Burning Desire

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Rolling over, I stretched my hand out onto the cool sheets, feeling Lacey’s warm body nearby and snaking an arm around her waist, drawing her in toward me, nuzzling against her neck. Judging by the light beginning to glow behind the curtains, it wasn’t going to be long before the alarm would be going off, and we’d have to head out to work. I didn’t even want to get out of bed. It was far too tempting to pull a sickie and stay right here all day.

“You know my strict policy on refusing to wake up before the alarm goes off.” Lacey grumbled sleepily, her eyes still tightly closed as she shuffled against me.

I pressed a kiss to the back of her neck, gently stroking my thumb over her silky soft skin.

“Even if I wake you up nicely?” I whispered playfully in her ear.

“Hmm, and how would you do that?” She asked, sounding a little more alert as she opened her eyes and rolled over to look at me.

Resting on my elbow, I studied her in the subtle morning lighting. Every inch of her was perfection in my eyes. With her dark hair that was tousled from sleep, and her lips that were pouted ever so slightly. The sheets were twined around us, and rested over her incredible body, only just about covering her enough to tease at what I knew was hidden underneath.

I flashed her a wicked grin, and rolled on top of her, smiling at the playful laugh she let out as she squirmed beneath me. Dragging the sheets aside, my mouth descended on her, kissing an electrifying path down her neck and over her breasts, each sharp gasp and low moan spurring me on. My hands caressed her curves as I drew one erect nipple into my mouth, grazing it with my teeth and tugging slightly, glancing up at her, and staring into her stormy grey eyes that were darkened with lust. She arched her back, pressing her torso up against me, her hips meeting mine and sending my rapidly heating blood rushing southwards.

“Mmm, you know that is a much nicer wake up.” She muttered, her fingers running over my back and sending shudders along my spine.

“Just wait, it gets even better.” I smirked, grinding my hips against hers, my hard cock teasing her as it rubbed over her heated flesh, and slickened core.

Her fingers threaded through my hair as she pulled me to her lips, kissing me deeply and passionately. The teasing game that was there mere seconds before was lost in the intense kiss, the love I had for her ignited my desire, tipping the scales and causing me to lose my self control. With her legs wrapped around me, I buried myself deep inside her, thrusting over and over as her pleasured moans got louder and she met my thrusts with ones of her own, both of us climbing fast towards pure ecstasy.

That evening found us all joined at the dinner table, relaxing after a long day, sitting back with mugs of coffee and making plans for the weekend. We’d barely had time to come up with an idea when the bell rang through the firehouse and we all leapt to our feet, abandoning our mugs and running out into the hall, taking the pole and the stairs down to the ground floor.

“Out of control warehouse fire, Wairworth Road. Persons reported, both!” Alex shouted from the office, dashing out and jumping on board the nearest appliance with the rest of us.

The sirens kicked in as Cain and Will sped us out of the station and navigated us through the dark streets towards the location of the shout.

Leaping out of the truck when we arrived, I cursed under my breath. The dark sky was glowing orange from the light of the flames that were quickly encasing the building, and a huge cloud of thick, black smoke was flowing into the air.

“Fucking hell.” Dodger breathed, jumping down behind me.

“My thoughts exactly.” Sam added.

Another two fire engines screeched to a halt behind us as Shaxbury Red Watch joined the shout, their crews climbing out and getting the hoses on the raging flames.

“Jax, you’re on BA Control, I’m coordinating with the incident commander, Rebel, Pixie, Dodger and Sam suit up and get in there. Rosie, Will and Hustler get jets on there.”

We all hastened to our places, and grabbed our BA kits, pulling them on and letting Jax check them before moving towards the building.

The heat was unbelievably intense as we got nearer, the sweat already running down my forehead and cheeks. Pixie and Sam were heading us up, their grip on the hose as they began to jet down the flames to secure us a passage through, whilst myself and Dodger remained close behind them preparing to pounce the moment that we located the people inside.

We crossed over the threshold, the deafening roar of the flames as they destroyed everything around us was accompanied by the loud rushing sound of the water blasting from the hose as it was directed around what was left of the room. From the looks of the burning stock, the warehouse had housed party materials and supplies, all seemingly highly flammable.

Keeping low we rushed forwards as quickly as we could whilst maintaining a crouched position, ducking under fallen, flaming shelving units and doors.

“It’ll be a miracle if we find them in here.” Sam shouted.

“We’ve got to keep trying.” Pixie yelled back, pressing on and turning the hose to the left, where a jet of flame flared up as a box toppled over, igniting on impact.

“Hello? It’s the Fire Brigade! Can anyone hear me?” I yelled.

The others followed suit, all of us shouting to attempt to locate the missing people as we moved deeper and deeper into the flames.

“Help!” Someone screamed just up ahead.

It wasn’t going to be easy to detect from where, the way ahead was unclear as the flames and smoke made visibility damn near impossible. But we moved towards the sound, the hose blasting water in every direction, not extinguishing the flames, but parting them enough to allow us to get through.

“Hello?” I called out again.

“Over here! Help me, please!” The man’s voice yelled again.

Upon finally locating him, there was another hurdle to overcome. A large, ablaze shelving unit had fallen in the way, barring any further progress forward, and stopping the man from getting to us either.

“Keep the water on it, we’ll get across and grab him.” I shouted.

Sam nodded and steered the hose at the unit, saturating it in a high powered stream of water. The flames died down repeatedly, but with every single minor move of the hose, the flames seemed to kick up a notch. As soon as they were low enough to get across, Dodger and I rushed forward, taking hold of the man’s arms and managing to hoist him up from where he was cowering on the floor, and haul him over the shelf.

Once safely on the right side of the unit, we looked around us.

“How many others are in here?” I asked the man, pushing him low to avoid the flames on the higher level beside him.

“Two, the manager and my co worker, we were delivering an order when this happened.”

“We’ll never find them both in time.” Dodger shouted.

He was right. The building was clearly caving fast, the power of this fire was reducing the structure to nothing but a weakened shell. There was too much ground to cover, and not enough time before the entire thing collapsed, or the fire reached such a dangerous state which we’d be unable to stick around for.

“We’ve found one person, two more reported. The fire’s bad in here Sub, we’re gonna need another crew in here to help with the search.” I explained down the radio.

“Alright, getting back up ready now, will send them in to assist.”

We pressed on back the way we came, maneuvering through the deadly, blazing maze until we reached the doorway again, and handed the man we’d rescued over to members of Shaxbury who were waiting outside.

As we headed back in, we heard our back up entering behind us, and then Rosie speaking up:

“This is insane.” She shouted.

Turning around, I saw her, Hustler and Will together, another hose clutched between them, directed towards the side we’d just emerged from, moments earlier. A loud bang sounded further up ahead, and sparks began to fly from the walls and ceiling. I cursed under my breath as we ducked lower, and started to press on again.

“We’ll split up when we get ahead.” Cain announced, following after us.

We’d only gone a few more steps when there was a crash somewhere nearby, and then a series of hissing and whistling sounds, followed right after by various small bangs.

“What the hell was that?” Pixie burst out, looking around for some kind of source.

“I don’t know, but I didn’t like the sound of it.” Will answered.

Before we could continue, the sounds got louder, and this time it was made clear by the shower of brightly coloured sparks that flew into the air, just what was causing it.

“Fireworks!” Dodger yelled, ducking as green sparks flew over our heads.

“We’ve got to hurry.” Cain said from the back.

Agreeing, we hastened forward even more, the flames were getting thicker and higher, building with every passing second, more fireworks were going off, getting progressively bigger and louder. Using the jets to keep the flames at bay, we continued to search for the missing people.

Our progress was slow with the severity of the fire. But we made it another few feet before a loud creaking halted our steps. As it echoed around us, it was followed by the thud of boxes falling to the floor. There was a loud hissing and a shrill scream, we remained still, closely grouped together as we looked to each other and scanned the area for a cause, but before any of us had time to react, sparks flew through the air in violent bursts, followed by a huge explosion and an enormous fireball that filled the entire area, engulfing us all in white hot flame with huge force that felt like a truck slamming into my body. The last thing that I registered was the sight of my family members disappearing among the flames that surrounded us, and the hard slam as I hit the ground.

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