Finding Purpose

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Identical twin sisters, Riley and Reia Morgan couldn't be more different. Riley loves living a freespirited lifestyle, moving from job to job on a whim, choosing a different path at the drop of a hat, and enjoying casual relationships with men. Her only responsibility in life, is taking care of herself. Her sister Reia has risen to success in her job, found the love of her life, and settled down. Now a wife and a mother, she tries to let her sister see what her happy go lucky lifestyle is missing out. But when tragedy strikes, life is thrown in the air, and Riley's true path and purpose is found in the most unexpected way.

Romance / Drama
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Life of Riley

The shot glass hit the bar with a small thud, followed by another, and another. Grabbing the tequila bottle, I spun it upside down, running it across the line of glasses, filling each of them and putting the bottle down, taking the twenty pound note that was being held out by the customer and returning a few seconds later with change.

“Take one for yourself, love.” The man winked, turning to the woman next to him and starting up a conversation.

Don’t mind if I do.

I grabbed another shot glass, and poured one for myself, putting his change back in the till.

It was a busy Friday night, as usual, in the bar I worked in. This was London after all, and in this area, the moment that the clock hit six, the crowd flooded in. For the three weeks that I’d worked here I’d been rushed off my feet on every evening shift on Fridays and Saturdays. But I loved it, the life and the vibrance, it was infectious, and I’d often spend the night having a laugh and a few drinks with the customers. Okay, so I wasn’t the most professional person that worked here, but I had no intention of being bored at work. My motto is life is too short! So I intend to live every second to its max. It’s been that way for me ever since I was twenty-four, and my mother passed. Now, six years later, I am doing everything I can to make the most of each day on this Earth. My eyes wandered around the room, taking in the polished wooden tables that shone under the golden glow from the ceiling lamps, each of them surrounded by groups of people. Over the crowded dance floor, brimming with people, some alone, and some with company. I watched them all twirling and moving, and I wanted to join them. One of my favourite songs was blasting over the sound system and swung my hips, tapping my fingers on the bar.

“Hating the fact that you’re working, huh?” A voice asked to my left.

I turned around, smiling as I took in the handsome, blonde man who was standing there. My eyes locked onto his, the warm hazel colour shining in the lights from above us.

“Not really.” I whispered, shaking my dark hair back off of my shoulders, and leaning forward over the wooden surface, “I’ll let you into a secret,” I whispered softly, “Being at work doesn’t really matter to me.”

His eyes sparkled with mischief and he leant in, his face now inches away from mine.

“Then what’s stopping you?”

I glanced across the room once more, tilting my head to the side before shrugging.

“Nothing.” I said happily.

I stood up, untying my little apron from my waist, and dusting down my black, skull and roses cami top, and dark grey skinny jeans. I dodged one of the other bartenders, ignoring her sigh and eyeroll, spinning on my heels and hopping out from behind the counter, meeting up with the blonde man. “Coming with me?” I asked, taking hold of his arm and giving it a small pull.

He laughed, coming with me easily, and allowing me to lead him to the dance floor.

We reached the group and moved among them, the beat changing just as we began to move. I seized the opportunity to spin around, grinding my ass against the front of his jeans. Reaching my arm up and snaking it around the back of his neck, I dropped low, feeling his hands take my waist and travel down to my hips, tickling and warming my skin under the thin fabric of my top. It felt so good to be dancing, to be free from the confines of behind the bar. I allowed myself to channel the music, moving against him and embracing the way his body responded to mine. His hands pulled me closer, and I could feel the hardening at the front of his jeans. I smirked to myself, then felt his arms tighten around me, before he whipped me around to face him, and pressed his lips to mine in a heated kiss. It wasn’t where I was going with this, but as his tongue brushed my lips, I parted them willingly, allowing him entrance, and pressing my D cup breasts against his firm chest. A tapping on my shoulder got my attention, and I pulled back, turning to come face to face with my boss. Her angry expression was one I’d seen many times in my life. I knew what was coming before she even opened her mouth. Her eyes were almost as fiery as her red hair, her mouth pulled tight into a thin line, the look was almost comical, and I had to fight the urge to laugh.

“Riley, what the hell do you think you are doing?”

I looked at the surrounding people, then back at Joanna.

“Dancing.” I replied flatly.

Her eyes bugged even more, making me a little concerned that they may pop out any moment and land on the floor.

“You are supposed to be working. This is the third time that I’ve had to speak to you about this.”

It wasn’t that I was disrespectful, but I had a tendency to ignore the serious side of these things. It was dancing, this is a bar, as far as my mind worked, there was no harm in it, and I couldn’t handle the dullness of the rules.

“You’re fired!” She half shouted, the anger in her body making her practically vibrate.

I shrugged, and then nodded to her.

“Okay, thanks for the opportunity.” I said calmly.

Her shocked expression at my response was quite a picture, and as I turned back to the man I’d been dancing with, his was similar.

“What?” I asked, bemused.

“You just got fired.” He replied, clearly not grasping the reason why I was so chilled out about it.

“Meh, it was getting boring anyway.” I winked at him, trying to put his concern at ease. An uneasy laugh escaped him, and I chuckled happily. “Come on, let’s get out of here.”

I took his hand and led him off of the dance floor, then straight out the door.

The night air was ice cold against my heated skin. I blew out a breath, watching it rise into fog in front of my eyes.

“Where do you want to go now?” He asked, a small fog rising from his lips.

I thought on it for a moment, before asking:

“Fancy some ice cream?”

He looked at me as though I was a little crazy and I laughed, taking a few steps backwards.

“I know a place, it’s not far.” I said, walking off.

“I’m Aaron by the way.” He called after me.

I turned around, his handsome face staring at me, torn between curiosity and bewilderment.

“I’m Riley!” I shouted back.

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