Burning Desire

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Thick black clouds of smoke filled the half destroyed room, whilst huge walls of flames lined both sides of the room, the factory machinery being swallowed by the building fire. The shrill sound of a PASS alarm was ringing out somewhere up ahead, and I could feel panic eating me up inside, knowing that time was running out.

“It’s no fucking use.” I yelled out as the flames continued to build, despite the huge volumes of water we were showering over them from the hose. “We’ve got to make a run for it.”

“Rebel, no! It’s too dangerous.” Alex yelled back from behind me. “We have to get these flames under control first.”

I knew that it was dangerous, but as the sound of the alarm proceeded to ring through my head, I didn’t care. It was a risk that I was going to take, and the moment that I turned around, and my eyes met with Alex’s, he knew I wasn’t about to take no for an answer.

“Fine.” He said sharply, signalling me to move aside for Pixie to take the lead with the hose.

“I’ll go too.” Rosie called out, nodding to Will, just behind her, and stepping away from the hose.

I felt my eyes bulge as I shook my head.

“No, it’s too dangerous, I’ll be quick.” I argued back.

I couldn’t bear the thought of something happening to any of the others because of my decision. But especially Rosie.

“Shut up, I’m coming and that’s it.”

Her snappy tone made it clear that arguing wasn’t going to make her back down. And there definitely wasn’t time to fight for this. I admired her courage at coming with me, and backed down, nodding in acceptance, and turned to Alex.

“Pixie, aim the hose towards the doorway, I want a constant stream there until they get through.” He shouted, his voice echoing out over the rasping of our BA, and the roaring of the flames.

“Sub!” She called back, immediately directing the hose towards the faint outline of the doorway.

“Make it quick, I don’t know how long we can hold the flames off.” He added firmly.

“Sub.” I nodded.

With a brief glance towards the others, I looked at Rosie and gave her a nod.

“Let’s go get him back.”

She patted me on the arm in acknowledgement, and together, we ducked low and ran for it. The heat from the enclosing walls of flame rose higher with every second. Sweat streamed down my forehead whilst the alarm sounded louder with every step we took. Water showered the door frame, droplets raining down on my helmet, the deafening crashing sound from the jet of the hose rang in my ears, whilst I rested a hand on Rosie’s arm and quickly guided her through.

“Rebel are you through?” Pixie’s strained voice crackled over the radio.

“Affirmative. Locating Hustler now.”

“Cain!” Rosie yelled out beside me.

The smoke in here was just as bad as in the other room, it hung heavy in the air marring our way ahead. The only thing that was on our side, was the flames being less fierce as they worked their way into the centre of the room.

“He’s over there!” I announced, a touch of relief beginning to ease into my gut at the faint outline of Cain’s body on the other side of a heavy pillar.

Glancing around, I tried to figure out the best method of approach as fast as I could. The options weren’t too great, the best path through, having been claimed by the flames already.

“Rosie, I need you to get as close as you can to that pillar. I’m going to climb around there, and I’ll pass him through to you.”

It wasn’t going to be easy, but there wasn’t enough room for two people to get through. With little time left, the only hope we had of getting him out safely, was going to be to pass him through the small space through which I could see him now.

“Are you fucking kidding me?” She roared. “If that beam burns through whilst you go round there, you’ll be buried under half the bloody building.”

I knew she was right, it was the only thing left in the room that was keeping the next floor from folding in. I wasn’t thrilled with the idea myself, but I wasn’t going to leave a brother out there on his own like this. No matter what.

“There won’t be anything left holding it up if we don’t move fast. Just do it.”

I could make out the concern in her eyes whilst she looked between me and the faint outline of Cain.

“Bane I-” She began nervously.

“Now!” I shouted impatiently.

I watched her shake her head to the side in irritation, before taking off towards the pillar, whilst I made a mad dash through the flame riddled path further into the room, trying hard to ignore the ominous creaking of the building’s structure. Just as I swerved around the last corner, a huge piece of flaming debris fell from above, narrowly missing me before I flew into the shrinking clearing where Cain was laying.

“Cain?” I called, rapidly moving towards him, and attempting to fix his air supply.

Checking his pulse, I let out a sob of relief when I felt the steady beating. It was slow, but it was there, and that was all I needed to get him moving.

“I’ve located Firefighter Shaw, he’s alive, I need paramedics on standby.” I reported through the radio. “Come on Hustler, quit napping on the job, mate.” I shouted, hauling him up from the floor. “Pretty sure you still owe me a fiver, I’m not letting you get away with that one, now get up!” I groaned as I lifted him, feeling him beginning to stir as I got him to his feet, his oxygen bringing him back around slowly.

“Trust you not to forget that.” He grumbled, faltering in step slightly as I tried to drag him towards the space where Rosie was waiting.

A broad smile lit up my face at hearing his sarcastic remark.

“It’s rare to beat you in anything, I’m not about to forget it, now get your ass moving.”

I reached out to make sure that the space was secure enough, and then called Rosie, and we worked together to maneuver him through the gap, and out onto the other side.

“Bane, you next.” She shouted to me, reaching through with her hand.

I was about to take hold of it, when I heard her shout out Cain’s name, withdrawing her hand.

“What’s going on?” I called out.

“He’s collapsed.”

“Get him out of here,” I yelled. I could already tell she was about to argue, It wasn’t in any of our DNA to leave someone behind, but this time, it needed to be done. “I’ll be right there, just go!”

I could hear movement on the other side, and peered through, watching their retreating forms disappear into the smoke. A loud crash behind me drew my attention. The flames were closing in, and the space where I stood wasn’t going to be clear for long. I needed to get out, but without someone to help pull me through, It wasn’t going to be easy. I pushed myself up, and tried to force my way out, but I couldn’t grip anything on the other side to give me any leverage, and promptly fell backwards. Another crash behind me, followed by an increase in heat, told me that I’d just lost another few feet of room.

“Come on Bane, think.” I muttered to myself, casting an eye around the left over space, attempting to come up with another idea.

The path I’d taken to get here was completely impassable now, and judging by the creaking sound that was getting louder, it was soon going to be under a ton of rubble. Things were looking bleak, and I wasn’t sure if this was a situation that I was going to get out of, but just then, an arm reached through, and Rosie’s stern voice shouted to me.

“Give me your hand!”

I didn’t hesitate, taking hold of her, and climbing back up, allowing her to drag me through the space, and landing with a small thud on the ground.

“You can thank me later.” She scolded me, as we made a break for the door, her radioing in our approach to the others.

Anyone would think that after a day like this one, you’d be able to sleep easily from exhaustion. But not in my case. It was after eleven and I was back up on the roof, leaning against the wall, peering out at the dark sky, breathing in the sweet, night air. For just a few moments today, I thought that I’d never see those tiny, sparkling stars again. Yet here I was, and I had one person to thank for it. Rosie.

“I thought I’d find you up here.”

Speak of the Devil. I thought, turning just in time to see her pushing the door closed behind her.

Moonlight passed over her face as she walked, casting her natural beauty in a silver shine. Her hair was down, resting on the top of her shoulders, slightly messy from being in bed.

“Looks like I’m becoming predictable.” I replied, with a small head tilt.

She joined me at my side, fixing me with a disbelieving gaze.

“I wouldn’t go that far. Especially after today.” Her silver eyes glowed opalescent as they narrowed on me. “You scared me today.” She finished firmly.

Her admission struck me off guard, filling me with a sense of guilt that I wasn’t familiar with. I wasn’t used to feeling like I was in the wrong when I did something risky at work. When it came to life and death, I had my goal, and I would do whatever it took for me to get it done. But I could detect the slight tremor in her tone, and it saddened me to know that I’d been the one to cause any type of discomfort for her.

“I’m sorry,” I said earnestly. “I didn’t mean to scare you, but I couldn’t do nothing. I couldn’t lose another brother.”

The memory of Derek slid into my brain, making my voice break. I pushed it away, refusing to go down that road.

“I know, and because of you, we didn’t lose him. He’s going to be fine.” She said soothingly, stepping closer and cupping my cheek, her soft fingertips sending a shiver through my body. “But next time, don’t let me nearly lose you.” She breathed.

My eyes skimmed over her face, tracing every detail as though committing it to memory. I could feel the heat of her body warming mine. She was too close, and it was making my body react in ways that I would soon struggle to control. Her eyes flicked to mine, and my heart began to race.

“I think you should go back to sleep.” I mumbled, trying to resist every urge that was rapidly taking over my body.

She shook her head slowly, a small smile tugging at her lips, whilst her thumb traced my cheekbone.

“And I think you’ve given me enough orders for one day.” She teased.

Just like that, she closed the gap between us, pressing her lips to mine. With her warm body flush against me, I snaked my arms around her waist, holding her close whilst I kissed her back, every part of my body alive with need. I felt her fingers threading through my hair whilst mine worked their way under her t-shirt. I flicked my tongue against her luscious lips, feeling her part them, letting me slip inside. She tasted divine, a sweet cocktail that I’d never get enough of. A moan rose from her throat as I deepened the kiss, my body overcome with burning desire for her, whilst her hips pressed against me, earning an instant reaction as my cock twitched beneath my trousers. It was clear that she knew what she was doing to me, she ground herself against me, reaching for the hem of my shirt, breaking our kiss just long enough to tug it over my head and throw it to the side. Her hands slid down over my chest, nails biting into my flesh just enough to drive pure, wild need through my body, awakening the animal inside. A growl ripped through my throat as I grabbed hold of her, pinning her against the nearby archway and tearing her top over her head. my mouth descended on her once more, moving along her jaw, planting a trail of fierce kisses across her soft skin and down her sensitive neck, sucking her hard right above her shoulder and hearing the small gasp of pleasure that passed her lips. My hands skimmed over her toned stomach, sliding up until my thumbs brushed the underside of her black lace bra, before I unclipped it and cast it aside, nearly falling to my feet in awe of her perfect breasts. I couldn’t help myself, immediately licking a path over one of her firm mounds, closing my mouth around her nipple and sucking long and hard.

“Fuck!” She cried out, bucking against me, her back arching and her nails biting into my ribs as she gripped me to stay standing.

I smirked not easing up as I reached down, sliding my hand beneath the waistband of her trousers and underwear, her breathing was laboured as she felt where I was headed, her legs tensing at my touch. I looked up at her, still teasing her breast with my mouth, watching as she threw her head back with joy when I found her slickened centre. My finger sliding through her wet folds, and slipping inside her. I pumped my finger in and out, my cock getting harder at her level of arousal. Her fingers curled through my hair, followed by a sharp tug, forcing me to release her breast as she tugged me up to her face and claimed my lips with hers, moaning into my mouth as I slipped another finger into her, curving them, and rubbing her g-spot. Her hips were rolling frantically as she pressed herself against my hand, urging me on whilst she neared her release, crying out and beginning to shake, her walls clamping down around my fingers as she shattered against me. Those lust filled, grey eyes found mine as she came down from her high, and soon the remnants of our clothing was discarded across the ground, and we were laying on the decking, entwined together, whilst I rolled a condom over my rock hard length. Lacey’s legs were wrapped around me as I pressed myself against her molten core, slowly sinking inside her whilst she gasped and bit her lip, taking me deeper. She used her legs to pull me closer, tilting her hips to meet me. I couldn’t hold back any longer, the feeling of being inside her was too much for me to control myself. I let loose, pulling back and thrusting hard, my lips finding her neck whilst I started pounding her relentlessly, her moans getting louder, nails clawing my back and her hips rolling against my thrusts. My movements grew sloppy as pleasure overtook my body, coursing through my veins and tensing my muscles. I felt Lacey’s legs begin to shake, and knew that we were both close.

“Come for me.” I growled in her ear, slamming my hips against her harder, in long deep movements.

She let out a low groan, her back arching up from the ground, as she cursed under her breath and climaxed hard, her release triggering my own, before I collapsed forwards over her, our chests heaving with exhaustion and our bodies shimmering with sweat.

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