Beneath the Crown

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Chapter 32


This house is sick! I mean, talk about living the good life, I thought as I ran my eyes over the enormous open space that made up the lounge. All the walls except the one in the back were see-through, the floor was now dark stone and the minimal furniture scattered around gave it a feeling of modern extravagance.

“What shall we do first?” Raylon asked and I turned to look at him and Connie standing with arms wrapped around each other's waist.

“Lunch might be a good idea,” Connie said, “I feel pretty hungry.”

“Very well,” Raylon said and bent down to give her a kiss, “Zas, come help me.” He called and when the king and Raylon left, Connie came to me.

“Hey you,” She said with a wide smile.


“So you and Zasrus seem to be getting along quite well.”

I smiled, “Yeah we are. He’s really sweet.”

“Just sweet,” Connie asked as she bumped me with her shoulder, “You sure that’s all?”

I shook my head, “No,” I checked to see the men had left the room then said, “I mean have you seen him? He is so hot! And the way he looks at me like I’m a hot Sunday dinner and he hasn’t eaten in years.”

“He hasn’t,” Connie said with a smile.

I opened my mouth at her, “And how would you know this?”

“Let’s just say I have a source close to the king. I have my ways of getting information out of Raylon. From what he says, Zasrus took it pretty hard when the queen died. And in all that time, Raylon has never seen him show any interest in anyone until you stepped off that shuttle on Laylar’s birthday.”

“None at all? To anyone? Really?” I asked finding it hard to imagine a man like him not finding someone to warm his bed at night, even for just a short while.

“Nope. No one. Raylon says that he has always been the kind of man that wants something real and for life. That is why it killed him so much when Mistasar died. But he isn’t a player. If he likes you, it’s probably going to be for the long run.”

I couldn’t believe it. Her words sounded made-up like we spoke of two different people.

“But he’s so charming and handsome and sweet. Why would he be alone all this time?”

“I don’t know. But I get the sense from Raylon that when these brothers find love, they hold on to it for dear life. And that they don’t want meaningless sex or short flings.”

Yet another reason why this man is looking more and more perfect.

I want to give him a chance. I want to give me a chance to be happy, and I think he can do that. Even if it doesn’t last, at least I would have tried.

“And what happens when they realize they made a mistake?”

Connie stepped closer and grabbed my arms gently. She met my eyes, “And what happens if he never thinks that? What happens if this is it?”

I took in a long breath and shut my eyes. I heard her words. I understood them, but my mind and my heart still told me that this would end in disaster. That somehow, I would end up doing something that pushed him away or made him mad, and this perfect little fairytale would fall apart and become the same nightmare I lived through with the last man I thought I loved.

Happy face, Ash.

“Let’s see how things go,” I said and gave Connie a big smile, “For now, I think we should get some tunes going.”

To hell with Rein and what he said, I am not going to deny myself anything anymore. Not again.

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