Burning Desire

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Bane Knight's entire life revolves around family, and his is made up by more than blood. As a firefighter in the city of London, the rest of his watch are his kin too. With their lives on the line everyday he's kept his heart closed to love, fearing the pain that could come with a twist of fate. However, it seems fate has other plans, when Lacey Rose transfers to Red Watch. As fiery as the flames they extinguish, she is the woman Bane hoped to never meet. One who brings something even more dangerous into his life... Love.

Romance / Drama
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Author Note

This book is dedicated to the brave men and women who spend their days and nights putting their lives on the line to save others.

To every firefighter out there, across the world, whether you are still in the service, or have ever been in it. There’s something you should hear...

Thank you!!

For everything you have ever done, and will ever do, you are all heroes and are greatly appreciated by everyone.

Some of the characters in this story have nicknames, to avoid potential confusion, please take a moment to read this list...
Bane Knight - aka - Rebel
Cain Shaw - aka - Hustler
Caleb Jackson - aka - Jax
Cassandra Lee - aka - Pixie
Harry Olsen - aka - Dodger
Lacey Rose - aka - Rosie

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