Burning Desire

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The food was spectacular, rich flavours that only came with quality food, prepared with care and attention. The conversation flowed naturally, and my earlier nerves at the formality of the situation had entirely disappeared. I was enjoying every second of being in her company, and I found myself wanting to prolong the evening for as much as I could. Every time that her eyes caught the light and twinkled at me, it made my knees weak and my heart throb. She was a magnificent picture of natural beauty, and I was consumed with greed at wanting to keep her all to myself.

Dinner moved onto dessert, and one of the other couples rose to their feet, linking arms and making their way back through the grounds.

“Mmm, this is delicious! You have to try some,” She said excitedly, slicing her fork through the chocolate torte with ease, and holding it out to me.

Seeing my hesitation, she tilted her head to the side, and chuckled.

“Come on, it’s not going to bite.”

Giving in, I opened my mouth, and allowed her to feed me the piece of dessert, surprised at the deliciously decadent, bittersweet taste, and smooth texture, with just the right amount of crumble from it’s biscuit base. I never really liked chocolate desserts, finding them often too sweet. But this one was truly amazing, and with the dab of gelato and raspberry, perfectly balanced.

“That is good.” I replied, dabbing a tiny bit of the ganache from my lip, and sucking it from my thumb.

She smiled broadly, shrugging and saying smugly:

“Told you so.”

“Still, I’m quite happy with my choice for dessert.”

She peered at my honeycomb slice, and scrunched her nose, shaking her head.

“That isn’t as good as this.” She teased, taking another bite of her torte.

I watched as her ruby red lips captured the fork, sliding slowly over the surface, and a satisfied smile graced her beautiful face.

“This wasn’t the dessert I meant.” I said softly, watching realisation dawn in her eyes, and enjoying the effect that it had instantly on her body.

The way that she shuffled slightly, her posture straightening up whilst her grip on the fork tightened, and her legs moved beneath the table.

“You know, suddenly I wish we were alone.” Lacey replied, her voice sounding a little raspy, before she tucked her bottom lip between her teeth, and bit it in just the right way to make my entire body ache in such a sweet way.

“Want to take a walk?”

She nodded, and I rose to my feet, the evening had been paid for already upon booking, but I took a twenty pound note out of my wallet and left it on the table, taking Lacey’s hand as she joined me at my side, and we walked off, back towards the illuminated gardens.

Spotting a path leading off to the left, checking that no one was looking, I tightened my grip on her hand, and tugged her towards it.

“C’mon.” I whispered, leading the way down the darker path, away from the lanterns and people.

She giggled as we sped up, rounding a corner into a small clearing, glowing silber from the moon, and surrounded by rose bushes, completely hidden from the house. I spun her round, drawing her body into mine, and placing a hand on her shoulder, sweeping up over her neck and caressing her jaw with my thumb. I’d finally got her on her own, and my impatience took over. I couldn’t wait any longer, and I pressed my lips to hers, kissing her deeply. She parted them, allowing my tongue entrance, and I tasted the intoxicating blend of her and sweet dark chocolate. I could feel her hands on my side, reaching around me and sending a shiver down my spine, blood coursing southwards, and making my brain fog and my pants tighten. This woman was a drug to me, and I was blissfully addicted, I craved every inch of her incredible body. We shed our clothes, our hands tearing at each other with reckless abandon, neither of us caring how risky this was, just completely captured by the urgency of a need for union. Tumbling down onto the grass I trapped her beneath me, her legs wrapped securely behind my back.

“Don’t make a sound.” I growled, reaching between us and finding her slickened centre.

She threw her head back as I teased her sensitive nub with my thumb, letting out a silent gasp, before clamping her lip between her teeth and grinding herself against my hand, desperate for more friction. I watched her falling to pieces beneath me, her body reacting more with each touch, and my cock stiffened more against her. Pushing a finger inside her, I rubbed harder, until her nails bit into my forearms and she came hard, shuddering intensely, her eyes closing and a small, strangled moan making it past her lips. I smirked with satisfaction, tilting my hips, moving closer to my goal. I waited for her eyes to open and find mine again, the silver moon reflecting back at me in her stormy eyes, then pushed inside her hot, wet core, not stopping until I was nestled as deep as I could get, bringing my lips down on hers, swallowing the cry she was struggling to contain, and pulling back, before thrusting back inside again. This time was slower, more intimate, with each thrust, I felt her rise to meet me, her hips tilting for me to reach even deeper, stimulating her sweet spot, and speeding up as we both neared a release, until right there, in the tranquil gardens, beneath the magical night sky, we came apart, crashing from heavenly heights, and finding pleasure in one another’s arms.

We laid there for a few minutes, breathing in the sweet perfume from the roses, and gazing up at the twinkling stars. I could have stayed there with her all night, but the risk of getting caught was a little too high for that to be a good idea. We dressed, and wandered back along the path, calling a cab on the way, which had thankfully arrived by the time that we’d made our exceedingly slow progress through the vineyard and back to the parking lot. Climbing inside, we set off for Lacey’s flat, arriving a short time later, the journey feeling even shorter this way.

I got out to escort her to the door, part of me wishing this was only the start of the date.

“I had a great time.” She smiled, spinning on her heel as we crossed the street, and walked towards her building.

“Me too.” I replied honestly as we reached her door.

She took out her keys, fiddling with them absentmindedly as she faced me.

“Would you be up for a repeat?” I asked.

Her lips curved upwards and she beamed at me, placing a quick kiss on my lips, and nodding as she retreated a step.

“Definitely.” She replied simply.

Relief, excitement, happiness, they all surged through me at her answer, and I moved in, pressing my body against hers and hovering just an inch away from her lips.

“I’ll look forward to it.”

I smiled playfully, then kissed her one last time, my tongue lightly brushing hers, then pulling back, letting her unlock the door, and seeing her inside, before retreating to my taxi, and heading home myself.

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