took one look at my side, which was hurting so badly I couldn’t breathe and told me I had two broken ribs.

“My king, this will take all night to fix I’m afraid. You will have to sleep here in the medical suite if you wish to be back to your old self by the morning.”

I nodded to him, “Thank you,” I said as I lay back on the bed. The healer moved the large white machine over me and left it hovering and humming above my chest.

I touched my communicator, “Raylon?”

“Yes, brother?”

“Do not tell me I have disturbed you once again?”

“Not at all. What is it?”

“What do you think of Ash?” I asked with a grin.

A moment of silence then he said, “In what way?”

“In all ways?”

“Well,” he said with a pause, “I think she is beautiful, she has a kind heart and I think she is just the right kind of chaos you need in your life right now.”

“What do you mean by that?”

“How are your ribs?” He asked me in a knowing tone.

I rested my head back on the pillow, “Nothing escapes you, does it, brother?”

“Ash just told us what happened. She feels terrible about it.”

I let out a sigh, “I wish she wouldn’t. I have never felt so alive like I did with her today. As for the ribs, I seem to be out of practice in a fight. Perhaps we can work on that together?”

“Try to see things from her point of view, brother. As much as you wish she could see you as a regular man, you are a king. A powerful one at that. It can be overwhelming to someone who has lived as a common person all their lives. From what Connie told me, her home on Earth had a Queen, but it is nothing like here. Give her time. She will see past the crown eventually.”

“Perhaps when we get to Parna, she will be more at ease in my presence.”

“Perhaps. If that is all, brother, I would like to get back to Connie. I have not seen her all day.”

“Of course. Thank you Raylon.” I said and let the connection end.

I closed my eyes and thought about my agenda. I had the Charter meetings tomorrow morning, and I couldn’t postpone them again. I had a meeting with the war commander about the threat the Ful’s told me about, and a state visit to the mining colony on Pyk Mador.

I touched the connection ball again, “Lord Savnor,” I said and waited for the old man to answer.

“King Zasrus, I hope you are not calling to postpone the Charter again,” He said.

“No. I am calling to tell you that tomorrow morning is the last day I can allow for discussions regarding the charter. I have a very urgent trip I must embark on in the day after tomorrow and will not be here for a while.”

“But the placements have not been decided on. The other houses have not stated their case yet. How do you expect the charter to stand if no one agrees on it?”

“It will have to be discussed tomorrow, Lord Savnor. Anything that needs to be said, can be said at breakfast.”

I heard him grumble his complaint under his breath before he said, “Very well. I will inform the other families and tell them to prepare their arguments for tomorrow.”


Before the connection ended I heard him mumble, “A real king would never-”

I clenched my jaw at his words. These stuck up old men have always found a way to remind me that I am not the true king.

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